WWG1WGA: Four Years Of War

Reflections on the Q project and life as a notable anon

Our weapon is truth

Last week I republished my 2018 essay WWG1WGA: The Greatest Communications Event In History, which launched me into the notable space as a commentator on the Q phenomenon and the wider Great Awakening movement it sits within. I have dragged myself from my sick bed — it’s been three days of flu-like suffering — to write up my reflections on the work, given tomorrow is its 4th anniversary (and portends to be a significant date in history).

Seasons of personal change and loss

At the time I wrote the piece I was on holiday at the Lithuanian seaside with my two daughters, ex-wife, and my parents. I was still notionally a telecoms guru rather than dissident writer, so my prognostications on geopolitics life had little impact on family affairs.

Roll forward to 2022, and let’s just say that things are very different personally. We have socially been viciously attacked via divisive media propaganda, slave muzzles, and poisonous injections. I have stood my ground and refused to “go along to get along”, or behave in ways that make me “acceptable”. So be it; painful, but there’s a boomerang coming.

The Martin of 2022 is a very different creature to the one of 2018. Active participation in a covert war as a prominent member of the civilian digital militia has changed my life completely. I have been personally libelled in the media for my efforts, endlessly censored, and lost my prior career. The latent warrior has had to be activated, and turned from network performance algebra, towards more historic concerns. I have a new and improved network of genuinely loyal friends with shared values.

Not even ostracism by loved ones will make me bow towards lies. Shunning is a technique used by cults, and I refuse to accept the psychopathic doctrine of “I may hurt you — but I got what I wanted” (yes, that is close to a literal quote from a family member). It has never been clearer that the harvest of deceit is death, and a clear conscience is more valuable than all the material wealth of the world.

The problem is worse than I imagined

Re-reading the original piece, what strikes me is its “lucid naivety”. I had worked hard over many years to assemble a picture of what was going on in the world, and laboured over many days to produce an essay with the punch and clarity I desired. It does a decent job of summarising my worldview at the level I had managed at that point, in particular spotting the Second American Revolution in progress.

I will return to the issue of the broader scope of what is happening, but from the perspective of four years on, I have learned a lot. While the article mentions human trafficking, I did not appreciate the scale of it, or how it is the foundation for the operation of our ruling classes. This has to be front and centre of any analysis of geopolitical affairs, not least as a result of Epstein-style blackmail networks.

Human trafficking is more than slave labour or sex slaves: it also encompasses body parts and organ harvesting, humans as food, and experimental subjects. But the real insight I was missing was that it isn’t an isolated minority of unfortunate people caught up in criminal networks, even if they number tens of millions. The truth is that everyone in the industrialised world is being trafficked in some way.

Human trafficking is the core problem

There is a framing error, which is to see the systems we inhabit as suffering “corruption”. I have now come to understand that they are uncorrupted; this is how they were designed to work. Your welfare is not a concern at any level; any appearance of such is an accident, legitimising front, byproduct, or misconception. This complete system of human subjugation and enslavement includes (but is not limited to):

  • The legal system, which fraudulently strips us of our innate rights and turns us into chattel under commercial or maritime law via deception.
  • Government, which as a corporatised entity “elected” (via rigged contests) acts as a tax harvesting scam, and issues “policies” that are enforced by “police” (i.e. not real law enforcement) that we are not contracted with. It’s all based on illusions of power, held together by intimidation of victims, and enrichment of beneficiaries.
  • Healthcare, which deliberately injures children with poisonous “vaccines” that have no proven benefit (or even collective safety case) to generate lifelong profits from chronic disease; and acts as a tracking system for the “slave bodies” and thus enables the theft of people and body parts on demand. The recent murder of patients for profit with drugs and ventilators tells you all you need to know.
  • Retail and logistics, which act as a cover for the international transport and sale of humans as contraband.
  • Finance, which steals the value of your labour via engineered boom, bust, bankruptcy; usury; and inflationary fiat currency; and launders all the profits into a few financial centres.
  • Media and entertainment, which brainwashes the public to accept their abuse and love their abusers, dismissing anyone who points out organised crime as a crazed “conspiracy theorist”.
  • Education and academia, which responds to the funding interests of the military-industrial complex and polices a narrow base of “official” knowledge and de facto totalitarian thought police indoctrinating the next generation.
  • Big Tech, which is front for surveillance, targeting, and AI-driven social engineering operations.
  • Energy, which keeps us unnecessarily dependent on artificially scarce petrochemicals rather than using advanced technology we already know exists in military use or has been suppressed by the power mafiosi.
  • Food and water, which has been poisoned and denatured to make us weak and easy to control — while making more money via pharmaceuticals.
  • Military, which has been deploying all kinds of “silent weapons for quiet wars” against civilian populations to control them, and intelligence agencies perpetuate an unaccountable class above the law.

A considerable infrastructure supports this horror, with clear evidence of a global network of underground tunnels and military bases for moving assets, as well as the use of container shipping on the surface. A local distribution network passes out children for sale to be raped and sacrificed, and I see hints at a correspondingly gruesome “waste disposal” of used humans too. We haven’t been living in the society we were told we lived in. It’s bad.

This situation didn’t come about overnight, but is the result of hundreds of years of gradual accumulation of hidden power by subversion, infiltration, and deception. Figural are churches, who are meant to be guardians of conscience, and thus are mercilessly attacked. The challenge is seeing how all these are indeed interconnected into a single system of power. It’s not so much a “conspiracy” as a cancerous criminal culture of diverse networked parasites operating in alignment.

Such a nightmare cannot be dismantled in just a few months, or even a few years. Indeed, you cannot confront a population with Satanic ritual abuse when many people cannot even accept their elections have been rigged for decades, and the mass media is a controlled propaganda operation. People would lose their minds, and society would collapse; the cure cannot be worse than the disease.

Doing everything by the numbers

Truth is stranger than fiction by necessity: in order to “get away with it” the wicked need you to believe the real is unthinkable. If you had told me a few years ago that we were facing bloodline wars by genealogy-mad transhumanists obsessed with numerology, I would have suggested that you switch from deliriants to a mild healing psychedelic. Yet here we are, and if you choose to look, plenty of compelling evidence exists for this statement.

The last few years have given those brave enough to look an opportunity to crawl inside the mental space occupied by occultists. It’s not my area of expertise, and I feel like a beginner. If there is one big take-away it is that there is a complete hidden language in open view, and this is used to communicate between people in power. So when you publish a funding bill, you can sign it with a specific requested amount that has meaning beyond dollars. The date of a false flag attack acts as its “artist’s signature”.

The prime method of wickedness seeking power is “plausible deniability”. This deserves a whole article of its own. For now, what matters is to understand that the Q drops are not just an Occam’s Razor on the credibility of the mass media. They are also a training course in dealing with ambiguous and complex structured information, with side channels and semantics that has to be learned over time. It is “Esoteric Communications 101”, and teaches us to become aware of the enemy’s methods.

It doesn’t really matter whether anyone accepts this or not; reality is not contingent on the popularity of belief in it. The lesson for me is that the esoteric plays a vast and unacknowledged part in shaping our society, and by its nature it is not taught in school! The assumption that your elite education gave you the tools to identify unaccountable power is laughably foolish; it serves our rulers for you to be an arrogant and prideful technocrat (and I should know…).

Q, anons, and QAnon — terminology war

It is worth me saying a few words in passing on these terms, since the article talks about the “QAnon phenomenon” as well as the “QAnon operation”. There is a subtle but important error here. At the time I was writing, #QAnon was used to identify discussion on social media that related to the Q drops. Since then, the term has been “semantically hijacked” by the media in order to smear both Q and anons.

In my perspective, Q is a coherent and consistent counter-narrative to the “official narrative”. Q is located in the “fog” of an information war, as is used to sidestep laws on direct official communication with the public, so has to be obtuse. The Q drops are objectively a “thing” — although the media does all it can to discourage people from looking for themselves. (Hint: this is a form of mind control, and if you won’t look at data outside your current beliefs, you might be in a cult.)

Anons are diverse free thinkers who have a variety of views on the Q drops, and collectively conduct open-source research. They do not form a single “hive mind”, and you cannot attribute beliefs to them as a whole. Reasonable people can (and do) have differing opinions on the Q drops, their goals, their moral integrity, their meaning, their operational effect, and beyond. (Hint: if individual free thought and dissent is unacceptable, you might be in a cult.)

The term “QAnon” has been used by the media to take some ideas from some anons, and attach them to the Q drops are if they are the only interpretation by all anons. Relentless negative energy is given to the term, and deep social opprobrium. The result is that “respectable” people refuse to look at the Q data (a process called “science”) since that makes them uncomfortable. (Hint: if the scientific method makes you uneasy, you might be in a cult.)

The “QAnon” media narrative is pure behaviour control, totally unethical, and definitely criminal. Sadly this denial of reality eventually has consequences (like China hijacking your government via fake ballots, and you poisoning your kids with gene therapies). So the “QAnon phenomenon” gets a historic pass as a matter of study, but “QAnon operation” is a misnomer. What we now call “QAnon” does not exist in any meaningful way.

It is a corrupt media invention without grounding designed to discredit truth. (Hint: you’re in a cult, oops.)

A process where timing is everything

For me the part that stings is the hostage to fortune at the end where I predicted everything coming to a head that same year. My understanding is that we were deliberately being taught a hard lesson that in war you never reveal your plan to your enemy. Furthermore, we would have been desolated to know we yet faced a genetic genocide as well as 2020 election sting op. It had to be this way…

I now see that we are in a much longer process of deconstruction of these rotten systems of power. They corrode before they collapse, and the final moment of demolition cannot be predicted in advance. The Q drops continue to foreshadow events accurately to the day, and are constantly referenced indirectly in “official” communications, in ways that cannot be logically dismissed. This is a real military intelligence operation. The drops give us confidence there is a plan and we are safe (enough).

Getting timing wrong but direction right is far better than the converse. Coming to the realisation that large chunks of what you took to be real is a fraud, illusion, or deception is a harrowing journey. I do not envy those who have to do it in days or weeks as part of the “rude awakening”, yet such a day must come. If nothing else, crashing birth rates and soaring death rates in the “jabbed” will force us there soon. Everything is as it must be, and happens on divine timing.

As Bill Cooper, prescient author of Behold A Pale Horse, commented — once you see the bigger picture, interacting with the society you previously occupied becomes hard. From your perspective the adults are like overgrown children, desperately clinging to their fantasies, and only weakly able to manage their feelings and behaviours. Their concerns and world are disconnected from yours, being identified with the illusory system of expected mind slave behaviour and compliance rewards.

A bigger “universe of discourse” needed

If I have learned anything in the past four years, it is to become “consciously incompetent” at the wider subject area. I now understand that we are involved in a longstanding war for the soul of humanity, and that it has a pedigree and complexity that is hard for any one human to fathom or understand. It is a quantum physics war, a genetic war, a timeline war, a nanotech war, a consciousness war, a space war, an underground war, a mind war, and more.

I don’t write about subjects I know little about, but that doesn’t mean they are unimportant. Things I would have casually dismissed in the past — like the demonic possession of humans — now seem plausible given what I know about the non-local nature of consciousness. Our science has been butchered into a comical parody of truth (the non-replication crisis being a symptom). Our history has been edited in spectacular ways: for example, a friend has a 19th century globe with Tartaria on it, but it has mysteriously vanished from the visible record.

Whether it is past civilisations, periodic catastrophes, “resets”, astrotheology, off-world concerns, hidden terrain, or the multiverse… I am left feeling endlessly ignorant. As a synthesist I feel I now need a period of “restocking” and quiet research, but I don’t expect events to afford me that luxury.

Looking forward and forward looking

For all I know the Three Gorges Dam could collapse tomorrow, hell could rain on Satanic monuments worldwide on Tuesday, and the stock market be in shambles by Wednesday, and JFK Jr be back in the public eye next weekend. I have learned to avoid predictions, other than broad direction, especially ones with timescales — as they inevitably lead to embarrassment.

What I can say is that the dates in the 2018 drops align suspiciously well to 2022 as a “four year delta”. Justice really is coming in a very public way. The election fraud did happen, arrests have already occurred, and therefore it will have consequences. “The Bidan Show” is a fake as a sting op and optics to destroy the Democrat party forever. Human trafficking has been exposed and is being cleanup up globally. Hollywood is no more in the format we knew it. Big Tech’s crimes are coming to the surface. We have gone in exactly the direction expected.

I find myself in a really odd position as a prominent Q commentator. We are playing for “all the chips” here: if I was broadly right in my 2018 essay, even if the timing was off, then it is “game over” for the current liberal intelligentsia, and anons are the new intellectual and spiritual elite. The incumbents were completely duped by propaganda and filter bubble social engineering into accepting horrors of the worst kind: paedophilia, mass murder, genetic mutilation of children.

If I was completely off base, I go down in history as a tragic case of self-absorbed misadventure. That’s OK my me! There is no shame in trying then having to correct course. Indeed, as a very fallible and fallen human myself, I don’t feel particularly well qualified to judge anyone or talk down to them. There is no “winning” in this game, beyond being collectively certain we have done everything we can to protect the innocent from harm.

What has changed most for me in the past for years is to shift this from being an intellectual battle for domination to a spiritual battle for salvation. Until you grasp the sin of pride, the need for humility, and the opponent we face… you are part of the problem. It doesn’t matter if you were “right” or “helpful”; you cannot succeed by beating your fellow man in any way. There is no peace if you are in competition with reality — or each other.

You fight a spiritual war by a constant vigilance against wickedness, which seeks to predate the young, so it is never over. Deceit, divide, and conquer is the enemy’s method. Unity, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and love are the only way out from the conflict. If I end up being remembered for being “prematurely right” then I have failed; better to be memorialised for how I dealt with the “insistently wrong” when the moment of painful truth came.

Washington Old Hall gardens
The gardens at Washington Old Hall — ancestral home of George Washington