Workshop in London

I am co-hosting a private workshop on the impending and overdue revolution in quality in telco and cloud. If you wish to be considered for the invitation list, respond to this email by the end of the week.

The private workshop is for leading practitioners in telco and cloud. We will share fresh thinking and innovative techniques for managing the quality and cost of digital supply chains.

For many years I have been working with a select group of pioneers at the forefront of both network and management science. I believe that we are now at the point where will see rapid and radical improvement in the visibility and control of service quality in telco and cloud.

This is a ‘total quality management’ revolution. Like with Six Sigma in manufacturing, we will contain and control service quality variability. Like with containerisation of cargo shipping, we will lower cost and risk with a new ‘data logistics’. Not only that, like with ‘lean’ manufacturing, we will achieve remarkable agility and responsiveness to help us to adapt to a dynamic world.

There are three key enablers: the maturing of our management methods; improved metrics and better measurement tools; and novel network mechanisms. I have joined up with a business partner, Pete Cladingbowl, who is an experienced telco and cloud executive and expert in ‘lean’. We have founded Just Right Networks Ltd as a commercial vehicle for bringing these three advances to a much wider audience.

Whilst the event is hosted by us, it is not about us. This event is about you and your challenges and opportunities. The attendees are hand-picked by us as senior commercial executives and technical subject matter experts.

You can download the PDF flyer here to learn more about the event and its practical arrangements.

The first round of invitations are in the process of going out today. If you would like to be considered for the second round of invitations next week, contact me and let me know your role, its relationship to this subject, and what insight or expertise you can bring to the event.

Martin Geddes in collaboration with Pete Cladingbowl
Just Right Networks Ltd


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