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Four years of Q — a retrospective

One of the highlights of the last few years was having the Financial Times libel me as a “misinformation superspreader” after I repeated basic facts about immunology to be found in any undergraduate textbook. I have also been slurred by Newsweek and London’s Evening Standard newspaper. Previous writing about the ∆Q network performance algebra never got me much publicity, controversy, or public notoriety. What changed to make me a target?

Four years ago tomorrow – on 28th October 2017 — the first of the “Q drops” appeared on the 4chan message board. While I don’t typically hang out there (as I am synthesist, not an analyst), I have plenty of “amphibian frens” who do. As a result, I got to track the Q phenomenon right from the beginning. That this was the most significant release of intelligence in history was soon abundantly clear to anyone paying attention.

From late 2017 I have become a popular commentator on this backchannel between the military and the “awake” section of the public. It is not the only means of communication that exists, but it is by far the most significant. The ordinary process of scientific empirical rationalism — looking at the Q drop data, forming hypotheses about it, and testing them against experience — has become a revolutionary endeavour in wartime.

We can now better understand the Q drops in their historical context. The Great Awakening is the “white hat” freedom answer to the “black hat” Great Reset tyranny problem. “Make America Great Again” is not only about restoring the Republic’s lost shine, but is a process of restoring individual liberty and rule of law to everyone everywhere. The lasting defeat of totalitarianism on Earth has demanded a suitable anti-totalitarian tool: Q is that weapon of mass discernment.

The Q drops form a complex “information landscape”, part of a wider battlefield to define reality and control the narrative (or eliminate such gatekeepers). The drops are both internally referenced (to each other), and externally referenced — to tweets, events, publications, etc. The data in the drops is encoded in various ways in addition to plain English and pictures.

We see “casts” between data types, transformations, concatenations, abbreviations, and more. Drop numbers, time stamps, gematria, numerology, clock faces, numerals in images: it is all interlinked in a spectacularly byzantine way. My own background in heavyweight computer science (with a little cryptography) helps. I have the conceptual tools and experience to put myself into the shoes of those who conceived the “precision ambiguity” in support of “The Plan To Save The World”.

There is a purposeful architecture in how the drops are assembled, including the “future proves past” design method. This is a bit like Bloom filters in computer programming, which enable the controlled “one way” release of information. Over time we gain “proofs” (pedantically “evidence”) of the coherency and legitimacy of the drops, but done in a way that requires the viewer to consciously evaluate the likelihood of coordination vs coincidence. Thus discernment is honed via critical thinking.

The sophistication of the information landscape told me that it was at a minimum the work of a state level actor with long planning horizons. I have worked at the apex of knowledge in the telecoms and computing industry, and I know what small teams of the most capable can produce. This was at a level above that; there was no question of a “lone teen hacker in a basement” being responsible.

I have previously written about how the Q drops are:

  • A multi-year process to disclose secret illegal government activity.
  • A prophylactic against civil war and vigilante activity.
  • A training program in discernment and logical thinking.
  • An information weapon against institutionalised crime and corrupted media.

I feel now is a good time to add to this list with four more:

  1. A psychological preparation for “anons” to fight. The “scamdemic” has put us all through extreme distress as we see friends and family foolishly volunteer for the dangerous “clotshot” offered by known criminals. The Q drops gave us the grounding to identify with being at war as active participants, and thus find the resoluteness needed to confront the bio-social battlefield as we find it, not how we might wish it to be. As such, it has been a much needed “bootcamp” to create a formidable citizen army ready for unrestricted warfare.
  2. An anti-demoralisation morale booster. As the Soviet dissident and defector Yuri Bezmenov pointed out, demoralisation is core to the process of a communist style takeover. The Q drops “condensed” the diffused community of “anons” into an emergent but still coherent fighting force, filled with the camaraderie and mutual support that any “real” militia can expect. This arrested the process of demoralisation and halted encroaching tyranny.
  3. A support for individual autonomy to prevent mass hypnosis. Prof Mattias Desmet identifies four prerequisites for totalitarian takeover and loss of individual autonomy, which the Q drops counter. Anons were tarnished by the “QAnon” label as “untouchables”, and endlessly gaslit by the corrupt media about the data on offer. This paradoxically hardened us, giving us the “Q vaccine” against this mass hypnosis: anons DGAF about reputation and the opinion of the hive mind. This will pay off down the road as the level of destruction needed to awaken the brainwashed masses is lessened.
  4. A pre-sensitisation of the public to plausible deniability. The weapon of choice of the totalitarian enemy is to construct a false reality, and have you continually explain it away as being coincidental or emergent, not conspiratorial and engineered. We see this with the pseudopandemic being sold to us, and its genocidal potential being dismissed; it is too scary to accept that someone wants to kill you and your family. The Q drops exposed the underlying mechanism of the dark occult illusion.

When historians comb over the record of this time, they will find a niche of “autists” who are predisposed to finding “information misalignments” and resolving them, no matter what the personal cost. We have collectively achieved the goal of exposure of the hidden enemy and disinfection by the sunlight of facts and logic. The Q project has already denied “narrative dominance” to the mass media, who are now widely seen as discredited.

As the next phase of mass awakening unfolds we will see a re-ordering of society. The removal of power from Marxists creates a vacuum, and the anons will inevitably fill some of that space. We will see the elimination of illegitimate institutions and their authority, and elevation of those who showed courage in their convictions. There is an irreversible soft power that will come from having displayed discernment and a sustained determination not to submit to lies. Furthermore, this reputation for intellectual integrity is unobtainable in retrospect; the window of opportunity is fast closing.

The Q drops are part of a cultural cleansing process with new societal pioneers. (I avoid the term “leaders” since that implies a return to institutional authority.) These are untainted by both the corrupt past as well as the “fruit of the poisoned tree” of spying. The Q drops have been a catalyst for anons to reconstruct reality from “clean” open source intelligence, and do it much faster than we otherwise could have done alone.

As such, the Q “weapon of mass discernment” offers a path for others through the de-brainwashing process of anomaly, contradiction, questioning, delegitimisation, reframing, searching, discovery, and awakening. I am certain that this is an ongoing process for all of us, no matter how far we have progressed. I am only at the stage of “conscious incompetence” of scoping the (previously) esoteric knowledge that I have to acquire to succeed in any future role.

In 2017 I was unaware that we faced Covid paving way for attempted techno-communist takeover, multiple fraudulent elections that would not get immediate resolution, and a fake president running a hoax administration as a giant sting op. No doubt there are more surprises ahead. What the Q drops show is how people in military intelligence know what is coming, and have prepared for it, even if the data only makes sense in retrospect.

The Great Awakening process is much longer than four years: exposure, capture, justice, reveal, transition, and rebuild will take us decades into the future. Hopes for a “fast rescue” we had in 2018 and 2019 have had to be put to one side as the depth of the Deep State was revealed. We have had to accept the rescuer we are seeking is… us. That means more than being keyboard warriors, and re-engaging in our local communities as activists.

The stage is now set for the reveal, which will come on its own timescale. This is the moment when the masses are confronted with sickening reality of pervasive war, even if it is also the point of victory. It may also mean the enemy throws its “death blossom” at us, and we are summoned to fight like we never have had to fight before. The mother of all distractions would be needed to successfully divert people from the father of all surprises.

At this moment we don’t know how bad the death toll will be: bioweapon jabs, supply chain failure, floods from burst dams, civil unrest, weather warfare, space weapons, other acts of nature… we can only hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Confrontation with a ruling death cult changes you, and daily life now involves previously unthinkable trauma. This is a real war in which psyches shredded, the devastation is social and economic, and the bodies of loved ones violated via needle rape. It is harrowing, disturbing, and hideous.

The destruction is all too real for those who perceive it — and I am not the same person I was in 2017. Four years of economic attack, censorship, ostracism, and pressure to buckle have reformed me into a warrior. I have renewed self-respect, enjoyed personal growth (especially through my art), and seen a tangible positive impact on others from my work. Yet a minor place in history doesn’t make my losses or wounds any less painful. I breathe and bleed like everyone else, and have ordinary life and family problems to face.

Looking forward, I have no desire for positions of power (as I am allergic to institutional life), nor prestige (I am not swapping my hoodie for a suit), nor payment (I plan to give away whatever fortune accrues from my Q work). I just want to be left alone and unburdened — to get on with what I want to do that makes a difference. That said, I wouldn’t say “no” to a little bit of respect from family, especially my daughters for having done what is right — even when it was unpopular and condemned.

Difficult times lie ahead of us. The public “reveal” of the depraved cruelty of our enemy will ignite pure rage; the narcissism and egoism of the deceived will be turned back on their deceivers. This will be impossible to contain at first, and chaos is inevitable due to the psychological tearing and bleeding. The Q project has averted a civil war, but that doesn’t stop the fallout from the many poisons already deployed. All we can do is offer comfort to those nursing spiritual wounds and unity with those mourning lost futures.

At the end of the day the “golden rule of gold” still applies: he who has the gold makes the rules, and it seems highly likely the Q team (and US military) are the ones who have the precious metals. They have taken back control over the corrupt central banking industry, and without funding no opposing “supermafia” can survive. As the greatest military intelligence operation in history reaches its crescendo, we will have to face change on a scale beyond our imagination.

We are all having to let go of the old attachments, and many souls may not make it through the upheaval. This may be merciful, as a slave mindset is incompatible with autonomy, and risks recurrence of authoritarianism. Those who unthinkingly gave their minds and bodies to the state won’t prosper in the new world of sovereign beings, so it is possible we will have frequent farewells. The sad lesson of “don’t mess with your genetics” will be indelibly seared into our culture.

The Q project is just the beginning of a long process of renewal of our society, refocused on autonomous individuals, the nuclear family, and spiritual values. We need to rethink the worship of science and technology for their own sake, and refound them with a more robust ethical basis. A whole series of institutions – education, media, social — will need redesign and relaunch.

I don’t know how long the Q process goes, but appear to be close to end of one phase. It really wasn’t just “just another 4 year election”, but the reinvigoration of a whole civilisation. In America there is a natural cycle length and tempo of 4 years, and this chapter of the historical record feels written and closed.

My personal contribution has been “intellectual air cover” — as I have the credentials and credibility, so cannot easily be dismissed as “too stupid to question the official narrative”. I hope I have given “deplorables” extra confidence when they feel intimidated by “the system”, simply because they lack those certificates or career checkmarks. They can point to my work as a coherent body of understanding, and demand a reasoned response from anybody who questions the validity of the Q drops.

It gives me no satisfaction to know that those who have deplatformed and defamed me — the real “misinformation superspreaders” — now face prison and/or ruin. Justice will take its natural course, and I am not a vengeful person. If there are reparations or compensation, it can go to the real victims of media violence — especially veterans and children. The record is already fixed, and I know I am on the right side of history.

Rather than have the last word, I will leave that to Q:

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You have the power.