Twitter exposes Deep State mass brainwashing

The level of criminality involved is simply breathtaking

Vaxxed or not, we have all been lied to

The Twitter Files scandal continues to unfold day by day, confirming beyond any doubt what many of us have been saying for years: there is a “Deep State” alliance of government agencies, (quasi-)private organisations, media, and intelligence professionals engaged in mass censorship to cover up organised crime, notably crimes against children and treason.

The key facts to date are that:

  • Twitter executives lied under oath to Congress about their policies and behaviour
  • A blind eye was turned to child pornography and human trafficking on the platform, making staff complicit in such crimes
  • The policing tools that were meant for legitimate ends were instead used to censor individual free speech and give a false impression (via trends) of collective sentiment
  • There were active attempts to influence the 2020 election, including narrative control, suppression of candidates, removal of open debate, and the deliberate targeting of the elected President for deplatforming
  • There was direct collusion in censorship with the FBI, DNI, DoJ, bringing into question whether Twitter is meaningfully a private entity or just a (deep) state front and proxy
  • There was participation in creating a false narrative around the January 6th protests and hiding that the President requested people to peacefully disperse
  • The DNC and Democrat politicians were lobbying to silence their critics and opposing candidates — notably Katie Hobbs in Arizona
  • There are large numbers of past and current employees with direct or past ties to government agencies, with unclear (at best) loyalty
  • The Head of Site Integrity, Yoel Roth, has a long track record of promoting underage sexuality and frequently references paedophile themes
  • The Deputy General Counsel, James Baker, attempted to suppress public knowledge of FBI involvement, while being a former FBI agent
  • Direct messages were not private as claimed
  • The placement of John Podesta’s neice onto the Trust and Safety Council eliminates even a pretence to political impartiality
  • A portal to the CDC allowed unlawful removal of First Amendment speech rights of those who questioned the totalitarian Covid public health narrative and Big Pharma interests
  • The attempt to unseat an existing President is treason — we are watching a (failed) coup in progress
  • The mass media fails to report on treason, perjury, sedition at Twitter — making them complicit in the coup effort

The horrors continue to tumble out, and other people are doing a great job of combing through the details. This is only going to ramp up: Musk appears to be the frontman for a “white hat” military intelligence operation to take down Big Tech and the legacy media. Twitter always was an information weapon, never a social media site. As the corruption is exposed, there no doubt will be increasingly desperate efforts to discredit it or distract. It is practically certain we will see false flags to pin atrocities on those who attempt to bring accountability, as well as disruption to current mass communications networks.

The deeper story is that a “state within the state” has clearly emerged. Another example of this is the ability of Perkins Coie to use a backdoor to gain access to FBI and NSA databases to spy on American citizens unlawfully. The infiltration and betrayal is everywhere, with private contractors who ultimately service the interests of criminals or foreigners. What we are confronting is a complex network of treachery, greed, and subversion that has operated in the shadows for a long time. The active and ongoing suppression of this story is itself the big story.

What all criminals seek is freedom from accountability, and controlled operations in the courts, media, law enforcement, lawmaking facilitate the cover-up of crimes. The seriousness of what Twitter has already been proven to be doing cannot be overstated. The invisible algorithmic and policy rigging of the public square to promote lies is textbook mind control. This kind of mass brainwashing is Soviet or Nazi level of tyranny. We are watching an Orwellian entity depositing facts and events into the “memory hole”. It naturally causes us to ask who was the puppeteer, and what other puppet shows have been going on.

Given the sudden about-turn in behaviour by Tim Cook at Apple upon meeting Elon Musk, we can reasonably surmise they have been up to wicked things too, and the latter has the goods on the former. Given Apple’s dealings with the CCP, that’s not surprising. It is hardly news that Facebook is a criminal outfit used to spy on the public and enforce absolute narrative control. TikTok is socially engineering the West (and especially the young) so as to weaken our society and make it more vulnerable to CCP takeover. Sitting behind these brands are entities like DARPA, supplying the silent weapons for the quiet war on human consciousness.

A constitutional republic is not a democracy: lasting individual liberties trump the passing fashions of the mob. Yet it still requires democratic processes for legitimacy and accountability, such as clean elections, and fora that support open public debate on policy and candidates. If those who commit politically-motivated crimes cannot be exposed, then you just have a corrupt cartel in charge, not an actual representative government. You can try to justify what was going on at Twitter, but that means the only worthwhile debate left is whether you are a fascist or a communist.

For me this isn’t an abstract or distant thing. My next job is to injunct Durham County Council for trying to extort money out of me with menaces, as they have gone full-on totalitarian. I have had my public platform taken away to bring wider attention to criminality and injustice. My ability to earn a living as a writer and artist, and have enough to pursue righteous projects, has been sabotaged. By making a stand I am risking bankruptcy if a corrupt court ignores the law, and awards costs against me. Many friends and colleagues who might have supported me have instead departed my life because they bought the lies being knowingly promoted by Twitter (and others) as “normal” and “accepted”.

The Twitter employees are just the minions, and ultimately we need to see those who designed the mass mind control swing for war crimes. That said, it always takes people who are willing to compromise themselves — to pay that mortgage, get that holiday, avoid that relationship conflict — to facilitate evil on this scale. There has to be accountability right to the base, so people no longer feel safe “towing the party line” believing they are protected from consequences. Many of Twitter’s staff collaborated in an attempt to enslave us all using evil techniques, and they need to feel the heat for their cruel actions.