The Saviours of Humanity

Why you should reject transhumanism as the future of our species

Guy giving the finger

This man is a saviour of humanity. For that matter, if you are reading this, then you are likely to be a saviour of humanity too in some way. How come? You are actively opposing the end of humanity and its replacement with transhumanism, i.e. a form of inhumanity that merges us living beings with software from outside our families. This could be by being “unjabbed” — making you one of the last “true non-GMO humans”. Or, if you have misguidedly gone down that route already, you are expressing your regrets and now warning others of the danger.

mRNA technology is how a war of infiltration is being waged against humanity at the level of life itself. Just as how computer systems can have “backdoors” that allow intruders to bypass security mechanisms, so do the cells of the human body. By hijacking the message passing function between cells, and modifying the “unsigned” messages, we can bypass all the usual protections that the nucleus and protein-mashing machinery have in place.

The fundamental problem of transhumanism is that it sees human biology only at a systems (and systems of systems) level. Just as machines are collections of mechanisms, humans are deemed “clump of cells” (or clumps of clumps), no matter what their age. It is a rejection of our divine nature, which says that we have a soul, with non-local consciousness (that may not even timebound). Science now backs this up, and it does not require reversion to “woo”.

Regardless of your beliefs in any deity or designers, the mechanics of the reproduction of life have existed for a very long time. There are durable patterns at the level of the cellular, as well as higher order systems like organs, individuals, and species. Genetic engineering brings in novelty — like chimeras — that does not need to have any durability (and in extremis causes deliberate death). By ignoring the imperative to support life itself in an ongoing manner, it allows us to express intents that are wicked, cruel, and reckless.

The gene therapy injections being sold to public under the guise of health and happiness inevitably “arm the hazard” of the ultimate ruin risk for humanity. Whether deliberate or accidental, we are now capable of ending the entire species through “genetic pollution” and/or resulting societal collapse. We can even create new forms of subjugation, with “invisible chains” at the DNA level. For instance, turning off the VMAT2 “God gene” could conceivably cause people to seek spiritual meaning in government rather than in the divine.

The potential for awfulness is beyond description. Putting genocidal dangers aside for a moment, imagine that we simply suffer from an uncertainty about the effects of these technologies on future generations. Children who have been injected with these gene therapies may grow up to be a “second class citizen” in the mating game. This status — a kind of “HIV positive squared” — could damage the psychological and spiritual welfare of developing adults beyond repair.

Indeed, today I had a phone call with my younger teenage daughter where I warned her that getting injected with mRNA technology would mean that any children she had would be transhuman and not human. Her immediate and incredulous reaction was “does that mean that mummy is not human?!?” — her mother having already participated in the mass medical madness. I had to punt the question for now, as 9pm on a Friday night as she brushed her teeth wasn’t the moment to go there.

No father should ever be having this kind of discussion with his daughter. Of course, we cannot in the end put aside the danger of genocide and that “difficult conversation”. It is noted that these injections have the same schedule and storage processes as those for porcine zone pellucida vaccine (PZP), which sterilises mammals with an 80-90% effectiveness rate. This kind of hormonal tinkering has already been silently and secretively done with tetanus vaccines, so such outrageous behaviour should not be seen as new or unexpected.

The depopulation agenda is widely noted and thus unsurprising. There is evidence of other transhumanist technology — nanites, nanobots, graphene oxide, and hydra parasites — “contaminating” these injections, and they are already resulting in havoc for the health of newborns and young people. Transhumanism is an existential threat, and forms part of a wider eugenics and social engineering field of play that encompasses the risks of artificial intelligence.

By its construction all AI is mechanistic in nature, and is disconnected from the human soul and spirit. Any and all attempts to “automate the conscience” — and thus tame AI — will only create more powerful target mechanisms for psychopaths to subvert. Only “true natural genetic” consciousness (be it human, or other species like dogs and dolphins) has the necessary empathetic conscience. You need to have a body to put “at risk” in order for morality to function; it cannot be “outsourced” to transhumanist software technology working at a collective level.

The endgame being pushed by the technofascists — the “metaverse” — is a pure dystopian nightmare of the farming of humans for their wits and wisdom. If the “idiot box” of the TV and “black mirror” of the smartphone have been problematic, then the “sanity sucker” of the VR headset is far worse. By eliminating the reference experience of “reality”, and its attachment to natural forces of procreation and child rearing, it diverts us into pastimes that are antithetical to nurture.

We have already outsourced infant rearing to professionalised childcare, and education to state-run schools. Today’s distracted parent scrolling social media likely leads to tomorrow’s child being “born by womb pod” and completely “raised by sensory AI machine”. Transhumanism is ultimately a barbaric vision, because it always puts one group in a position of godlike power over another group of sentient beings, with the unborn the most vulnerable to harm.

Without shared cultural and genetic fate, and “skin in the game” in interventions, transhumanism cannot ever be made ethical. Just as there are fates worse than death, there are now ways of warping the development of foetuses that are worse than abortion. We have no cultural taboos against this kind of development, although the “uncanny valley” phobia suggests we may have been here before in our distant past.

Transhumanism is essentially exploitative and so it should be resisted with all of our might and willpower. The immediate danger we face is with (purported) “vaccines”, which are capable of the literal end of humanity. This is achieved through deletion of our moral conscience, impairment of reproductive fertility, and erasure of independent identity (via “health passports”). The deployment of mRNA technology to children is the greatest crime in history, and our response to this threat should see it as the greatest emergency possible.

This is not only potential genocide of multiple generations at once, but the perpetual genetic mutilation of our species (should it even continue to exist). Our challenge is to maintain a large enough pool of the genetically unmodified control group to destroy the legitimacy of this technology. Furthermore, we need to do so in sufficient numbers to maintain a viable society — even if those who got injected die out. We cannot know the mitigations or treatments in place, but the worst case is already a dreadful 1-2bn deaths in the coming few years from heart failure, prion disease, and strokes.

It is important here to note the framing error we are offered: we are not “unvaccinated”, just as we are not “unlobotomised”, “unheartstented”, or “unfacelifted”. The default is to be “just human”, and not to have had a lobotomy, heart stent, or cosmetic surgery. There is no legitimate need ever “to assert your status” or explain why you do not desire to participate. The subversive control of language is being used to draw us towards the transhumanist future. This is done by reversing the default, making nature appear as a lack of technological enhancement.

Those who refuse the coercion to conform with “the jab” have overcome fear-based brainwashing pushing this vicious transhumanist agenda. You have beaten the worst and biggest criminal psyop in history, perpetrated via corrupt mass media, rigged social networks, and pervasive propaganda.

There can be no worse fate for the living than losing true ownership of your own body, with your genome being patentable property of transhumanist corporations. I would rather die than voluntarily become a pharma slave via this deceptive and dangerous technology.

In particular, the millions of “anons” who are the focus of the resistance are the literal saviours of humanity — genetically, culturally, socially, politically, and legally. We have had help: the military (via the Q operation and other means) psychologically prepared us, and encouraged us to practically organise.

Transhumanism is a war on humanity. All who reject it are heroes. Every. Single. One.