The lost podcast — Matt D’Elia

Unannounced podcast interview from November 2019 on QAnon

For the last two years I have been resolute in avoiding doing interviews and podcasts. I exceptionally did a few with Robert David Steele around the publication of my book, and I am ending the drought later this week with my first public interview in a year.

In searching around this week I realised that I never announced one I did back in November of 2019. Matt D’Elia reached out to me and was courteous and interesting. Here is the text that Matt put together describing our encounter:

Matt finally fulfils his longtime dream of talking to a believer in the QAnon conspiracy theory. The reason it took so long to find a suitable QAnon-believing guest isn’t because Q-Heads are hard to find. (Believe it or not, they’re actually easy to find.) It’s because most of them are rigid and illogical, which would have resulted in a not-so-great episode. But eventually Matt found his man: Martin Geddes. More than just a Q-Head, Martin actually subscribes to many of what most people call ‘conspiracy theories’ — from the popular (9/11 was an inside job) to the not-so popular (Obama was a ‘Manchurian Candidate’-style foreign agent). Despite their disagreements, Matt and Martin manage to have a civil and surprisingly enlightening conversation about Martin’s ideas, Matt’s concerns with them, the allures and pitfalls of believing in conspiracy theories, and why so many of us desire safety and certainty at seemingly any cost.

It may be of more historical than contemporary interest given everything that has passed since — as events have taken a path neither of us could have fully anticipated — but I suspect this will be a good listen for those who care about how we got here, and how people with diverse (and even divergent) views can engage as human peers without having to “win” and dominate.

The Spotify player is embedded below… enjoy!