The initiation into Light Club

We are being tested so that we are ready for the fight to come

The last few years have seen the most intense psychological warfare ever waged upon humanity. A fear campaign for a virus that officially has never been isolated (and an illness that was easily treated by existing therapies) was used to destroy economies and strip populations of basic human rights. Millions of people are now dead from poison injections pushed by WEF, WHO, and the legacy media — with the complicity of infiltrated governments, corrupt courts, and “lawless enforcement”. Hundreds of millions of people (if not more) are at risk of deadly effects over the coming years. War crimes trials are coming in 2023 to bring accountability.

At a personal level I have had to abandon the professional identity I had previously built for myself. My whole life seemed to be building up to being a change agent in the telecoms industry. I had the right training, credentials, experience, colleagues, science, audience, attitude, timing, market, and technology. Lockdowns would have generated enormous demand for quality assured broadband for home working, and I had a startup in progress to satisfy that need. Yet here I am… promoting the algebra of broadband network performance is in my past, because my skills and life force are needed elsewhere.

My sense of this silent war is that it is “paradoxes all the way”. This is a byproduct of any conflict waged primarily through memetic rather than kinetic means. Propaganda, genetics, blackmail, nanotech, AI, cloning, and psychotronic weapons come together to form an invisible substrate of influence and control. The surface presentation and the underlying reality are commonly at odds with one another, the former being legitimate and benign, and the latter murderously wicked. Unwinding this kind of structure typically means (paradoxically) pushing it into overload so the contradiction becomes visible and fails, rather than directly opposing it to shrink it to nothing.

One of the many paradoxes is that we have already won this war, yet still need to fight for our lives. Just as telescopes meant you could win at naval warfare by spotting the enemy first and outmanoeuvring them, the same is true of a “quantum war” but with a machine for seeing through time. The rumour is that the “white hats” have the best “chronovisor” (Project Looking Glass) so can build strategies that envelop those of the enemy. This war was over before it began in a very literal sense, if this form of time travel exists the way that is suggested — we know it is compatible with the workings of quantum physics and coupling in space and time. The greatest observation “distance” (in time) delivers the winning “orientation”, “decision”, and “action” loops.

Despite the war already being won, each of us must still fight with all our might. If we stop, the war is “unwon”, and humanity faces a grim future (if any at all). Every single major institution has been tainted by the Covid genocide, and all face either total failure or deep reform — while we still have to live in the ruins. The enemy’s end game was central bank digital currencies and biometric ID, with total population control. Therefore, part of the root problem is psychopathic bankers and institutionally corrupt banking. The whole of the current financial system faces default and destruction, to be replaced by something with humane and sane foundations. Those who pay attention can see the preparations going on (e.g. ISO20022 and crypto networks like Stellar and Cardano).

The root of all evil is indeed the love of money, and the “Babylon” system it represents, since it represents in abstract the (enslaved) life force of others. Usury, fraud, and dodgy contracts are used to undermine the innate rights of others, and break the golden rule of behaviour. Conscience is “laundered” via financial markets, so we distance ourselves from the wrongdoing of others simply by transacting it away. The fiat money system corrupts everything it touches, twisting us towards short-term rewards and away from the eternal. The last few years have been a very painful journey of discovery as the systemic warping of each institution is revealed, with the stated intent often being the opposite of the operational behaviour.

All this context brings me to my main point. The ordeal of being “awake” in a world hypnotised by deceit is very painful and traumatising. It is isolating and lonely, so finding your “tribe” is slow and difficult. You will be called all kinds of horrible names, your reputation will be shredded, you will be avoided in “polite” society, accused of being in a cult, and shorn of much of your support network. Betrayal by those you had trusted, abandonment by those you have loved, and attack by those you have depended upon — all are ordinary parts of the dissident experience. You will even be gaslit by those conforming to The System™ and told you are not even a dissident!

Yet this all has a beneficial upside. I no longer spend my days with cowards and fools. I don’t have to tiptoe around certain family members and their taboo insanities. The spiritually low vibe world of telecoms has been replaced by the high vibe one of art. I have a much clearer sense of myself and my own values, as well as how to be true to both. My sense of self-respect has grown as I face down my own demons and dysfunction. New and much improved friends have entered into my life: people who have shown themselves to be ‘solid’ in times of severe moral trial. I am free from the world of scheduled calls, work calendars, and having to ignore my own body clock and internal energy.

Being emotionally brutalised for five years hasn’t been much fun, and it is how it is. At this point there is no way I am ever bowing down to the enemy, and to give up would be a form of submission and thus unacceptable. There is an inner strength that you only discover when you are tested by real difficulties. We may have won the war strategically, but it feels like we are being put through “perfect precision problems” in order to develop ourselves spiritually, psychologically, and socially. At no point has the discomfort proven truly unbearable, even if we are being genuinely psychologically tortured by having to watch those we care about commit suicidal acts and unknowingly harm their own children.

As the script “flips”, the “awake” have to be there to take up the load of running our society, which is not just about formal positions of authority. Those realising they have been poisoned and their genome corrupted face a nightmare that will be the figural event of their lives. We have to be there to comfort them, even if they have treated us badly. Meanwhile, the hardships that the rest of us have had to go through have revealed that we are unbending in the face of public and media opinion, and will stick to our principles no matter what. That makes us safe to be with, and a fixed point of reference in the turmoil of the raging storm of change.

We have been put through a military grade training course in self-mastery and leadership, and many people are now graduating with distinction. You might be bruised and battered by the initiation rites, but you made it through. If you are reading this you will innately know if you have become a member of “Light Club” — the cadre of people who have the “light of source” inside of them and who shine in the darkness, even when alone. There is no membership list for Light Club, and the institution is never spoken of.

Participation in Light Club is a matter of spirit, not mind or body: genius and brawn are not required, even if welcome. Those in it would likely recoil at the epithet, but this is a genuine “elite”. People “in the club” can recognise each other, and no special handshake is required, just a sense of their aura. Light Club is a spiritual commando force — yet comprises mostly civilian soldiers. This is a war that is waged through grannies just as much as with generals.

The unwelcome hardships of the last few years have been an initiation process into Light Club, and nobody can join without passing through it. Membership cannot be obtained merely through taking the name, or acquiring a (rare amphibian) badge. 2023 is the year it all turns around, and you’ve passed the hardest induction course in history, as you never knew the club existed until the very end. The FBI has its “yellow brick road” physical fitness challenge, but that’s over in just a few hours. You’ve gone for years through a tough spiritual obstacle course, and are still going!

Maybe you should give yourself a little bit of credit for your endurance and perseverance, perhaps even have a little celebration? After all, I am sure there are plenty of treats still lying around the day after Christmas. We might be light in spirit, but feel a little heavier in body after “Bite Club” yesterday! Although at this point I feel more like one of “three wide men”.

Not fat, just “portably prepped” for 2023.