The Guardian Avatar

An intellectual expedition into the future of voice services led me and my Hypervoice Consortium colleagues to a very unexpected conclusion. For us to successfully navigate the “metaverse” of human-computer symbiosis, we each need a “Guardian Avatar” to take care of our interests.

We have prepared a presentation that covers:

  • Why voice is the harbinger of the sensor revolution
  • How hypervoice a subset of hypersense
  • The lessons from “edge communities”
  • Epic wins and blissful productivity
  • Bring your own identity
  • Artificial intelligence vs identity augmentation
  • The feminisation of technology
  • The need for a new “browser” for the metaverse

It was designed for “show and talk” for workshops and lectures, rather than reading online, so I’ve added in some notes pages so it makes rough and enough sense.


Show me why we all need a Guardian Avatar!

Thanks to the other Hypervoice Consortium sponsor companies for making this research work possible: InterDigital, Cisco, Telefonica, HarQen, and Ericsson.


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