Thank you for your generous support for Code of Vets

Code of Vets

Before Christmas I launched my annual charity appeal via this newsletter. Despite ConvertKit blocking my PayPal links, it was a roaring success. I asked Gretchen Smith, founder of Code of Vets, to say a few words of thanks:

I am very pleased about the exceptional response. We were a few dollars short of $30k raised, and assisted 23 veterans for the holidays: lights on, running water, groceries in the refrigerator.

The generosity of your readers was a tremendous blessing. Some we helped broke down and cried. It was especially good to boost their spirits through the holiday season, when their extreme hardship contrasts with the spending of others.

We have high hopes for the next year, and are looking to grow as needs are exploding. We raised almost $800k in 2019, and $2m+ in 2020. It could be possibly double that this year โ€” although January donations are significantly down. The need is real and staggering.

One issue your readers raised is for us to deliver receipts and thank you notes. We will have the necessary infrastructure and processes in place soon. We have simply been overwhelmed.

Again, this fundraiser was an absolute success, and I am thrilled with the result.

If you feel the urge to donate still, you can go to and click on the donate link. Fighting in this information war has given me a whole new appreciation for the sacrifices of those who participate in the kinetic side.