Telegram is dirty, so I am moving to Gab

I don't consent to any of this

It is time to add Telegram to Patreon, Medium, Dropbox, Amazon, ConvertKit, YouTube, Twitter, and Mailchimp as “dirty tech” that has censored me. Telegram is nakedly limiting my reach. I am very tired of these murky social engineering games, so I am moving to Gab.

Telegram User Growth Statistics

This is my Telegram channel follower chart for the past few months. I have been on multiple social media platforms and over a long period. I reached 250k+ followers on Twitter. I know what organic social media behaviour looks like. This is not it.

Right now I am being “force held” at around 22,535 followers plus or minus a few. It is so nakedly obvious that the game is rigged that I cannot ignore it any longer. Furthermore, the final straw was Order Of The Alpha pointing out that I seem to be added to notification exception lists without the permission of anyone…

Telegram censoring

I haven’t validated this assertion, or verified the scale of the problem, but my contribution to growing Telegram is over. I don’t do abusive relationships any more, and this is wrong. I don’t care how many other people use Telegram, I choose not to live by lies, and they are con artists in my opinion. If it turns out it is “white hats” protecting me by keeping me from being too big a target, I apologise in advance!

Censorship kills people and societies. We have seen this with the suppression of ivermectin as a treatment for Covid, despite copious evidence of its safety and efficacy. Censorship can be in the form of blocking truth and deplatforming truth tellers, or as polluting propaganda to divert people away from truth. For example, I have been slurred as a “misinformation superspreader” โ€” a lie repeated by the Financial Times โ€” for repeating basic undergraduate knowledge from immunology textbooks.

Censorship is evil.

It is also a form of economic attack, since every time I make an effort to build a stable income (e.g. small PayPal donations from my WWG1WGA essay removed by Medium in 2019) this gets taken away. It puts me under additional strain of not only having to constantly rebuild my distribution network, but also the daily worry of affording the basics to run my life and do my job. It sucks energy away from working on your own platform, problems, and prospects.

For instance, I haven’t done an art print marketing email since March. My attention is completely absorbed by getting over the past deplaformings (most recently Amazon) and preparing for likely future ones (Google is a key risk). The costs of being at the information warfare battlefront multiply… and we have to buy our own ammo and weapons! I have spent a small fortune on backup hard drives in the last year, and wish I had a spare laptop at the ready.

As a result of this stress my tolerance for censorship nonsense has dropped to zero (more so as I don’t feel well right now).

I am choosing Gab because it is Web-only and (despite the usability inconvenience) bypasses the policy control of app stores owned by corrupt Big Tech. While I appreciate the sincere efforts of Gab’s founder and team, and am a paying user, I believe that the future of social media is distributed and not centralised. Gab fills my need for now, and is trustworthy enough. Ultimately I would prefer to only have to trust myself.


  1. sarcasm mom says

    It kinda’ does not matter anymore where you go. I post on all of them (not Twitter) and I don’t give f*cks because they are all connected one way or the other. Gab was the first one that was infiltrated by the Khazarians once millions fled FB. So, they follow where we go all the time. I just post stuff, get banned for awhile, and then post where I can…even on important, intellectual blogs.

    Bottom line: the black hats hate it when they DON’T KNOW WHAT WE ARE THINKING AND FEELING. The worst thing for them: you are off of all media for weeks and months! hahahhahaaa – try it. Don’t post/comment, just follow what is going on. It’s the best way to be. You get what you need without participating in anything.