Surviving Splitzkrieg

How lovingly ‘holding the line’ keeps us sane during insane times

In WW2 the Germans perfected the military doctrine of the lightning strike — “blitzkrieg” — applying overwhelming mechanised force to smash enemy defence lines. In March of 2020 we experienced the WW3 equivalent in terms of bio-information war — “splitzkrieg” — using a fear narrative to divide people into the “Covid compliant” and the resistance.

The wickedness had begun long before, infusing our society with wokeness, Cultural Marxism, and perverted ethics. The corrosion was intended to weaken our social and intimate bonds before initiating collapse, thereby enabling the theft of the whole planet from those with a legitimate birthright to inhabit it. This whole transhumanist nightmare of enslavement — with total control of money and mankind — is now juddering to a halt.

I have been watching the Q operation since its public debut in 2017, and how the “where we go one, we go all” ethos is designed to (eventually) reunite society and reverse the shattering impact of “splitzkrieg”. The long-awaited moment of mass awakening — with endless megascandals breaking — is tantalisingly near as “The Bidan Show” finally wraps up. Yet we must continue living in the present, not knowing on which day our loved ones will “wake up” from the black magic spell cast upon them.

My own life faces many “splitz” from the “krieg”. I have found myself over and over caught up in a process of defining my own locus of responsibility, so that I am neither involved in coercion, nor being coerced. This “holding the line” means managing my own wellbeing, while simultaneously not conceding to evil, yet also relating to those who behave badly from a loving place. The times I have strayed from the path of righteousness — and “broken the line” — only reinforce the value of staying on the path.

This “holding the line” at the personal level is difficult in a context of pervasive persecution. We face simultaneous psychological war, economic war, biological war, cultural war, and even genocide. At an individual level those who dissent from the mass psychosis suffer isolation, ostracism, and slander. “Splitzkrieg” heaps injustices upon those who act according to holy principles, and resolution is not available on the impatient timescale of the victim.

One of my key “Splitzkrieg” learnings is that “Satan” is actually a role — of the accuser or opponent — and my #1 enemy is the speaking of untruths against me behind my back. These gossiping cowards refuse to confront me, and deny me any due evidential process of natural justice. They have taken up the power to define my reality for themselves, and exclude any possibility that they might be doing me a terrible wrong — as a consequence of their actions based on accepting lies.

“Splitzkrieg” is the end game of Satanic war: we must “think mirror” because the enemy has to invert everything in order to keep the “lockstep” pseudoreality internally consistent. Fact and fiction, right and wrong — they are swapped over and over. Moral relativism is an enemy because the self-image of being righteous enables people to self-justify all kinds of wrongdoing. This leads to the spread of totalitarian ideology, resting on false morality and false logic, which divides society into True Believers™ and the perplexed.

Whether our loved ones have been deceived, hypnotised, poisoned, demonised, or even hijacked with nanotech doesn’t matter. We have to confront the reality of “splitzkrieg” — where we have to “hold the line” even when our most intimate spaces have been invaded by unseen enemy forces. For the battlefront of this war can run down the middle of the marital bed: it is just not sexy for men to fail to protect children at risk! One of the hardest sights to see is when someone has found the path, understood that there is a holy war on, and then failed to fight.

I have many stories of having to “hold the line”, and am learning “personal splitzkrieg” from each encounter:

  • A friend was struggling with lack of accountability and was weaponising faith as an excuse. I “held the line” by supporting her stated intentions — until her resulting (misaligned) behaviour broke our relationship, allowing a “clean” parting of ways.
  • A former partner engaged in treachery, dividing my children against me. My way of holding the line is to stay as connected as I can with my offspring, and to let the cosmos take care of his betrayal (and no longer interact).
  • A highly educated family member has shown arrogance and foolishness. I have “held the line” by no longer offering financial support, but not made it personal. The door is always open to repentance and reconnection.
  • One youth has indulged in rebellious, selfish, and ignorant acts — as youths are prone to do. Being of age, I have held the line by writing a letter saying not to live by lies, insisted on an apology for wrongful accusations before we carry on again, and left an open channel.
  • Meanwhile, a young family member has been taught controlling narcissistic behaviour. To “hold the line” I have allowed unwise choices to be made so she can have a (non-catastrophic but painful) learning experience — but I won’t allow any direct harm to me by her.
  • One of my parents is in a religious cult, and has supported behaviour by non-family that harms me (yet which is incongruent even with the stated faith). That is OK — I can still love my parents. Yet I stand my ground by staying at an appropriate distance, remaining polite — but not pretending this is acceptable.
  • A young person I care about appears to have succumbed to indoctrination at school and via media, and become sexualised at a very inappropriate age (but is not at immediate risk). I hold the line by recognising it is the business of the parents and I disengage: you can’t save everyone, so let go.

In each case I have had to “locate the line” before I could hold it — where “the line” is the geometry of the spiritual and social split. What is genuinely my concern versus theirs? Is one party projecting — and if so who? Have I got some triangulation on the situation that is not merely confirmation bias? Most of all, am I dealing with everyday lapses of good manners, entrenched foolishness, or psychopathic evil?

Shockey’s Law [ref — PPT] states that “‘Money’ is the answer — now what is your question?”. That cynical truism describes “living in Babylon”, but perhaps we can flip it to a more benevolent outlook? I cannot put my own name to it as a Law, as I suspect this is already taken by past prophets: “‘Love’ is the answer — now what is your question?”. However, the loving thing to do with each split due to psychological and spiritual warfare is not always obvious.

It is tempting to see everything as either an offer of love or a call for love, even terrible behaviour, and to try to cross the divide and heal the split. If we are not careful that can make us complicit: real evil has to be extinguished, not negotiated with. For all lesser splits we must act in love — a unifying force — as it is the only possible antidote to “splitzkrieg”. Insisting on accountability, for instance, may superficially appear harsh and uncaring, but “tough love” is far more loving than floppy accommodation of sloth.

I am finding that I have to prioritise my efforts in this “social fragmentation bomb” conflict thus: firstly, peace in my own heart; then, in my own home; next, in my wider community including family; and lastly, peace in the world at large. In the context of the “jabicide”, I am slowly accepting that death is an essential part of a genetic and cultural clean-up process. Their passing, however sad, doesn’t change the peace I have in my heart and home.

I have to welcome the likelihood that loved ones may become stark warnings rather than shining examples: my control over their free will is pointless at best. Many relationships are anchored to a particular place and time, and the shifting foundations of society mean that basis of connection is no longer relevant. I am even rethinking what I consider to be family: it is people who both love us for who we are, and practise the “no man left behind” doctrine.

“Splitzkrieg” has already divided humanity into the “organic” and “GMO” varieties. This may not be reversible or healable, and it may be necessary to grieve in ways we never have had to grieve before. For me the consolation has been to see all kids as our kids — so my own “warrior mode” can be activated wherever a predator seeks to pick off one of the tribe. I have a clear purpose anchored in a life-giving force, which gives me comfort.

If we put truth, light, and love at the heart of everything we do — seeking the highest morality despite our many lapses — then there is something of lasting value to salvage from the nightmare we have been living through. Only a reinvigorated striving towards Oneness can ultimately give meaning to the cruel horrors of bio-information “splitzkrieg”.