Spygate news supplement

Data points about the Spygate megascandal — as we stand at the precipice of change.

Spygate news supplement

When I started this newsletter a year ago to distribute the interesting stuff I came across, I expected to share philosophical items of mostly deeper and lasting significance, rather than breaking news. History, however, seems to have other plans for citizen journalists and independent writers.

The mass media is conspicuously failing to ask hard questions about where the “Russian collusion” dossier came from, and why a fraudulent and disruptive investigation was allowed to continue for two years. We know the answer why!They themselves are implicated in the biggest political scandal in modern history: Spygate.

The moment the media’s complicity to cover up one part of this megascandal is revealed, it naturally raises the question of what else they were lying about or failing to report. The answer turns out to be “pretty much everything”. The world is about to change profoundly, as there is a total collapse of public trust in these institutions.

This is going to spill over into every part of the TMT ecosystem, exposing crime and corruption on a breathtaking scale. It would be impossible to write a newsletter on the “Future of Communications” whilst ignoring the greatest development ever, simply because it happens to be political and contentious in nature.

I see some commentators struggling to account for commercial and technical events since they have entirely missed this “deep state” angle. Therefore I’ve decided to do a bumper “catch up” edition of my newsletter, focusing only on those things related to Spygate. These are “perishable” items — in that it’s better to deliver them to you now, rather than buffer them up for weeks or months. Book recommendations, cool toys and philosophical insights can wait for another day.

For additional context on the Spygate megascandal, see my essay Trump in Ireland and the Patriot-Globalist war in context.

The British Crown’s role in America

The relationship of the British to America is not what it seems. Having lost the colony, the ruling class decided to retake it by stealth. This thread on Crowngate — essentially a synonym for Spygate — gives the essential context for the scandal. (Note how the Crown is essentially the City of London, and distinct from the Monarchy.) The British ruling elite needed to unseat Trump to keep their historical and contemporary meddling in American matters a secret. They failed… and now there are consequences.

One of those consequences may be the end of the House of Windsor — due to both Spygate (GCHQ was involved in treasonous activity directed at the top —and they report to the Queen), as well as Royal connections to Epstein island. That involves very unpleasant things happening to children. The public will need preparing for the shock.

The timing of the end of Theresa May’s premiership is no coincidence. Trump’s London trip — and praising of this same institution — sets up the necessary optics for the epic fall that is to come. This news has to come from other parts of the US government and normal processes of law. Otherwise it appears politically motivated.

Rise of the Deep State

The Spygate scandal ends any and all debate about the existence of a “Deep State” parallel system of power and government in America. This didn’t happen overnight, it was carefully planned and executed over generations. Totalitarianism takes time to sell to its victims.

To educate yourself, watch this two minute 1958 video of Robert Welch warning of the Globalist threat to American nationality and sovereignty. Spygate is the real beginning of the public reversal of this process — interrupted by the murder of JFK — and the reestablishment of true national (and individual) sovereignty.

The Russiagate hoax

Robert Mueller has a long and poor record, first in the military as ineffective soldier, and then as a “dirty cop” who rose to the top in a dirty war. It’s always possible he has been pressured into his actions, or has been working as a double agent — so I reserve judgement on the individual.

The unavoidable reality, however, is that the Mueller report is a nothingburger in terms of the accusations being made against President Trump. Indeed, this was known from early on, but it was artificially prolonged in order to maintain the false narrative through the 2018 mid-term elections.

It was a hoax, a ruse concocted by a multinational group of intelligence agencies to cover for themselves and what they had done. Now it’s time to find out how it got started, given the pretext was untrue.

Declassification of the coup attempt

The instruction from Trump to Barr covered multiple agencies, meaning that those Deep State actors caught up in the coup attempt are spread wide. He conspicuously bypassed the Director of National Intelligence. How high up do the traitors go? Well, Obama was one…

  • Trump Prioritizes Prosecutions — “I have referenced in previous articles that Trump is using Constitutional authorities in ways most other recent Presidents have not had to. He came into office knowing that the government that he was elected to lead was out to remove him.”

The role of Q and QAnons

The military have known for a long time what was really going on. The Q operation has been an integral part of the preparations for the revelations that are now breaking into the public realm. As I have repeatedly stated, “Q anons” — i.e. citizen investigators using Q as a starting point — are typically 6 months to 2 years ahead of the mainstream news cycle. That’s a lot of strategic advantage to ignore!

One of the most insightful Q analysts comes under the pen name “Clandestine Rosenstein”, but has been forced by Twitter to shift accounts several times from censorship. The data on offer suggests that the masses are shifting from mainstream media to independent voices on social media. We are the news now.

Illegal spying via social media

How do you know that your private messages on Facebook or Twitter are actually kept private? These institutions have shown little respect to those who dissent from the extreme-left political outlook that they push, let alone respect for ordinary privacy. (I’ve never once voted for a right-of-centre party… and this isn’t a left vs right matter, but a criminal vs lawful one.)

Propaganda watch

The institutionalised nature of “lie factories” is what has led us to this point. The bodies that were meant to protect us from predation and hold power to account have themselves become tools of powerful predators.

  • CNN & MSNBC Caught Meddling In US Democracy — “CNN rigged a poll to censor out nearly everyone under 45 years of age. Based on this nonsensical false sampling they claim Biden is now in the lead. … MSNBC was caught making up false numbers to report, increasing Biden from an actual 25% approval to a magical 28%, just enough to edge out Bernie Sanders. But this is a fraud, deliberate journalistic malfeasance at the highest levels.”
  • This is what happens when conspiracy theories go mainstream — Lies spread because there are controlled assets in the media and academia…like this “useful idiot”. I quote: “There are a bunch of white supremacist folks who have gotten very engaged in the idea of tall lizards ruling the world.” — and there are a lot of citizens very angry at being spied upon, and having their duly elected leader face a coup attempt. Very concrete crimes, no lizards required. Remember, a lot of people in the media now face prison. They will do and say ANYTHING to try to avoid consequences for their crimes.
  • Why Fiction Trumps Truth: We humans know more truths than any species on earth. Yet we also believe the most falsehoods.QED. The New York Times is trying to get ahead of the story to save themselves from what’s arriving. Isn’t gong to end well for them.
  • Obama and the media try to cover their tracks with talk of “deep fakes” falsely hoping to get ahead of the story and its evidence of their massive criminality.

Implosion of “Fake News”

The collapse of the “Fake News” industry has begun, as predicted. The public isn’t keen on being lied to.

Breakup of Big Tech

If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. They’ve been given the rope to hang themselves with… the consequences are likely to come after the 2020 election.

Hollyweird and beyond

Spygate triggers the exposure of the culture of rape and paedophilia in Hollywood. Many of your favourite actors and directors are involved. Their defence is to attempt to normalise their cultural practises.

Netflix — which has some very dubious associations – features a scene of a (teenager?) human sacrifice with the actors wearing the symbol for paedophilia. This isn’t the first time. Your silence and continued subscription are taken as consent. Did I mention Epstein Island? It’s vomitingly bad.

The Satanic culture of Hollywood is going to make you want to get rid of a lot of DVDs. Oh, and the attempted normalisation of paedophilia is affecting Silicon Valley too.

NXIVM: sex slave cult aligned to Deep State

The mass media is busy ignoring the extraordinary stories coming out of the NXIVM trial of Keith Raniere… and the word is that there are far bigger cults and crimes about to be outed. You can read a citizen journalist account of the trial proceedings here. There are close ties between this group and the Clintons.

The relevance to Spygate is that there are systems of compromise and control that have been operating. This includes the use of the media to ignore important stories, whilst threatening to promote scandals against those targeted. The mass media has been operating as an arm of the mafia covering up all the biggest human trafficking crimes.

Legal and regulatory response

The outing of trusted media institutions for racketeering and election fraud is going to come as a shock to most of the public. We’re still in the warm-up phase, but we can see hints of what is to come. The big story right now is the break-up of the Silicon Valley giants, who have been silently spying, giving comfort to enemies, and supporting seditionists and election fraudsters at home.

Military response

This isn’t going to be just a few court cases and done. The entire shadow government is being ripped out and jailed or executed for treason. “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”

  • A quick primer on Thomas Jefferson’s Qu’ran and why he owned one — a bit of piracy history you probably didn’t know, and the reason why the US Marine Corps is central to this anti-coup operation. Obama was set up for foreign forces to begin the destruction of the United States from the inside; HRC was going to finish the job. They never thought she would lose… so never prepared for it.


Forget “Russian Collusion”, what you need to know about is the Ukrainian version: “Basically US/EU Globalists, CIA/State & MI6/FSO forced regime change in Ukraine. They planned on EU/NATO incorporation under HRC while the Russian military was still actively engaged.  They never thought she’d lose. They really wanted WW3.”

(PS – the EU faces a terminal legitimacy problem as a result of the Spygate scandal and what flows from it. Once you peel back a corner of the corruption, it’s hard not to peel the whole cover story off.)


The Vatican, Italian bloodline banking nobility and P2 Freemasons are all closely interlinked, and form a nexus of power aligned to the Deep State. Under the previous Italian government the heads of the intelligence agencies worked to help form the false basis for the Russiagate investigation to unseat President Trump. All roads lead to Rome… still.

For a deeper analysis, as not featured on newsstands everywhere, see Neon Revolt’s article Operation Charlemagne, The Silent Ones, and EyePyramid. Italy’s role in Framing Trump!.

New Zealand

The gruesome truth is that “false flag” terrorism is standard operating procedure for criminals in power to control public opinion and facilitate otherwise unthinkable losses of freedom. The events in New Zealand — a Globalist bolthole — have all the hallmarks of being exactly such a thing.

It’s nauseating and nobody likes the stench, but that doesn’t mean we can avoid the clean-up job. This is part of the push towards totalitarianism that Spygate represents — and has to be stopped. The resulting Christchurch Declaration — proposing a loss of freedom of speech — is exactly such a thing.

  • No to Christchurch Call: Put aside your hate of Trump for a day – he may have just saved free speech — “Even adversaries of the US president should admit that he is the only one who has stood up to the disturbing anti-free speech proposal concocted by illiberal globalist world leaders and compliant tech companies.” — and it we’re depending on RT to tell us the (partial) truth, we’re in trouble.
  • The Christchurch Pact: with the Info-DEVIL! — “They now normalise and legitimise ghostbanning, chilling, and full-on un-personing of anyone they choose to target on the internet: with neither oversight or justification!” — just accuse them of being “far-right” or “extremist”, and you’re done! No actual crime required.


This is a globalised war against tyranny, and Canada has currently a Globalist government, with the expected behaviours. The relationship to Spygate is that these powers can and will be used to suppress news of crimes by these same actors.