Seven minute summary of my BOSS/MAKER interview now available

In October of 2019 I ventured over to The Netherlands — I am old enough to remember “foreign travel” — and recorded an hour long TV style interview with Ronald Heister, founder of BOSS/MAKER. We covered the Great Awakening from a corporate and leadership perspective. I even wore a suit! (I haven’t put one on since…)

The resulting video (Dutch intro, English content) was very well received, and was prescient in many ways. 2020 has seen the start of the “Great Exposure” of massive systemic fraud and corruption. Next come the Great Arrests and the Great Convictions (in military tribunals).

A longstanding friend of mine, Lee Dryburgh, has created a website dedicated to spreading content from highly censored sources. I definitely qualify as such! He has spent a considerable effort to boil down the key points into seven minutes.

I recommend that you also join Lee’s mailing list. I plan another newsletter with more details of his initiative.