Second edition of “On Q” now available

Essay collection is now public domain so as to maximise its mischief effect

Read between the lies

Some of my oldest friends are “proper professors”, working in “proper paid jobs” doing “proper academic work” at “proper respected institutions”. In contrast I am an intellectual hooligan, and work outside the formal system, so I have to accept the upsides and downsides of being an “official outcast”. As such, my Christmas t-shirt gift from a friend has my (self-described) job title on it: “Professor of Mischief”.

As George Orwell said, “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” My endless censorship for doing basic investigative journalism work on the Q drops tells me I am not in the business of public relations. My intellectual achievement is not measured in publications, papers, degrees, titles, or prizes. The only metric that counts for me is maximisation of mischief, measured in how much hurt I cause to the corrupt.

During the period 2018-2020 I can objectively claim to have been a prominent documenter of the Q phenomenon, taking the “high perspective” of a more philosophical outlook. Others have produced fine work doing the complementary “low down” detailed analytical examination of the drop content and its relationship to world affairs. I am a synthesist: my goal is to paint the “big picture” so others can locate their specific beliefs within that bigger framework.

2021 has been a painful interlude while we wait for the 2020 election fraud sting op to play out, and The Bidan Show to expose all the infiltrators and traitors. That process appears to be close to its conclusion, and the world-changing consequences are hard to exaggerate. 2022 looks like being the collapse of the Covid “plandemic”, justice against the conspirators, and the end of the corporate media’s power in Western society.

A mass awakening of humanity is unfolding as “conspiracy theory” turns into “conspiracy fact” about the reality of our (outgoing) rulers. My small contribution has been to raise awareness for as many people as possible as early as possible, so that they could act in their own rational self-interest — and avoid the deadly risks of acting under conditions of medical mass psychosis. The specific “mischief” I do is to jailbreak people from the prison of the mind, and help them to regain autonomous freedom of thought.

I do this by offering grounded insight that is brutally logical. The collection of ten essays “Martin Geddes — On Q” documents my own developing understanding during the period 2018-2020. This is the work that professional journalists, historians, and lawyers failed to perform on behalf of the public — to their eternal shame. My work is an existence proof that it was perfectly possible to objectively examine the Q source data (ignoring the propaganda narrative to divert people away from it) and make sane conclusions from it.

It may be premature to boast of the significance of my own work, but it potentially ends the claim to legitimacy of a significant chunk of academia. Why should the public fund media studies departments who do not study all media, and only produce opinions which fit a narrow orthodoxy? Which professors of political science followed the scientific method and fearlessly followed the data to its conclusion? How many historians were able to discern history in the making right in front of their eyes?

I didn’t set out to do anything special. I just looked at the data and refused to shut up. If that made me unacceptable in polite society, I don’t give a ****. My life is plenty unconventional enough — I am for maximum mischief in everything I do — and mainstream respectability was always aspirational. Yet by forgoing participation in the world of academic salaries, savings, and pensions I have paradoxically ended up with more security than ever: patriots will house and feed me to the end of days for my noble efforts.

To further the cause of mischief-making I am republishing this “On Q” essay collection as public domain content. I am not offering this as a limited Creative Commons license under copyright law; instead I am forgoing all ownership claims to this work. “Public domain” means that it is not copyrighted. That means you can publish it as a book yourself and do not need to involve me. (This might be a good money-making side project for your kids!) At some point I will do a “special edition” book of my own with bonus content.

This approach makes my work maximally censorship resistant, and ensures enduring mischief flows from it. It doesn’t matter how much effort the enemy expends in trying to suppress the truth about the Q drops and their historical significance; you will fail ever more spectacularly as every suppression effort backfires. This is my intellectual gift to humanity, and I ask for absolutely nothing in return. The huge “f*** y**!” to those who censor righteous inquiry is quite sufficient.

I would like to thank Shelley Allen of Ruthless Red Pen for her help in copy editing this second edition. I have converted this version into American English, since that comprises the bulk of the audience, and I am only interested in a mischievous outcome, not cultural authenticity to my British heritage. I hope you get the mischief-making urge, and spread these naughty essays as far and wide as you can.

Now nothing can stop what is coming (off the press).

Nothing, I do profess.


If that Wix website link fails (I just don’t want to hammer my own website) then get your copy here: PDFWord.

Professor of Mischief