A scientifically sound resource model for software-defined networking (SDN)

The matching of network supply and demand under software control requires defining and quantifying the resource. So what is a good resource model?

A scientifically sound resource model for software-defined networking (SDN)

Presuming I live long enough and survive this chest infection, then I will be giving a talk in the opening session of the last day of SDN NFV World Congress 2017 on Friday 13th this week at 10am in the The Hague, Netherlands.

It seems I have an illustrious speaker keynoting before me who has a proper job and even a Wikipedia page, so the heat is on to say something new and important. I intend to do exactly that.

I don’t get to expense my travel costs to anyone on this. I am attending this conference on my own dime to talk core science and mathematics for three reasons:

  • The right people come (top distributed computing folk). Much as we love and value transmission or radio network people, that’s not my game.
  • They are doing the right thing. Admittedly sometimes imperfectly, as all human endeavours are prone to do.
  • It is run by the right people. I like and respect the organisers, who have built up a remarkable business given the intense competition.

#3 is the most important to me. You would not believe the number of conference organisers who treat independent consultants and analysts as free labour for their marketing money machine, and are disrespectful of your time and effort. So all kudos to the folk at Layer123 for being different and better.

We look forward to being a sponsor next year once we have something ready to sell! In the meantime, I am delighted to talk about packets rather than products.

As you can tell, I have laboured for, err, minutes over my slide deck. However, I do plan to say something of value. I will at some point write up my speaker notes and may even send them out to the world. Or maybe not. Perhaps you just have to be there.


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