Questions worth pondering

To be awake is to abandon certainty for uncertainty

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How “white” are the “white hats”?

There are people sacrificing everything in order to end human trafficking and take down those who commit this heinous crime. But given how the intelligence agencies have been bad systems with mostly good people, individual acts of honour and bravery can distract from the overall (less good) picture. Is the war really Black Hat Globalists vs White Hat Patriots, or it is more nuanced, with a “grey hat” alliance comprising anti-Satanist faction of the Cabal?

To what extent is this a war against the Deep State vs an internal ruling class power struggle?

Continuing this theme, are we seeing the “positive military” expend energy to take down the embedded crime networks, or have those crime networks been “divided and conquered” and set against each other? When “we have it all” comes into play, who is “we” and whose “all” is had? What are the real loci of power, and are they on-world or off-world? If there is covert power in benevolent hands, how is that different from a “deep state”?

Are mafias inevitable, and we just have to get rid of the genocidal supermafia?

Prostitution, narcotics, extortion, gambling, contraband — there’s a standard list of “difficult” stuff that is dealt with at the fringes of society. Most gangsters just want money, not absolute control over everything. They definitely are not engaged in a holy war against everything righteous; they know they are gangsters in it for an easy life and the excitement of danger. There are limits to the crimes they will commit. Do we have to make peace with this as a reality of life, or not?

How many of the “resistance” are criminals (just not into kiddie fiddling)?

In history there is a pattern of resistance movements attracting both the most noble and ignoble. After all, if you don’t fit into society, it could be because you’re too good, or too bad. If there is a supermafia threatening to take down all the other non-allied gangsters, how many of our “friends” fighting the Deep State are little more than everyday criminals looking to enrich themselves (and stay alive)? Or is this a mega clean out of all organised crime?

Who really put the Q drops out there and what’s their end goal?

To this day we don’t know who is really behind the Q drops, although we have hints. (Isn’t Virginia a nice place…) But given the complex fracturing of the military via infiltration, and the obscurity of its real command structure (given multiple coups over a century and more), we don’t ultimately know who is driving this project. Isn’t it curious that even anons show little drive to find out… or maybe we shy away from this classified subject for a reason?

Given how the public is disinformed and misinformed, what is the role of representative government?

The public has been brainwashed for decades with TV and movies, and longer via the “diseducation system” and “malorganised religion”. Given that many are completely deluded about their society, and most of us are still figuring it out, to what extent can we meaningfully engage in representative government? Is the answer different at a local, regional, national, and international level? Is the real problem with election and voter fraud, or the mindset and understanding of the electorate?

How do you tame the inevitable authoritarianism needed to keep people alive in the transition from dark to light?

If we accept for the sake of argument that humanity is in a rebirth process, then we are very vulnerable, and need some level of “parental” care and supervision during the transition back to independence and sovereignty. We will not always be in a position to make the best choices on our own behalf, for instance dealing with poisoned food and medicine. This implies some (benevolent) authoritarianism. But to whom are those authoritarians accountable, and how is this power made to diffuse rather than concentrate again?

Are we destined to have “managed free speech”, where some difficult things (that might return us to chaos, or arm dangers) are circumscribed?

A manual on how to make your own bioweapons lab at home is dangerous knowledge and risky speech. We have been led to see all science and technology as progress, without any regard to the ethical consequences. Telling the public some difficult truths could spark panic, or psychological meltdown. Classified information needs to be controlled for the sake of humanity, still. Do we have to accept true free speech is an unreachable or even undesirable aspiration, or should we aim for absolutism (and accept the consequences)?

How meaningful is any analysis if you lack the full (inter-)planetary history as context?

There is ample evidence that our history is a lot more interesting than what we were taught in school, and the Bible is telling us not very hidden truths (even if the context is hard to make sense of — like with giants, deluges, cataclysms, underground civilisations, and ancestor species). Even places like Tartaria have been wiped off the map in recent times. Given this evidence of “engineered ignorance” of our real history, how much public punditry and analysis is of any real value?

What are the levels of understanding in this awakening game?

In the telecoms world I went through a journey of discovery from outsider to guru, coming across many levels of unconscious incompetence that slowly turned into conscious competence. I could point to a dozen sources of important general data right now that I feel I ought to have read or watched, but haven’t. As the esoteric becomes exoteric, how can you locate yourself in a journey of discovering and learning? What are those stages of awareness and awakening?

How can you know what the real scope of the “big picture” is?

Looking towards the end state, is there an outer limit to the “universe of discourse” we can inhabit? Is that a property of the cosmos, or a constraint innate to being human? What might the “ultimate knowing” look like, if such a thing is meaningful? Have we even got the right axis of development, by seeing this life as being about gaining knowledge, rather than spiritual wisdom? What are the “compass points” that we should navigate by in growing our sense of the world and life?