Plausible deniability for wickedness and goodness

A foundation of spiritual and information warfare is the double meaning

Peace Officer

A police officer or a protester? A causal look gives you one answer, a closer look a different one. Double meanings are a thing, and this image offers you one example. There is no intent to deceive here; it is closer to being a joke. After all, the funniest explanation tends to be the best one in a world riven by lies, since evil lacks empathy and struggles to offer humour based on anything other than cruelty.

Plausible deniability is merely a mechanism for double meanings, and does not automatically carry any positive or negative weight — just like how a gun can be used to murder a woman, or to protect a child from a wild animal. It is a form of semantic obfuscation where there are many interpretations, and the true one is not necessarily the most obvious, or at the least the most obvious explanation cannot be proven as true. The potential for misdirection, covert communication, and trickery is obvious and inherent.

The specific means by which plausible deniability can be constructed would fill a whole book, and my purpose is only to draw attention to the method, not to laboriously document it for academic purposes. Some means are very mundane, like telling a real life story via fictional characters, but the tale is modified just enough so that you can claim it is not actually them. Other means are more esoteric, like numerology that might encode hidden meanings in public documents. An appropriations bill whose ‘ask’ amount signals its real purpose. A few are quirky, like Donald Trump wearing a red tie to signal “deal done”.

We live in a society whose root problem is double standards, notably one group of people who are above the law and unaccountable, while the rest are repressed via being held to account via endless bureaucratic rules. Being literate is not just about having the ability to do phonics, assemble syllables into words, and master the surface level of grammar. It is also to be able to understand the overloading of meaning that occurs, the multiple levels of interpretation, and how this related to “insider” power. This is something we can innately relate to, for example as risqué comedy encoded into children’s shows — the adults get a whole different level of meaning.

Plausible deniability is a tool of clandestine control, as it complements the Hegelian dialectic (problem, reaction, solution) that is used to steer society — and not in good ways. That the triggering problem is engineered, and not emergent, is invisible to most of those who only take the first and easiest to obtain meaning. So we might see the “Climate Change” narrative sustained, for instance, via weather weapons. Indeed, it has been noted that “natural” events triggered via esoteric weapons are the perfect cover story for waging silent wars. A powerful “in group” sees through the plausible deniability and knows the true agents acting upon us all.

The Vietnam War was started via the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which is now known to be a false flag attack — a form of plausible deniability for starting conflicts. The attribution of an outrage to the wrong party enables the true criminal to act with impunity, using uncertainty over who is really responsible as a cover. The September 2001 attacks were on the surface “Arabs”, “knives”, and “planes” — not missiles, esoteric energy weapons, and CGI. You don’t need to have an absolutely watertight case that the patsy was responsible; plausible deniability means you “muddy the waters” just enough so most people accept without question what they are told.

At its most extreme, plausible deniability is used for genocide. In the case of Covid-19 we have the wickedness of using healthcare as a means to deliver death and injury. People were persuaded that masks were for safety, not as brainwashing devices to spread fear. Our separation from loved ones into lonely “lockdown home prisons” was done to “stop the spread” of a virus — whose existence has never yet been absolutely proven. Injections of unknown substances were offered as “vaccines”, using preventative medicine as a cover for poisoning people. Never before has failure to understand plausible deniability had such awful consequences.

It is easy to dwell on the misuse of plausible deniability for criminal ends, but that is only half the story. The Q drops are a masterclass in multiple meanings and hidden messages, and have sensitised many of us to the ubiquitous use of these techniques by those in authority, especially the intelligence services. The Q drops use lots of coincidences (that are individually deniable) as proof of coordination, since they collectively form a mathematically irrefutable level of evidence. On the surface the “messy” Q drops are “fake”, but the reality (if you choose to perceive it) is they are “official”; conversely, the New York Time is propaganda, but looks trustworthy due to its “professional” gloss.

It is possible that we are seeing massive and benevolent changes to our financial and energy systems using sophisticated cover stories. For instance, I have a hunch that stolen assets are being redistributed to the “awake” general public using low-priced crypto coins on Lobstr. I cannot prove it, as everything is done via a nod and a wink. Blackouts blamed on high energy prices or lack of capacity may really be due to rewiring our grids for forthcoming Tesla or space based power distribution that obsoletes transmission lines.

Patriots are being constantly prodded and prepped via plausible deniability, and are given a heads-up of looming big events days or months in advance. This is done via allusions to upcoming news encoded as images, symbols, or noteworthy data points. Over time our confidence builds that many anonymous sources have insider information as well as our best interests at heart. As such, plausible deniability can be used for good (by forearming and calming the public) as well as crime. Just because something is a puzzle doesn’t mean it automatically is being used to trick people.

The “death” of Queen Elizabeth II is a staged show whose presentation may have little to do with the level of breath in her body in recent times. There are many strange “coincidences”, like it being 1776 days from the first Q drop, and hence the liberation of America from British interests (yet again). If you are paying attention you will know that this event, and the events of the next few months, are an orchestrated demolition of the old order to a precise plan. There is nothing to worry about, no matter how chaotic it seems. Likewise “The Bidan Show” is construct that provides the right optics, but a modicum of effort lets you see through the plausible deniability — and that is deliberate, so those aware of the deprogramming don’t freak out.

Most of us are not of a Machiavellian nature, so we do not seek to deploy plausible deniability in our daily lives. It is the go-to technique of narcissists, gaslighters, and sociopaths, who wish to offer a flattering presentation to hide an ugly reality. In the picture above the fake police officer is really a peace protester, whereas the real police are silently waging war on you (even the honest ones) via a corrupt and hijacked legal system. Nothing is quite what it seems, and realising this requires learning a new skill. All the world may be a stage, but the play is a game of plausible deniability.