NEW! MAGICAL! Telco service quality glasses and gloves!

All your network performance and user experience quality problems can be resolved if you buy a set of my NEW glasses and MAGICAL gloves!

Have you ever wondered why telcos struggle to relate the network service quality (SQ) to the application user experience (UX) that it delivers? The secret is in the tools you have to give you visibility and control over this relationship.

I have recorded an impromptu three minute video to explain the problem in terms of fancy dress. Today’s tools give you very poor visibility and control over the SQ and UX, leaving you blind and fumbling.

If you upgrade to my NEW bi-focal high-resolution network measurement glasses, then you will gain PERFECT visibility of the SQ and UX in alignment. And with my MAGICAL network mechanism gloves, you will have TOTAL control over who gets what experience.

The video may look like I have been possessed by the digital Devil, but these are just artefacts of the encoding due to over-saturated side lighting.

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