New Audiobook — Open Your Mind to Change

If a work has been censored by Amazon it must be good!

Open Your Mind To Change Book by Martin Geddes

My mischievous book “Open Your Mind to Change” was published on Christmas Eve last year on Amazon, and was censored by the end of April, which tells you it was having the intended effect. The foreword is by Robert David Steele, and I have been holding back on commenting on his passing. I trust he is in the best possible place, and will say more when the time is right.

Back in March I was in the process of getting an audiobook version together for launch, but that project was delayed by the endless deplatformings, family madness from the “vax wars”, and an unplanned relocation across the country. My excellent narrator, Anik Todd, has been waiting for half a year for his effort to be recognised and rewarded!

The good news is that I have finally gotten my act together, and can announce the availability of the audiobook for sale. I have used an aggregator to sell it via 30 distributors. They each come online at their own dawdlingly slow pace. The retailers where the work is currently on offer include:

Google Play

Walmart Kobo



Sadly I am “pre-banned” by Audible since they insist on you having an Amazon version of the book in publication, so I will add them to my long list of information warfare “merit badges”. I will announce the remaining distributors over the next few weeks.

Here is what Anik says in the blurb:

Anik Todd was born into an international family and raised in southern England and northern Germany. Juggling music, visual arts, and videomaking, he has spent his life between stages and exhibition spaces around Europe, most recently with his wife in the band Cryptochrome. With a lifelong interest in the hidden aspects of history and social mechanisms, he now turns his attention to bridging science and spirituality as a HeartMath teacher.

His interest in providing the narration for the audio book edition of Open Your Mind to Change: A Guidebook to the Great Awakening arose from a deep admiration for Martin Geddes’s writings. This rendition was recorded in Anik’s purpose-built studio in his traditional wooden Reykjavík home, in the middle of an earthquake swarm. See if you can feel it in the audio!

The audiobook retail price is $14.99, because skilled creators like Anik should be paid properly for their effort (as should I).

Anik has also been a victim of censorship, albeit indirect, and this is welcome income he needed — which was delayed through neither his nor my fault. If you want to tip him a few extra bucks, I have created a Donorbox bucket and will pass it on to him. He isn’t expecting it, so I am enjoying giving him an unplanned windfall!

You can still download the book for free here as a Word, PDF, or ePub. (My general policy is always to give my insight at no cost, and only charge for premium packaging, meeting a deadline, or personalisation in any way. I am mostly supported through the benevolence of others, since repeated censorship makes direct earnings from any content unreliable and unpredictable.)

I will republish the paperback as soon as I can sit at my laptop for long enough without having to worry about housing, transport, food — or my kids being genocided by those they mistakenly trusted.