Mega consequences of a stolen election

The “Beast System” suffers cascading collapse when its keystone falls

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On Saturday I went to York to document a march by the English Constitution Party. It deserves a write-up of its own, but the bottom line is that constitutional law (enacted as Common Law) is the antidote to slavery. Either we have equality under the law, or we don’t. Right now, we don’t — with a ruling class that is above the law, and unaccountable for its actions. It doesn’t matter if you have a (failed) republic or a (failed) monarchy; the (tyranny) outcome is the same.

Nearly every institution is compromised in the UK and US: courts, politicians, academia, military, police, churches, media… and on and on. On the surface they appear legitimate, but the underlying reality is that they sustain a two-tier society. Those in the “above the law” category — the “Cabal” or “Deep State” — get different treatment when they encounter these entities. The process of manufacturing consent to this situation has many facets, but one is figural: the facade of representative government and rule of law is maintained by rigged elections.

English Constitution Party

This process of “selection defeating election” has many supporting aspects. These include the promotion of only blackmailed and controlled candidates that represent the interests of the covert rulers; voter enrolment and election operational fraud; the framing of the endeavour as being about choosing what kind of person will deny your innate rights and bind you up in legislative law; the corporate media as enabler and to character assassinate any dissent; and the underlying stripping of your identity and dignity via the “straw man” legal fiction.

I am not going to make the case that Trump won the 2020 election, or that it was a sting operation to draw out all the Marxists in America and their foreign supporters. This is obvious to anyone who cares to look at the data. A fool is not someone who lacks intellectual capacity; that’s an idiot. No, a fool is someone without the moral fortitude to seek contradictory data, follow logic to its conclusions, and stand with the truth — even if alone. I watch former tech industry colleagues sailing on their flotilla of foolishness, and know it is only a matter of time until they face a humiliating exposure of their laxity.

Bill of Rights 1688

What matters is not that the 2020 election’s correct winner is explicitly installed back into power as a one-off event. What is important is the removal of the meta-system of fraud that has installed puppet governments everywhere, and enabled the silent enslavement of the population to bankers via (national and personal) debt. So let’s take a few moments to reflect upon the consequences of this one election being exposed as rigged. This isn’t just a Pandora’s Box being opened; it’s a complete Pandora’s Self Storage warehouse chain having its doors flung open.

The obvious immediate target is the end of not only the Democrat party in America, but the current duopoly system of political parties answerable to monied interests that led to this debacle. We cannot permit any more career politicians who are compromised once, and then controlled for life. Term limits will necessitate a constant influx of new blood whose allegiance is to the people, since they will have to live in the society they create — and not float above it in a privileged class of “semi-retired rulers” collecting legalised bribes as board members and paid advisors.

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I still watch with amazement how intelligent people refuse to confront that they have been played. All hard data that contradicts the Orange Man Bad™ and Russian Man Worse™ narrative themes is automatically dismissed. There is not the slightest concern among my “liberal” (i.e. technofascist) former associates for the doubts of their fellow countrymen about the soundness of the electoral system. The credibility of our intellectual class is about to be shredded, thank goodness. Their assumed superiority (and right to dictate reality and morality to the rest of us) won’t last long.

The proximal impact is on the mass media and the public’s trust in their legitimacy as editors and journalists go to prison for sedition. Our society has been “hived” into mass psychosis for a very long time with an evil “designer new normal”. Giving over the bulk of your income to war criminals and then competing to get a fraction of it back as favours has become standard procedure. This is symptomatic of the depth of insanity that we have come to accept because the mass media represents the interests of these robbers. The brainwashing machine will be exposed and dismantled as a consequence of exposure of their role in this rigged election.

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Everything done by the fake “FJB” regime will be null and avoid. The rubber masks will come off and the “Making of ‘The Bidan Show’” documentary will ensure we don’t get a repeat performance for many generations to come. Those who fell for the stings and took the tainted money will regret their action. The temporary pain we have to endure during the final transition to a constitutional system with sound money can all be blamed on the communists who were temporarily put on stage with the illusion of power.

Once you expose one rigged election, it not only annuls one government, it also calls into question the legitimacy of previous ones. All treasonous power is voided and all fraudulent law is vitiated. That means every US law passed since, perhaps, 1871 is undone. All those “pork” appropriations were unlawful, too. But also the very money they were denoted in is also void. This also spells the end of the fiat Federal Reserve Dollar and the debt denominated in it, since it has no basis in law. Thus a complete financial system collapse and reset is necessitated.

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That implies the outcome is a global one, not just national. Every country that had a fake government installed via rigged elections faces a complete political and legal reset. The power of Rome, the City of London, and Washington DC to rule the world in covert alliance will be cancelled. Once people know that their taxes were being siphoned off to fund these entities the fury will be uncontainable, and their role in human affairs will become minimal. There are also enormous consequences for the other major bases of globalist power in places like Switzerland, Israel, and Ukraine. Globalist institutions like the UN and NGOs may not last long once their crimes are exposed.

Not least in terms of fallout is the reveal of what has really gone down with Covid-19 (as a means to force mail-in voting) and the bioweapon injections. The official data already shows alarming anomalies in death rates; there is a surge of serious illness and auto-immune disease; infertility, miscarriage, and birth defects are rampant. Expect to hear more about a nanotech operating system and a graphene self-assembling teslaforesis “Internet of Bodies” nightmare. Transhumanism brings difficult questions about what rights “GMO people” have left. Can those with mind control tech inside still vote?

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Face masks are medical devices that require informed consent. Injecting people with poison under coercion is a war crime. Fraud means you cannot claim legal protection from being sued for negligence. It is arguable that every single major corporation that went along with the plandemic is now bankrupt due to damages owned to employees and customers. There is no liability limit, so the entire corporate world faces possible ruin on the back of this “greatest crime in history” associated with the 2020 election.

It sounds like hyperbole, but just think through the unprecedented enormity of what we have experienced already, and the blowback once rule of law is re-established. Every compromised institution that was meant to ensure our safety and enforce our rights is in jeopardy once this election is exposed, the mass media taken down, and the nanotech genocide widely understood. Everyone complicit in the “death cult” legal and taxation system — based on substitution of a dead legal fiction for your breathing self — faces removal of their authority and confiscation of the assets they stole.

Freedom parade in UK

Their totalitarian system of power depends on their being no visible alternative and no accepted challenge to its authority. Yet the failure of a single election is proof of the corruption of the political parties, courts, intelligence agencies, law enforcement, academia, media, tax authorities, and more — and breaks the mass psychosis. The scope of the impact cannot be overstated: once you have an “official” example of how they all collaborated in criminality, everything crooked unravels, for all the time it has been corrupted. It doesn’t matter whether it is an engineered conspiracy, or just aligned incentives with an emergent outcome: the credibility and legitimacy of our system of civil law and government is gone. The only way forward is collapse and reconstruction, since reform is impossible.

This “Beast System” is a socio-technical architecture of control over society that maintains a predator vs prey relationship between rulers and ruled. The mass awakening that comes with exposure of the 2020 election fraud in America pulls out the keystone of this system, which is the appearance of legitimacy to the governing class worldwide. The consequence isn’t just political and American, it ripples across all sectors globally. “This is not just another four year election” carries far more weight than most people have yet grasped: a reset of our human civilisation is coming on the back of this 2020 Presidential election sting operation.

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We have a chastening period of death and disability to get through, as well as economic collapse and cultural implosion. There is a necessary purgative period to cleanse ourselves of our spiritual and cultural toxins. However painful, it is a price worth paying to restore equality under the rule of law. It also acts as prophylaxis against recurrence of this kind of infiltration and subversion.

Stolen elections are just a cover for hijacked legal systems, which are then used to rob and enslave us. This is not about picking a better politician, but it is the end of politics and the power of the legislative class has over us plebs. We must demand our innate rights back from the frauds and thieves, so politics is made irrelevant. By tightly limiting the power of the elected (via constitutional rights) we also minimise the negative consequences of fraud.

Elections have consequences. Stolen elections have big consequences. Exposed stolen elections have absolutely enormous consequences. The English constitution and its Common Law are a template for all to regain their birthright freedom, and overthrow these tyrants installed via rigged elections.