Lied suddenly: the Deep State death spiral

Twitter, Balenciaga, FTX… the closing (down) act has begun

BBC News homepage

Can you see the most important story in the whole world right now in the screenshot above from the BBC News website? Look closely! You will need a keen eye.

Sorry, it is a trick question. The story is not there. Children getting ill from sore throats isn’t the biggest issue facing humanity this weekend.

How about on the tech news page?

BBC News Tech News page

Nope. Not there, either!

What about the page on the US and Canada?

BBC News US & Canada Page

Also absent. Hmm…

Most of us recognise that the BBC isn’t involved in journalism. It simply offers cover for criminals as a propaganda and social engineering enterprise. If the BBC blacks out a major story, you know it must be really threatening to the power base that the establishment represents. The same applies to CNN, the Washington Post, MSNBC, and the whole of the rest of the controlled corporate media, with few exceptions. (The Daily Telegraph in the UK seems to have had a mutiny and started reporting truth, and the Daily Mail isn’t doing so badly either. Maybe the writing is on the wall… reform now or die.)

The biggest story in the world right now is the delegitimisation of the (fraudulent, illegitimate, staged, fake, and bankrupt) Biden regime. Last night Elon Musk (who may be a stage character or a real person) introduced journalist Matt Taibbi (a really real person AFAICT) to offer us The Twitter Files. Musk gave Taibbi the authority to share a “tier zero” megascandal, much bigger than Watergate. This isn’t “conspiracy theory” any longer when it comes from an official and credible source. Our fundamental freedoms are under threat, and it demonstrates corruption at the highest levels.

The US government (in collusion with members of both established parties) has been caught acting like communist China to erase your First Amendment free speech rights. This is part of an attempt to overthrow the Constitution and install a puppet government only answerable to foreign Globalist interests.

Specifically, Twitter has been covering up the Hunter Biden laptop story (for no legitimate reason). This was done at the behest of agents in the Democratic National Committee as well as government officials at the FBI. This is election interference and is illegal; when done on behalf of foreign entities it is treason and punishable by death. Tied to the proven lies around “Russian collusion” and the “dirty dossier” it is enough to justify the erasure of the FBI as an institution and the complete restructuring of the Department of Justice. This is a coup conducted via treacherous internal forces, which is the most dangerous kind. The consequences are extremely severe, both geopolitical and economic.

The undoing of the 2020 election (which was a giant sting op as part of a continuity of government plan) will result in tens to hundreds of thousands of indictments. What is important to understand is how everything is connected into one giant web of dark power. Criminals have business plans, form alliances, and see no boundaries to their activities. Mafias are not limited to narcotics, prostitution, smuggling, extortion, and murder for hire. They can also control media empires, pharmaceutical companies, banking networks, telecoms companies, technology brands, and much more. In particular they can covertly own our legal system and politicians, making the trafficking of all humans as debt slaves seem lawful.

The blackout of this story by the mass media makes them further criminally complicit, and gives sufficient reason for their removal by military force. Over the coming week we can expect more revelations of Big Tech and Legacy Media working together to keep the public uninformed of organised crime by those in power. (I have personally been on large demonstrations in London that were not properly reported upon, so I know this suppression is real thing.) The US Supreme Court is due to meet on Friday, and may well “drop the bomb” and remove from office everyone involved in the certification of the 2020 election (and more). That would certainly justify the “storm is upon us” tweet!

Once you see the media is lying to you (by omission) about one story, you naturally become curious about what else they are hiding. The Balenciaga scandal is written up very well by Liz Crokin here, including links to the Clinton Foundation and Jeffrey Epstein. The fashion industry is a slum of repulsiveness, and this is now being brought into the light. Children being put into sexualised adverts with BDSM gear isn’t “edgy”, it is sick. The accompanying Satanic symbolism and displays of “artistic” barbarity raise the most awful questions of what is really going on. Right now the media is trying to put a PR spin on the indefensible, and failing.

The critical part in Liz’s article is how the media distracts people with labels like “Pizzagate” and the largely irrelevant detail of one store’s basement, rather than the big picture of human trafficking and widespread paedophilia. FTX is also going largely unexamined in the legacy media — it being a vast money laundering engine to recycle cash from taxpayers via “foreign aid” into the pockets of corrupt politicians. All the key themes of “QAnon” (whatever that is) are being validated — which means that those who are still awakening to this nightmare are being given cause to review everything that was previously dismissed as a “baseless conspiracy theory”.

Now that Twitter is in the hands (we hope) of honourable people, in order to maintain total information control the enemy would have to shut down the whole Internet and/or launch some epic distraction like WW3. If these legacy media sites continue to ignore obvious major stories, or try to spin them, their credibility will vanish even faster. Formal questions will begin to be asked by the few remaining people in power with courage, and the public will start to vent their anger. We already see where this is heading with events in Brazil. The masses have awoken, and are tired of being lied to constantly and gaslit. This mind control game is over.

The natural next questions are…

  • What other stories were suppressed by Twitter?
  • Who else has access to information suppression capabilties?
  • Which other platforms were involved in suppression?
  • What was the degree of coordination involved?
  • Who was pulling the strings?
  • What was the (national and political) allegiance and background of those involved?
  • Who is really funding Big Tech and these actors?
  • What other crimes were being committed by the same players? (Hint: Covid)
  • Will failure to investigate or report by the MSM result in prompt arrest as a co-conspirator?

The “liberal” tech world still hasn’t figured out that they themselves are the crux of the problem. These ginormous crimes are only possible because the self-righteous and self-important refuse to examine the wrongdoings of their false idols. This protect their self-image as superior, clever, and correct — at the cost of the future freedom of everyone. Time is fast running out for you to locate your conscience and turn away. If you do not, the horrors of crimes against children will be pinned upon you, too. Those who stand idly by or applaud are equally complicit. You have been warned (over and over)! Pride and arrogance lead to awful downfalls. Last warning.

The death spiral of the Deep State is about to take down a lot of institutions and reputations. The number of people facing jail over the next few years will be in the millions in the US alone. There is no precedent for a corruption purge of this scale and ferocity. Yet nobody “lied suddenly”; it has been ongoing for decades. The “conspiracy realists” were on the right side of history all along. The facts might have been obscure in the past, but are now fully established. The data is there for all to see, you just have to choose to look and believe your own eyes.

The floodgates have been opened.

This process cannot be stopped.

The time for justice has begun.