Jasenka Rapajic interview: airlines vs telcos — networked industry strategic parallels

Jasenka Rapajic has interviewed me on how to apply the lessons from network performance in telecoms to airline networks, and the industry parallels.

Asenka Rapajic interview

Two networked industries reaching for the clouds in their own different ways. (Although ‘iconic 1960s skyscraper’ is an unusual cloud strategy, even for a telco.)

Back in August I was interviewed by Jasenka Rapajic, who is a world authority in airline disruption management. The conversation prompted a lot of ideas for me, which I wrote up at the time.

She has now published the full and edited version of our interview. It covers in depth the parallels and differences between these businesses, and how new ideas (borrowed from the leading edge of network performance science) can be used to infuse fresh thinking into the airline industry.

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