It is known as The Great Awakening

“Not a poem” as a bit of fun with a retrospective of images from a London protest

Cashless means digitally tracked and traced

They knew.


We didn’t know.

How many boosters can your body take

They knew we didn’t know.

You will own nothing. Resist W.E.F. digital control

We didn’t know we didn’t know.

Digital ID is your passport to slavery

Then we saw things we knew were new to know.

Flu World Order flag

Now we know we didn’t know what we thought we knew.

COVID jabs causing Myocarditis leading to heart attacks

They know we know they knew we didn’t know, and do know now.

Masks are the future we want for our kids

We know they didn’t know that we would know that they knew when we didn’t.

Obedience is not a virtue

Knowing what we now know scares them.

11 year olds dying of heart attacks stop the vax

We know they are scared of our knowing.

Our kids are not lab rats

They know we know they are scared.

Digital currency digital I.D. digital prison

That’s even scarier, you know.

Journalists and politicians in exile and censored

And you know what’s good to know?

Corrupt UK politicians

The best is yet to come, and we all know it.

Are you a victim of mass formation psychosis

Even them. I know.

You fucked the wrong generation