Introducing the Virtual Quality Network

Virtual Quality Networks (VQNs) are a new category of network infrastructure. Just like how VPNs isolate sensitive traffic based on security needs, VQNs isolate important traffic based on quality needs. In this tech talk we explore what a VQN is, how they work, and how they can help you.

I am joined in the recording studio by the CEO of LiveQoS, Martin Horne. Rather interestingly, he has a professional background in physical supply chains, and is pioneering the application of that knowledge to digital supply chains.

LiveQoS’s solutions help companies like Hewlett Packard to differentiate commodity hardware through bundled value-added software and services that improve the online experience. Their LiveONE VQN service uses SD-QoE technology to bypass the Internet’s congested core, and I consult to them on performance engineering and VQN commercial strategy.

My own start-up, Just Right Networks, delivers complementary VQN-based performance isolation in access networks. My belief is that VQNs offer a viable and valuable migration path from today’s Internet (with unpredictable performance) to a new cloud application access model (with engineered performance).

Alternativley you can watch the video Introducing the Virtual Quality Network featuring Martin Geddes from LiveQoS here on Vimeo.

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If you wish to reach out to Martin Horne, you can contact him at To reach me, just hit ‘contact’

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