Interview with Patrick Gunnels

The worship of life itself, contracts vs covenants, Babylon bucks, and pointless letters

Interview with Patrick Gunnels

I have just done a fun interview with Patrick Gunnels covering a wide range of topics, and also touching on how I got to where I am at. First part is my personal journey, then we get into a broader set of subjects.

Some of the comments so far…

  • “Patrick, absolutely brilliant interaction with Martin Geddes.”
  • “A classic Patrick and just might become an important part of history for future young thinkers.”
  • “Wonderful and fascinating conversation”
  • “That was a wonderful interview.”
  • “Patrick, that was so far past awesome. Kudos. You have to have Mr. Geddes back soon. I really believe this interview was just the intro into an enduring, fascinating conversation.”
  • “Bravo. Wonderful insightful interview on Patrick Gunnels show/channel.”

Also, did you know that if you are a photographer and get in front of studio lights that you are legally required to take a selfie? It’s true!

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