High-fidelity network measurement – demand survey

Are you looking to upgrade your network performance monitoring and customer experience management to high-fidelity measurements? If so, let me know.

See latency in a whole new light:
High-fidelity network measurement

Latency is the critical performance factor for distributed computing today, but it is measured using crude low-fidelity measures and metrics. ∆Q provides a new metric of latency that is hugely more powerful and insightful than “average round trip time” using unreliable “pings”.

High-fidelity measures using ∆Q metrics allow us to see the network through the user’s eyes. ∆Q metrics also allow us to reason about performance with robust engineering and rigorous science.

We have a working demonstration system available for public use. I am undertaking on the necessary technical and commercial steps to enlarge the pool of people who have access to this valuable capability.

My goal is to make it available to a wide community of network researchers and industry practitioners. To justify the necessary investment of time and money I wish to establish the nature of demand and what value people attach to it.

Complete the survey to register your interest in getting access to the demonstration measurement system. Survey respondents will be given priority access as and when the system is made available.


Complete the high-fidelity measurement demand survey


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