Greatest Hits 2012-2017

I have collated all my key content from the last five years into a single resource page.

I started blogging back in 2003, so I have been producing content in public for a continual decade and a half. Here is a summary of where you can find my content from the last five years. The public web page with this same information is here.

Annual article summaries

Each year I have produced a summary of all the work I have done. You can read the best of 20122013201420152016.

Reading lists and article guides

I have published three compendia of dozens of my articles and presentations on key topics:

  • The new science and maths of quality attenuation.
  • The first (and only!) technically accurate description of the net neutralityregulation issue.
  • The Think Tank is a collation of my general telecoms articles (although could do with a refresh).

Major reports

Two reports that I was paid to write as consulting gigs are up in public:

White papers


Some of my key presentations include:

Conference presentation videos

Webinars and other video

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