Gordon Cook interviews Martin Geddes on the future of the Internet

Gordon Cook has published Cook Report on Internet since 1992, and runs the (in)famous Architecture and Economics of IP Networks private mailing list.

The Cook Report

Gordon Cook publishes an insightful boutique journal, Cook Report on Internet. For a long time I have had the privilege of participating in his associated arch-econ mailing list. Its members form a “who’s who” of telecoms and networking cognoscenti (and there are many more not on that public list).

I was interviewed today by Gordon via Skype on the future of the Internet. We covered a wide range of topics:

  • The development of the ∆Q calculus so distributed computing can have reliable performance engineering built on solid mathematical foundations.
  • The need to reformulate computer science in a humanistic paradigm, with ethos and pathos rebalancing the over-dominant logos.
  • The role of the Guardian Avatar as the new browser for the AR/VR metaverse.
  • How Just Right Networks is deploying the first commercially available broadband cloud application access product.
  • The personal price to pay for going not just “off-piste” but entirely “off-mountain” to make radical progress and innovation possible.
  • The humbling experience of working with someone vulnerable at the fringes of society, and discovering what really matters in life and technology.

It’s rough and raw, unedited and unprocessed. Don’t expect a polished podcast. There are barking dogs, and I’m in an open plan office. However, I’ve checked and it is listenable. Oh, and I swear quite a bit. There’s passion, too. 100% unfiltered me.

In the near future I will get this transcribed and edited into something readable. In the meantime, you are welcome to access the original source material up on Dropbox

Listen to Gordon Cook interview Martin Geddes


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