God save the memes!

A tribute to the heroism of the anons

When we think of powerful armies on the move, we naturally have historical images come to mind: muscular horses, roaring tanks, and muddied infantrymen. That bias towards the retrospective data set is perfectly understandable, but fails to capture the nature of military power in modern bio-information war. Kinetic warfare doesn’t scale in the same way as memetic warfare, which in many ways is now the dominant form of power projection.

Genetic genocide substitutes AI bots for bombs, and persuades people to destroy themselves and their children voluntarily — “to help save grandma”. As Orwell said in his classic work 1984, “Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.” What kind of benevolent force could oppose this wicked kind of power, reassembling reality and healing the wounds of deliberate psychological fracturing?

At the weekend I attended a visible freedom protest in the northern English town of Blackburn. The attendance was much smaller than events I have been to in places like London and Edinburgh, but the lesser quantity was compensated for with the high quality of those I met in person. Whereas physical demonstrations help to break the false norm and mass psychosis, a less visible online liberation movement — exhibiting both quantity and quality — has been changing the world.

Pretty much everyone by now has heard of “QAnon” due to the hysterical propaganda of the corporate press. This elision of Q and anons into a single (non-existent) concept hides the underlying reality of both Q and the anons as objective (and independent) phenomena deserving study. Whereas the Q part has had extensive analysis, the anons have not had much limelight as of yet.

“Anons” are a genuine global militia conducting information insurgency against a controlled and corrupt mass media — and their crooked allies in social media, publishing, and academia. As the name suggests, many (if not most) are anonymous, since there are often reprisals (socially, economically, and even physically) for calling dangerous criminals to account. What matters is the quality of your contribution, not who you are.

Some of us are “nyms” and out there as publicly named persons, but nobody is above any other. There is no hierarchy, no command structure, and no pay grade. Whilst anonymity can be a form of cowardice, shielding oneself from accountability, in this case that is the exception, not the norm. The voluntarist nature of the movement is innately opposed to coercion and violence. Anons are courageously fighting against an installed system of cruelty and wickedness, and all know that they are ultimately trackable and personally at risk should tyranny fully take over.

Our collective job is two-sided: to dissect the lies offered by the deceitful system of social engineering, and to construct a rough consensus on what is real and true. This is achieved without recourse to “authority”: data has to be sourced, but it is not trusted merely because of who spoke it. It’s a painstaking process, based on emergent behaviour rather than organisational engineering.

We are fighting a war of infiltration, and the distributed and diverse nature of anons mean we are maximally resistant to being subverted. Furthermore, anonymity means “anons” do not become new sources of (false) authority. Each person has taken up (virtual) arms, having perceived the secret and silent war. This is done in the face of an establishment that is constantly gaslighting you to believe there is no war, subjugation is normal, and resistance is ridiculous.

We are in the midst of an unrestricted conflict, where the battlefield encompasses schools, hospitals, churches — and the intimate space of the family. As such, the terrain in which anons fight is difficult but lacks the same visceral horror of trench warfare or nuclear attack. The battlefield is social, psychological, informational — and spiritual. The greatest enemy you face is yourself, and the risk of demoralisation and depression leading to self-destruction.

The gruesomeness of children being destroyed in your view via the willing help of those they trust rivals the worst of mustard gas or medieval torture, as it is completely clinical (if you excuse the pun). We lack the obvious validation of bombs or bloodied bodies to confirm we are collectively at war and lives are being lost — on a time delay fuse of a failed immune system. Our own friends and families accuse us behind our backs and condemn us without offering us a chance to confront those accusations or defend ourselves.

Anons have to sustain their lives “in the matrix” while also dismantling that same construct, and at the same time withstand lethal attack via needle rape and other bioweapons. We also are pioneering a parallel society which is the foundation of reconstruction, renewal, and renaissance. These are not “normal” demands placed upon those called to fight, who are typically relieved of their “ordinary” professional and personal duties. Many of us have barely seen loved ones, as if we were posted to the other end of the world (or even off world!).

There is no pay packet for digital soldiers; we must self-direct as there is no commanding officer; we have to locate our own peers who share the “no man left behind” ethos. We get no official praise for our work, have no formal organisational support for our hardships and injuries, and expect no personal reward or recognition. Anons are the purest form of warriors, even if they may superficially lack the obvious “butch” heft of physical fighters.

Many anons have been ostracised by friends and family when we have been outspoken, having been painted as a crazy and dangerous enemy — when you are their ultimate loving friend. We are frequently economically attacked by deplatforming, and many have also lost their jobs due to jab mandates. Digital soldiers are culturally and politically punished via censorship and deplatforming. The feeling of isolation and loss of loved ones is agony.

The poets of World War 1 captured the barbarity of mustard gas and bodies blown apart, but to the best of my knowledge not a single one described having children on the battlefield. Anons are watching innocent loved ones suicide themselves with gene therapies promoted as “vaccines” — yet fight on daily in the context of this gory scene. We are gaslit constantly — being told there is no war — and smeared in the press both personally and collectively.

Having been subjected to the greatest and wickedest psyop of all time — Covid-19 — we are still here, and still fighting and winning. The “land and expand” has worked: starting from the “chans” to take over social media, and thus to dominate the narrative cycle. “We are the news now” is no idle boast — this is one of the most decisive and important military “wins” in human history.

Yet most of the public do not realise they are at war, and their own families have hidden warriors of the highest achievement. Like a corrosive gas we have destroyed the edifice of lies and mind control, lacking any definable structure for the enemy to conduct reprisals against. The audiences for the corrupt have tanked — newspapers, TV, Hollywood, rolling news, even Facebook and Twitter. Their trustworthiness and reputation has come crashing down.

Fauci Zelensky NPC

Perhaps the most potent weapon of the anons is the visual meme: subversive humour that requires creativity and empathy in order to capture the essence of a message. Memes lovingly bypass the psychological defences of the deceived viewer, undoing the effect of prior unethical programming. As a bonus, memes are hard for AI to censor, so create an asymmetric scaling problem where anons carpet bomb the digital terrain — with no enemy able to keep up sufficient production of “anti-meme munitions”.

There is a dangerous and false comparison to be made between anons working as digital soldiers and those in the formal military in uniform. The bravery, competence, and dedication of each exists on its own merits. They are symbiotic parts of a whole military-civilian alliance, a necessary and inevitable strategy when facing an enemy that weaponises every aspect of daily life. Neither can ultimately succeed without the support of the other.

The formal military has the psychological legitimacy of “signing on” and the consequent support of your team mates. You know you have a secure (if modest) salary, care if wounded, and even a pension ahead. Even if you ended up in the Hanoi Hilton as a POW, and are physically tortured, you still know you are lawfully a soldier and will be recognised as a legitimate victim. Anons don’t have these comforts: many are unemployed and unemployable, all are psychologically tortured, and many are forced to helplessly watch as our own children are lost to a human sacrifice cult.

Fighting with a keyboard in the small hours of the night is no more or less magnificent than liberating DUMBs in a gun fight. Each one saves lives — especially of the innocent — just in different ways, with different terrain, and different risks. Anons will someday be recognised as “tier 1” warriors and heroes (and heroines) of the greatest war story ever told. There are women in their dotage who have “taken up memes” and will be celebrated as fearsome fighters in the fullness of time.

The moment of vindication for anons is tantalisingly near. Hunter Biden’s laptop contents have been in foreign control, meaning the notional President (actually “wake up theatre”) is a blackmailed traitor. The exposure of the Biden crime family leads to human trafficking, paedophilia, bioweapons, gold theft, blackmail, bribery, laundering, genocide, election rigging… the Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, Obamagate, and on and on.

We are witnessing the full exposure of the crimes of the MSM, political class, intelligence agencies. This humiliates academia, the liberal intelligentsia, and woke classes — erasing their unearned privilege and ill-used power. None of this would have been possible without years of attrition warfare on the information battlefield conducted by an army of millions of anons.

Declassification of the nightmares and crimes of the past will create rage like we have never seen before. No doubt the arrival of public justice will trigger all the distractions and destruction the enemy has left to throw at us. Anons are the “boron rods” cooling the “social nuclear reactor” and keeping it from “going critical” during this next phase. We are — as others have noted — the calm before, during, and after the storm.

Without the anons, society would descend into civil war and catastrophe. History has already been made, and the final outcome is not in doubt. The war cry of “WWG1WGA” has driven away the enemy, and defeated their ability to hide their crimes via a complicit media. This “militia of misfits” has already done its part in the demolition of the MSM and Big Tech. In time anons will receive full cultural recognition for their heroism as saviours of humanity.