Fundamentals of Network Performance handbook now on sale

The distilled insight of the world’s top network performance experts is now available for purchase in handbook form. All profits go to a good cause.

Fundamentals of Network Performance handbook now on sale

Back in 2013 I helped to develop a workshop and course on the Fundamentals of Network Performance. This was a collaboration with Dr Neil Davies and Peter Thompson, who are network performance scientists at Predictable Network Solutions Ltd.

I have subsequently taught this course to the R&D labs and experts at several of the world’s top network equipment vendors and carriers, doing so in Europe, North America and Asia.

The course notes handbook contains 139 pages of profound insight into how to engineer network performance. It is written by those at the leading edge of the discipline. The format is to reproduce the slides from the course, together with extensive commentary footnotes.

What this material uniquely covers is how to manage the performance integration risk of complex systems, and construct composable “quality contracts” at all the management boundaries in a scientifically sound manner. Nobody else teaches this, anywhere. Not a single university course or textbook is available.

As we have now run out of the first print run, I am going to do a second run. My colleagues have kindly given me permission to sell this material independently from delivering the course, so as to raise money for a good cause.

The suggested donation is £50 per copy, the minimum (to ensure that the print and post costs are covered) is £20 per copy. There is no maximum!

For payment details see here.


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