Five reasons to keep fighting

It is hard going… but anything worthy is bound to be!

The Truth Will Out

Fighting in a bio-info-nano-psycho war is not much fun. The people you are battling to protect, being under the influence of hypnotic “black magic”, ridicule and shun you. The evils that lurk in the shadows are distressing and disturbing once seen. Most who fight have been censored, and many have lost their livelihoods for speaking out of refusing to compromise. There are endless attempts to break our spirit, whether via name calling, false accusations, social ostracism, painful betrayal, or economic hardship.

We all have days when we wonder “why me and why now?”. So here are five reasons to pin on your wall to keep going even when it’s hard — or especially when it’s hard.

One: This is a test of character we must pass

This is an irregular and unrestricted war where everyone and anyone is a combatant. The alternative to being a fighter is to be a quitter. No matter how battered you are as a warrior, you have to remember one thing: you’re one of the strongest and sexiest people alive. Nothing is less attractive than a coward or a cuck. Even with your saggy wrinkles, blotchy skin, aching bones, or whatever ails you — by turning up to fight you’re one hot MF!

The people who laugh at “patriots” don’t understand who we are. We are fighting for the most noble causes: protection of children, equality under the rule of law, accountability for those who commit crimes, the end of all slavery (physical, economic, and mental), the cessation of war and genocide, the prevention of biocide and eco-conflict, termination of usury and institutionalised theft, and the elevation of all of humanity to be sovereign. There isn’t a single day when this is a bad thing to fight for, no matter how difficult it may be.

We are being tested right now, and it’s like the training course to be in the special forces. The only quality that really matters is whether you don’t quit, and when your team mates are flagging, you help to carry them through. There are no marks for style or effort, only the attainment of staying the course to the end. You can’t be a “sticker” and a “quitter”: pick one. Every day you don’t quit, and stick with it, is a day when your self-respect grows, and you are a better person, and harder to defeat the next day. The qualities needed for the times ahead are being developed through the preparatory hardships of now.

Two: To fight at all is to win in the present

I have some really crappy days when I don’t feel like doing much because I am human and can wallow in self-pity. If I am ill, then recovery is my only job, and that’s how I “fight”. But otherwise I take any progress as a victory over inaction or inebriation. That means I can’t mire myself in self-reproach for what I might not have done right, or did wrong, in the past. It’s gone, and is a closed book. What I can do is enjoy the fruits of being a fighter.

The friends I have now are the most spiritually aware people of conscience you can hope to know. They have my back, and I have theirs. The selfish fools and cruel traitors have been flushed out of my life. I might anticipate a day of truth, justice, and vindication, but I cannot demand it. To fight for what is right this day, even if you lose everything in the process or face defeat, is the reward. It just happens that by doing so you will attract a better class of companion, and a better life in the now.

Some of the best days of my life have been protest marches against the genetic mutilation of our children and the mass murder of elderly using pharmaceuticals and ventilators. The subject could not be more gruesome, but the experience is as enlivening and joyful as any can be. No matter how intimidating the difficulties you face, if you pick off the smallest part and make progress, you are an instant hero. The winning is not a future event, but a continual lived experience as we overcome fear and sloth.

Three: Protect the innocent of today

This isn’t really a war about us adults: it is to protect the children who are being sex trafficked (and worse), as well as to evade a biocide/genocide that would erase or enslave future generations. No matter how hard I am finding it, I just need to picture one child that needs help and protection, and I find my warrior is reactivated. It’s not a self-aggrandisement or rescue fantasy to believe that our efforts make a difference to the innocent, even if delayed or indirect.

I have people in my life who ought to know better, having a family history of genocide, or being (in principle) Christians aware of the enemy’s methods. Yet they have been more than willing to sacrifice children of today (via abortion material used in jabs, or put at risk of indoctrination and harm) on the justification of meeting selfish needs (their own safety and health, the education of their own offspring). The young are NEVER meant to be sacrificed to protect the old; it is ALWAYS the other way around.

Those who “went along to get along” are now complicit in the worst crimes against humanity. Every act of resistance and refusal to collude is important, no matter how small it may seem. The blood of the innocent is on everyone’s hands in some way, sadly, as we all have compromised to some degree. This only stops when we draw a line and say “enough!”. Once you know that this is a child sacrifice cult we battle, it is on your conscience if you slack or quit in the fight against it. So don’t slack or quit!

Four: Prepare for a lot of orphans tomorrow

This article by Steve Kirsch offers a good summary of the “medicide” horror show unfolding. It is not hard to imagine a very large death toll over the next 2-3 years leaving a huge number of orphans. (Indeed, given the paedophile predators in power, that could well have been an objective.) It turns out that eugenicist psychopaths hell-bent on depopulation and with close to unlimited resources are competent and effective. A key reason to fight today is that you may well be needed in the near future to help raise these traumatised young people.

In the interim, we face the awfulness of the rude awakening of the masses. Our parents, siblings, and children who have made poor choices now face the terrible consequences. We must be there for them, and it will be harrowing, but ultimately we have to bear in mind that it is “not our genocide”. There may be a parting of ways as those who took the death shot move on from this life. By consoling them and keeping them in the best possible condition we also serve those who survive, and especially the very young.

When the current day is hard, it may help to think of a time in the future when someone that you have been nurturing from early years turns to you and thanks you for being there. Yes, what we are going through is a “torment of empathy”, and is designed to destroy us by making us look on as loved ones commit suicide and (unbeknownst to them) sterilise and murder their own children. We have to make it through because we have a job to do on the other side of the “death window”.

Five: The best is yet to come!

I went through some really bad times about 15 years ago, and I wanted off this planet. For a while it’s all I dreamed of; my “normal” day to day personal and professional life was a facade. Yet over and over a new day came, and I found fresh joy in living, and was pleased I stuck around. It wasn’t easy, and I still faced struggles, but I have come through. I still have my personal strife and persistent crazies, but it’s not proven fatal so far!

There are many reasons to believe that a golden age lies the other side of this Great Awakening struggle. We are having to live a paradox, in that to defeat evil, we must push it into the light. It seems like everything is going to hell, but in reality it is a necessary purging process. There is psychic puke everywhere, and it stinks, but the poison is no longer inside of us. At some point there is that wonderful sense of relief that the heaving is over. Always.

The revelation of our hidden history, the possibility of fun “neighbours” coming, the restoration of suppressed capabilities, the repair of our genetics, the end of disease, the reversal of ageing, the arrival of (economic) “free” energy, the replacement of mind control mass media, a cultural shift from hoarding to sharing, the raising of consciousness from fear to love, the unity of all people after hardship… a wonderful world awaits. We just have to make it through the fight and struggle to get there.

So keep going! You never know what might be around the corner…