Evolving from the red pill to the green pill

How to get the right balance between the fighting and the farming?

Martin Geddes in the garden

There are some things rarely captured by a camera, and the sight of me doing gardening is up there along with the courtship ritual of the Antarctic dancing panda. My general attitude to getting my hands dirty is that a maths degree is meant to be the perfect defence against manual labour, and so far it has served me well in that cause. Yet somehow I found myself with herbs in one hand, and trowel in another, engaged in a physical act of actual gardening. So how come the change of heart and lifestyle to include garden centres and watering cans?

Way back in the early 2000s I knew that something was a bit off kilter with the world, and slowly began the process of inquiry into the anomalies in the “standard narrative”. Having a functioning mind and curious nature I was able to tease apart the false conventional view, the disinformation “official counter-narrative”, and the underlying evidence for what might be real. It is more a question of perseverance and humility than a nimble intellect, so can be seen as a spiritual thirst for truth rather than a quest involving mental athletics.

Over time I have come to appreciate that mind alone, without spirit, doesn’t resolve the pervasive deceptions of corrupted legal, monetary, religious, educational, and medical systems. It is not a novel observation that we need to “raise our vibe” towards a more holistic consciousness by adopting more loving behaviours. Each of us has a journey to heal our own traumas, so that we can escape the automatic reactive and regressive responses to stress that no longer serve us. Freedom is not only to have these oppressive systems removed in the outside world, but also to liberate ourselves from “low vibe” ways of being internally.

It's time for many people to be arrested suddenly

The past five years have been dominated by one signature activity: help as many others as possible to escape from the hell of social engineering and mind control, in order to retake their own right to think critically and form their own opinion. This is done by gently pointing out the inconsistencies in the mass media story, and how it is incongruent with even official data on offer elsewhere. Once these Goebbels-style enormous lies are perceived, then they cannot be unseen, and a process of inquiry then begins. Whether we call it “awakening”, “going down the rabbit hole”, or “taking the red pill”, the outcome is the same: autonomy and self-determination.

My lived experiences over the last two years have shown me that concepts of divinity, liberty, spirituality, covenant, morality, and sovereignty are all interconnected. In essence, action that is moral supports the flow of the force of life. Sovereignty enacts in the physical world the infinite worth and divinity of the individual soul. Liberty and peace happen when we collectively enter into covenant with All That There Is, and “look up”, putting our own house in order first before we accuse others. The nature of the problem — and its solution — are so much bigger than simply educating ourselves about psychopathic evil and its works.

The hue of the “red pill” hints at the bloodshed that has taken place for centuries in the name of authority. Today I came across a video of the last WW2 Battle of Britain ace wondering exactly what it was we were fighting for, given how the world has turned out. My hypothesis is that these pass losses set up the necessary conditions for final victory: the mass adoption of the “green pill”. This in turn is a refocusing from the horrors of history into the more heavenly state we might attain the future. The transformation requires us to adopt spiritually “high vibe” attitudes and behaviours, learning from our collective mistakes.

The Green Pill

I have been introduced to a framework for the “green pill” that resonates, even if one might disagree about some of the details, or feel it needs adaptation for your preferred spiritual cosmology. It comes from The New Templars, and I am taking the two images from The Great Awakening Report here. It is a simple “map” of two parts. The first (shown above) lists the four main areas of growth in order to become free and at peace, and their attributes.

If the “red pill” has given us the ability to perceive the satanic illusions put in front of us, the “green pill” is all about that which is truly sacred. My own writing has expanded from the narrower focus of deconstructing the propaganda lies and expounding that there is hope. I have found myself increasingly touching on questions of spirituality and sovereignty, both as lenses to understand the difficult situation we have been in, as well as the resolution and remedy to it. This “green pill” framework adds two more pillars: to be strong and to be secure.

The Green Pill Freedom Protocol 2020

Under each of these four headings are idea for action that we can undertake personally. It seems like the hardest part of this covert worldwide war was won back in 2017 by the kinetic military. Everything since has been a sting operation to take out the lower level operatives, and a “wake up” operation to deprogram the masses and avoid a catastrophic meltdown of society at the point of transition to a new system. While the “white hats” are a presumed (yet mostly unseen) collective of intelligence professionals, the “green gloves” are all of us who visibly engage in building a transformationally better world.

What I like about the “green pill” is that is turns our attention to personal agency, and away from “waking up others”, since adoption of the “red pill” is a matter over which we have less control. We don’t need to wait for the debt slavery financial system to collapse, or for the corrupt maritime and commercial courts to be shut down, or for the allopathic pharmaceutical medical system to be exposed. We don’t need to wait to be rescued by anyone. The curriculum is laid out there, and every day is an opportunity to make a personal advance on some front, no matter how small.

The “red pill” has to be a time-limited course of treatment, since the disease of treason has a finite supply of treacherous parasites. The “green pill” is more like a health supplement that you continue to take each day; the “juice smoothie for the soul”. You might need to stay anonymous in order to avoid reprisals and persecution as you “red pill” people to the criminality and corruption. The “green pill” is something you can do joyfully in your own name, without the whiff of betrayal or stench of evil.

Handcuff Hancock

All three of mind, body, and spirit have to come together, and the “green pill” is about the path to wellness and vitality in all three aspects. While the “red pill” is a rather bitter aftertaste, the “green pill” is more like sucrose to swallow. You tend not to get ridiculed and ostracised for having an interest in first aid, dancing, prayer, or homesteading. These are positive and uplifting things, and an easier “sell” of a vision of future living — which stands in stark contrast to the transhumanist agenda of merger with machines under a corporate-fascist global superstate.

For me personally, it has required me to suppress my own discomfort at not writing an essay one day as I headed out to the garden centre, and instead using the time to gather experiences. My mind wants to engage in more fighting and the ego likes the positive feedback from readers. Letting my spirit guide me towards farming is a new thing, and I could sense my own awkwardness as I plodded through the bedding plants wondering what I have let myself in for. A decade ago I was running around the world nonstop doing telecoms consulting, and the idea of being in one place long enough to water and nurture a plant was an unthinkable fantasy.

Even going out into the back garden I could feel my insecurity: will I make a fool of myself in some way doing a trivial task of filling a plant pot with compost and digging a few holes for the plants? The heavy bag of soil wasn’t easy to open or transfer, and I admit to dropping some outside the pot. Am I now beholden to this row of nascent green dependents, losing my liberty to travel around and “wherever I lay my laptop is my home”? No, I am swapping the restlessness of those airline lounges and tech conferences for the tranquility of a stable home life filled with nurture and nature.

Person holding The Green Pill flyers

The “red pill” is a difficult “vinegar” conversation with friends and family. They have been trained my the mass media to consider anyone who asks “dangerous questions” about the trustworthiness of authority as potentially being in a cult, and definitely being an extremist. In contrast the “green pill” is more of a “honey” conversation. It is easier to be for a vigorous and contented lifestyle filled with simply joys than it is to be against mutilating children with gene-altering bioweapons. The “red pill” lets us identify with what is, so that we are ready for change, whereas the “green pill” points us to what might be, and how we personally can act to manifest it.

While I may struggle to gain access to the breeding grounds of those Antarctic pandas, and thus lack for photographic opportunities to share, I do plan to share more of my own journey as I rebalance my “fighting” and “farming” activities. To win the war is to also be ready to enjoy the peace to come. It can be hard to put down your smart phone, stop scrolling through Telegram posts, and ignore the siren call of social media debates. Yet the time has to come when we recognise that we cannot fight our way to final success in a spiritual war; to be at peace in the long run means we need some fun, too.

Even if it does mean going outside and doing a bit of farming.