Constitutional law aligns the spiritual with the temporal

Members of a free society have to be empowered to exercise their conscience

Freedom feels good, and the people in the picture above were enjoying their freedom at a protest in June of 2021 in London. They were exercising a fundamental right to dance in the street, as well as to oppose the unlawful closure of all nightclubs. We have all witnessed the tussle between the people, exercising unalienable rights, and the government, restricting them with acts and statutes. Furthermore, the state has been infiltrated at all levels, and weaponised against us. This includes the councils and courts, who are actively enabling human trafficking in multiple forms.

It has taken painful lived experience for me to realise how far the rot has gone. I went to a weekly freedom fighter event here in the north of England this week, to give a brief talk about my win against TV Licensing. A leaflet was handed out about council tax, which shows how all the safeguards put in place have been subverted and failed. I have personally received a “fake summons” in which my council has forged the authority of the court, with the court’s support and approval, in order to rubber stamp their own debt enforcement process. This is treason, a criminal offence above murder.

Government policies and rules require your consent

The Covid scam has shown us how easy it is to use mass psychology and propaganda to get the masses to abandon their innate rights, notably to sovereignty over their own body, and indeed pressure everyone else around them to do so. A parallel law of “New Normal™” has grown up, which enforces conformity around a corporate and contractual morality. The roots of the word “law” are in doing what is right, but the dictionary definition of “right” has been subverted. In 1828 Webster defined “right” as “according to the will of God” (i.e. righteous), whereas by 1968 Harcourt Brace diluted it to “conformity to a set of standards or prevailing belief” (i.e. normal).

So how do we turn this around? Fo sure, we await major global events to clean out the corrupt part of the military, purge our legal system of traitors, and return the stolen assets to the meek. In the meantime, we have to simultaneously live in two lands, straddling the the yet-to-depart Old Earth ruled by defiled mind and body, and the yet-to-emerge New Earth led by the holy spirit. They have to be bridged, and that is our collective mission, and it is hard work.

I am learning that the Great Awakening journey has three elements:

  • discovering how the former has morally fallen and become absolutely corrupt in the clutches of a death cult;
  • appreciating our own divine nature and infinite worth, so gaining wisdom to follow the spirit of life to facilitate the latter; and,
  • identifying the lawful path between these states of existence.

I had missed this third element in my analysis, which now needs correction. I am aware of the Q operation as being an enactment of the Laws of War and guiding us through the psyop battlefield to remove an entrenched and armed enemy. But the end game cannot be military, because their remit does not cover a cultural renaissance and civil society’s reconstruction. I am now seeing a pattern unfold in America, France, and Britain — adapted to the history and needs of each — to restore constitutional law to its rightful place, enacting the will of God in a world of fallible men.

I have resisted being drawn into the world of legalisms and statute law, as I find it tedious and even repulsive. I am having to belatedly accept that I must educate myself on constitutional law if I am to remain credible as a commentator and respect myself as a sovereign being. This is humbling, as it requires me to abandon any ego identity as being an “educated” person, as clearly I am starting from a very low base. A posh private school and fancy university make it very easy to convince yourself that you cannot possibly have missed learning about foundational aspects of our world. The reality is that I am an “illiterate who happens to be good with words”.

It is rare for me to watch a 45 minute video, and even rarer for me to recommend one. This interview of UK constitutional expert William Keyte by Richard Vobes is the exception to my aversion, and I can thoroughly commend it. The key points, as I recall them are:

  • There is a binary decision of who has final authority: the state or the people.
  • English constitutional law says that Parliament is only sovereign over the executive, not the people.
  • Parliament has no power to vary the fundamental constitutional settlement of Magna Carta, which puts the king under the rule of law, with the people free to do anything they please that does not violate God’s law (enacted via Common Law).
  • A world bound by legalisms favours criminals, since it defines gaps for “legalised crimes”. A world bound by the “golden rule” and “do no harm and commit no fraud” lacks this failure mode.
  • Parliament makes legislation, but law is made by the people via juries. The rule of law is the rule of the people, not the legislature.
  • Juries have two functions: to decide guilt or innocence (widely understood), as well as to decide facts and law (highly suppressed). A jury can exercise its conscience and give a “not guilty” verdict, even if the law was technically broken, and need give no reason why.
  • We have allowed fake magistrates courts that violate our constitution and the requirement that punishment is only ever enacted by our peers, and given the state the ability to punish the people.
  • Acts and statutes do require consent, and this is being ignored to our detriment.
  • Parliament is involved in obfuscation of the law, by introducing misnomers of “constitutional acts” of legislation; no such thing exists or is possible, it is an internal precedence and process matter between acts and statutes.

I am personally feeling the fallout of the removal of due process. My local council does not care one jot for lawful behaviour or adherence to the constitution. My local court are flagrantly ignoring their own legislation, notably the County Courts Act. My local police are actively covering up for their crimes. I have it all in writing, it is easy to prove! The system has failed, and the “WWG1WGA” applies to the enemy as much as us. They have all these interlocking methods of keeping their scam going, but when one fails, they all fail. That is why they all protect one another, because the consequences of exposure and accountability are so serious.

As the video suggests, we are at a “last chance saloon”, but it can be turned around quickly. The public have to realise that they already have all the power, as enacted by the jury system. Judges are attempting to direct juries, and they do not have this power in law. You are fully entitled to ignore what they say, and effectively annul unholy laws (for the specific defendant, not in general). The moment everyone understands they have been hoaxed by the state into a deadly genocide and already have the means to seize back control, it is over for the Deep State and their two-tier justice system presided over by a compromised judiciary.

The most surprising part of the video above is near the end. I had never realised that participation in a jury (something I have never done) is well documented as having a profound spiritual impact. We have the fate of another in our hands, and it forces us to confront our own shadow. The video references the 1957 movie “12 Angry Men”, where one juror holds out against wrongly convicting a man for murder, eventually turning the whole jury in his favour. Freedom often hangs by the thread of that one last holdout against the normalisation of persecution and imposition of tyranny “for the general good”.

In a Christian perspective, we need to not only love one another in the temporal, but also to fear judgement for our actions in the eternal. This fear of judgement applies as much when being a jury member as when being the accused — if not moreso. A “satan” is an accuser (whether true or not), and accusing others of crimes of which you yourself are guilty is intrinsic to the Satanic method of gaining power. For freedom to flourish, the people have to understand that morality is not only in the personal realm (no adultery or theft, for instance), but also in the public (willingness to stand for what is right, even if disapproved, as with the “twelfth man”).

There is a famous case of this, for which my prose cannot top the ChatGPT AI answer:

Q: Do you know anything about a case where a jury went without food and water for three days because they would not imprison a man for failing to salute to the king?

A: Yes, the case you’re referring to is likely the trial of Peter Meiderlin, which took place in 1606 in the Kingdom of Hungary. According to historical accounts, the jury in Meiderlin’s case refused to reach a verdict that would have convicted him for failing to salute the king, despite being subjected to a variety of pressures and punishments, including being locked in a room without food or water for three days. This episode has become an important symbol of judicial independence and the power of juries to resist unjust laws and government abuses.

The bottom line is this: when fighting a system that has weaponised legislative law in order to enact tyranny, then your defence is constitutional law as the peaceful alternative to a bloody uprising. As members of the public we cannot all master legislative law, and that is intentional, since it makes us dependent upon lawyers for liberty and justice. In contrast, by mastering a few simple principles of constitutional law, we are empowered to stand our ground, individually and collectively.

Individual liberty is only sustained by individual acts of conscience. This is why the enemy targets the church, and it is called spiritual warfare, because once you have implanted a false conscience then people will use their moral energy to follow an immoral agenda. We must do everything in our power to educate our children about the true nature of morality, and resist false moralities being pushed upon us. The self-righteous spirit being applied to a wicked ideology is the worst enemy of all, because it is our fellow man who is turned against us, and ideologies cannot be stopped at borders with passports, walls, or agents.

If you consider yourself a patriot and an awakened person, you need to grasp all three of: the crimes of the enemy, that nature of what is right and sacred, and the lawful means to hold the criminals to account by the standards of righteousness. Our society is only as free and moral as the most stubbornly free and moral people within in, who are willing to be guided by a holy spirit in how they lawfully act in the material world. Constitutional law is what bridges the spiritual to the temporal, and learning about it is not optional.

If we want to live in a free society, and boogie whenever and however we want to (as long as it does no harm to others), then we have to master the (constitutional law) dance moves ourselves.