Common Sense Summit: Speech on Duty of Candour

I have a general policy of not doing interviews or event presentations, and only make rare exceptions. It has to be something of critical importance. This is one of those occasions.

The idea I am spreading is a personal and statutory duty of candour for safety of life professions such as medics, police, and coroners. You can see me talk about it online at the free Common Sense Summit next week (August 2-6).

The picture above is of Thelma Parker (left) and Joan Bye (right) protesting in Trafalgar Square in London last weekend. Joan and her recently deceased husband Derek have campaigned for over 40 years for justice — after a doctor killed their daughter Helenor, and the British establishment covered it up.

Thelma captured their key insight in an e-book “Humanity in medicine: no duty of candour”. I have covered the case of the Byes in the following essays:

We are in the midst of a “global civil war” using medicine, media, and money to control populations, steal nations, and genocide humanity. It is our failure to attend to these earlier lies and injustices, and our tacit collusion with the liars by inaction, that makes us all complicit in the ongoing atrocities.

A duty of candour would have prevented this cruel planetary nightmare.

I have recorded an interview with Clyde Cleveland on this subject. My interview goes live at 9:30 am Eastern Time on August 4th (day 3 of the event). It will remain available for free viewing for 24 hours, after which you need to have a VIP pass. The end of sales of the all-access VIP Pass is one week after the event.

A quick summary of the event:

* 48 speakers, who you would normally travel to hear speak, in your living room — no airplane, vaccine, or mask needed.
* Six speakers on the corporation fraudulently operating as the United States of America since 1871
* Numerous authors speaking about threats to our freedoms, the environment, and censorship
* Richard Maybury explains Common Law, a figural concept and issue.
* Speakers with global audiences of thousands (millions in some cases) sharing personal stories like Foster Gamble and Sacha Stone.

My experience is people only take you seriously when they have paid to hear what you say… and in this case a VIP pass is a trivial expense. You can buy it at the end of the free registration process.

This idea of a personal and statutory duty of candour is important. Please spread the word!

It is one of my best interviews, too.


  1. Cheryl Williams says

    Hi Martin, I am a subscriber and love getting your common sense analysis both confirming and supporting our walk through this dystopian society. You are refreshing..always. I wanted to let you know that every time you send it goes to my junk mail. I have checked you as a trusted site and reported this many times. Still today same thing and when I attempted forwarding your message to a friend, twice not received. I was able to get the direct link for the summit to her. Only let’s us know how important your messages are to hear!! Look forward to your message in the upcoming summit and please keep on keeping on! It makes a difference.