Christmas charity fundraising appeal – Code of Vets

Code of Vets

Every year around Christmas I have done a charity appeal to my newsletter readers. This year is both no different — and different at the same time.

I always choose causes that are personal and dear to me, yet I have never before raised money for a formal charity. Right now, I find myself as a prominent “digital soldier” in a real (information) war. As a result I have a renewed gratitude for the military and those who take the oath of service.

Being “in the line of fire” isn’t funny, even at my trivial level of worry about personal safety. Many have been sent on foreign missions only to have been betrayed by traitors in power, and come back maimed and unappreciated. We have all been lax in allowing the state to take over responsibilities for their care that ought out to be performed at the individual or community level.

Americans are the ones bearing the brunt of the liberation of humanity right now from Globalism, Communism, and Techno-fascism. As a Brit I feel no shame in acknowledging it and my debt to those who serve for US forces. I have therefore selected Code Of Vets (see or @codeofvets) as my Christmas charity for 2020.

I reached out to Gretchen Smith, founder of Code of Vets, and asked her to say a little more about her charity and the work it does:

“Code of Vets in a non-political charity that protects those who have served the military. We have saved many lives, and given many veterans second chances.

This year we are inundated, and the need is staggering. The economic shutdown and restrictions on business and employment have hit veterans hard. PTSD has become an even greater crisis.

When you halt paid work, people cannot pay basic bills. Things can then quickly spiral out of control. We have over 300 veterans waiting in line, having serviced more than 2000 this year. We only have a small team, with one person who raises funds.

We are building a platform for the future, as we see needs getting more severe. We have people with no functioning lights, no running water, and no vehicle. They are letting cars go as they are having to decide between winter shelter and transport.

Code of Vets provides stopgap assistance to keep them in a house and with food on the table. It is crisis intervention in that moment. We are not paying for RVs or vacations; this is all basic bills to keep as many housed as possible.

For instance, $3k just stopped a foreclosure, and gave someone 3-4 months to carve a path forward. For someone who has served their country for 24 years, lost their job due to the COVID shutdown, and has no electrical power, this is a life saver.”

There is no specific fundraising target, no separate pot for newsletter subscribers to put money in, and I am not in the loop. Please go directly to the Code of Vets PayPal page, and discharge your own responsibility to share any surplus you have with those who need and deserve this pure charity.

As a whistle-blower and “cyber militia” warrior I am 100% supported by Patriots. I am proud to use my platform and reach to support others who have put their life on the line for me and you.

Let’s ensure as many people as possible have a genuinely Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.