Bow, bend, or block?

The practical reality of facing down a belligerent government

I have a court summons for today for non-payment of Council Tax, the UK’s property tax (paid by occupiers, not owners) that notionally goes to fund local government services. I have the money to pay the bill (just!), but I am not cooperating with any aspect of our terrorist state’s revenue operations henceforth. So I won’t be going to court to defend myself (I prefer to enjoy my Scottish holiday break), thus I will get a judgement against me. I have never had any involvement with the UK judicial system before. The consequence of today’s hearing is a trashing of my credit rating (I don’t care) and the potential arrival of bailiffs in future (I don’t care).

The back of the envelope in which this tax demand comes tells you all you need to know about the complicity of local government with serious unlawful activity. The hard data is in: the “vaccines” cause more illness the more you take, and have zero value in prevention of transmission of disease; there is a massive spike in non-Covid mortality according to official statistics, easily traced to the injections; whistleblowers in the insurance, actuarial, and medical industries are reporting horrific crimes against humanity; the “lockdowns” were false imprisonment based on no science, and caused awful societal damage.

The suppression of proven treatments like ivermectin and the mendacious promotion of “safe and effective” experimental gene therapies trash informed consent. These are war crimes being committed by our national and local governments. The penalty for pulling this kind of treasonous stunt is execution. We have been here before with the original Nuremberg trials, whose 75th anniversary just passed. As for those who laughed at the “conspiracy theorists”, well — I am sorry that you have poisoned yourself and your family based on misplaced trust in authority. I hope that there is mitigation or treatment available as your immune system goes into overdrive to attack your organs now filled with spike proteins.

We “fringe whackos” so wish that were had been wrong in sounding the alarm, and that we were apologising instead for wrongly causing angst and division. Just that we have the receipts, literally, in terms of funding of biowarfare labs connected to the Covid scam. We can prove that Fauci lied about the origins of Covid. We can evidence decades of forward planning in this medical dictatorship scheme. We can see the motive to force mail-in voting in order to sustain voter and election fraud. We have the whole criminal hoax mapped out in detail, because we refuse to look away and let the innocent suffer.

I, and many others, are done with “taxation without representation”, and are applying all our life force to “representation without taxation” from now on.

It is both unlawful to pay this tax bill (I am funding a terrorist entity in contravention of the Prevention of Terrorism Act) as well as unethical (since it makes me complicit in genocide). I have also done enough research to know that UK councils are engaged in fraud, both in how the bills are issued (there is no contract or obligation to pay) and how they are enforced (fake administrative courts that operate outside of the Local Government Act). I used to feel paying tax was a subscription fee to a civilised society, but now I have seen the systemic corruption I am not playing along.

I have reached my “red line” and I will not flex. I have also failed to submit a UK tax return this year, and I won’t contribute anything further to entities involved in bioterrorism or psychological warfare against civilians. I accept the consequences, and the experience of Quaker conscientious objectors in the past (to funding nuclear arms) was many went to prison. If that is what it takes, so be it. I am not having this abomination attached to my name: if you send me bills with Covid propaganda on them, you have revealed your criminal intent. I am not supporting the maiming and mass murder of our children via myocarditis, cancer, and strokes. No way, ever.

The real reason to write this article (while on holiday) is not to protest against unjust taxation or genetic genocide. Rather it is to capture the conundrum many of us face: do we bow to these corrupt authorities; bend the rules as much as we can to get along; or block their efforts to harm us and steal our resources. I have chosen to invest all my spare resources into protecting myself from a criminal ruling class operating a belligerent government breaking international law, and have no shame in doing so. I don’t morally owe them a penny in tax at this point, and the protection racket deal is off: you went for our children, and I am not going to act like a compliant slave any longer.

The article I thought I wanted to write was on the Council Tax scandal itself: the details of illegitimate bills, the fake administrative courts, and the fraudulent enforcement. But then I realised that what needs to be captured for posterity is the conundrum of how to invest our energies in the present. I cannot be doing research at the same time as networking with patriots in preparation for the SHTF moment. I haven’t had a decent holiday in years (it doesn’t count when you’re away with the brainwashed), and this week is my first opportunity. I am choosing to live my life as a free man.

I made the decision not to pay on grounds of conscience. I am choosing not to make a tactical compromise to pay off the gangsters in government to get them off my back. I chose not to put my time into challenging the bill (they always back down as they know they are issues unlawfully); and I probably won’t invest my energies into undoing the court order either. I am opting to resist this tyranny by participating in mass non-compliance and non-violent civil disobedience. These are the kinds of choices we face once we understand that the whole political, legal, and financial system is criminal and rotten.

This is not a matter of being left or right wing; it is about surviving the collapse of this corrupt and criminal system. Bailiffs cannot enter my property by force for this “debt”, so my possessions are not at risk as long as I am careful in opening my door to visitors. There are counter-measures I can take to keep my modest car out of their acquisitive clutches. I am betting that I can outlast my government and its revenue collectors. Normally that is an unwise gamble, but we are well into “black swan” (and “purple platypus”) territory. For instance, there is a mass awakening to the illegality of most taxation, such as the lack of income tax law in the US, the invalid basis of the IRS, and the failure to ratify the 16th Amendment correctly.

The whole point of the Covid scam is to protect these crooked interests as the public become aware their pensions have been stolen and their work lives dedicated to funding a mafia on a false pretext. I know that there is no justice on offer in our courts because they are compromised at their core: the Bar Association is captive to longstanding criminal interests, so identity theft and tax farming have become normalised. I have watched others who have stood up against this tyranny get singled out for persecution and ruin via the “criminal injustice” system. These are not easy choices to make, and the long wait for truth, justice, and reform is painful.

Everyone of conscience is faced with the “bow, bend, or block” conundrum. I have upstanding friends who work in corrupt institutions, yet do all they can at the micro level to push things in the right direction. They just aren’t ready to let go of the last parts of their “matrix lifestyle”. I am in a fortunate position as a dissident of having a huge network of supporters, so by making a modest sacrifice early on I gain a large degree of safety now. I don’t judge others for their tolerance for risk and appetite for resistance. In a sense it doesn’t matter: the tectonic forces resculpting the geopolitical landscape are going to dominate the daily weather of events and our personal choices.

Everything is coming to a head: debt overhang collapse, election fraud, rampant inflation, suppressed medical cures, corrupt banks, tax fraud, hedge fund criminality, crypto used for high crimes, food shortages, media cover-ups, paedo blackmail for control, compromised institutions, communist infiltration, illegal weapons of mass destruction, hijacked law enforcement, wars based on lies being exposed, false flag terrorism losing its traction… I could find more. All of the scams and scandals are interconnected, and when you join the dots you cannot afterwards unsee the complete system of hidden power.

Once the public knows how bad it is with the Covid mass poisoning, it won’t be long until they all opt for “block”. We won’t need to “bow”, or “bend” any longer to our (former) masters. This is an existential threat to the ruling class, and they won’t go away quietly. Having fought this fight now for years, I truly get the “live free or die trying” ethos. I personally can never go back to being a wimp “going along to get along” with a cowardly supplication to whatever edict is issued. It is time to assert our right to live in peace — without being charged fees just to exist, taxed without accountability, or have our innate freedoms licensed back to us.