Archives for March 2018

Can there be competing QoS standards?

The old saying “the great thing about standards is there are so many to choose from” particularly applies to network QoS. How many do we really need?

Does telecoms need a new Network Quality Foundation?

Solving a problem as systemic as interoperable network quality needs supporting institutions. Do we need to invest in a new one to make real progress?

Who will step up to solve interoperable network quality?

The telecoms industry has many bodies who could, in principle, step up and help solve our core “missing units” problem. But who might actually do it?

Presentation for March livestream now available

You can preview the March livestream content on SlideShare.

Making sense of #QAnon and #TheStorm

Social media is now a clear and active part of the political process and power game. How can we make proper sense of it as citizens and participants?