The world’s most accurately measured office WiFi network

Network performance science took a small step forward today, with the first “commodity” high-fidelity service quality measurement data.

12 reasons why Virtual Quality Networks (VQNs) are inevitable

There is a new telecoms and cloud industry growth sector, Virtual Quality Networks (VQNs). My belief is that VQNs are due to become as pervasive for enterprise users as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). They will be far more profitable as they are much more valuable. Here are a dozen reasons why VQNs are strong candidate […]

Everything is Backwards – Rethinking the Internet

Pretty much every aspect of the present Internet’s design needs rethinking. It does one thing really well – abstracting away the implementation of connectivity. Everything else is pretty borked from inception.

Sprint’s WAM project – The story of how I got into telecoms

This is the story of Sprint’s pioneering, and failed, effort to become the first telco to turn itself into an open application and business platform. The story starts in 1999 in Dublin, Ireland during a warm and pleasant summer.

Oops! How did we miss something so basic?

We have been trying to build packet networks without having a basic and essential mathematical concept. This matters. A lot.

Introduction to network quality arbitrage

Every IP network will at times offer too much quality for too little money, creating an arbitrage opportunity. This presentation gives an introduction to the concept and how network operators can respond.

The IETF’s job is complete – Should it now scale up, down or out?

The IETF has the final day of its 98th meeting in Chicago today (Friday 31 Mar), far away from here in Vilnius. The Internet is maturing and becoming indispensable to modern life, and is transitioning to industrial types of use. Are the IETF’s methods fit-for-purpose for the future, and if not, what to do about […]

The future of networking

I have summarised my last seven years of work in one slide.

The Tao of Telecoms – A blueprint for a ‘lean’ business transformation

This is my “Tao of Telecoms”, the synthesis of my last decade working with (and learning from) a number of leading practitioners in network and management science. It is a first draft, and thus imperfect, over-long, incomplete and possibly even incomprehensible in places.

Where are all the telecoms performance TICs?

As industries mature they develop quality management systems, and a dedicated sector offering testing, inspection and certification (TIC). Given the importance of user experience and hence service quality in telecoms, why are there apparently few or no TIC organisations for network performance?