You should accuse criminals of committing crime

Nor are you a crank for demanding the police do some real policing of crime

Are you ok with your council telling you when and how you can travel

“To destroy the constitution is treason.” — R v Thistlewood 1820

Those in power cannot admit that they are illegitimate and even criminal. There has to be a showdown at some point, and our job as the awake (i.e. critically thinking) public is to push hard on the system to expose the corruption, so the gap to be bridged by eventual overt military intervention is as small as possible. It can only happen when the masses demand it, which means they have to be enraged first. It’s not a pleasant process to go through, but at least we’re guaranteed to be free from boredom in 2023.

I am using my own fight to learn, so I can share the key understandings. It’s painful, and I awoke in the middle of the night again last night with bad dreams of my errant council and local court persecuting me. It takes some guts to stand up against the state at first when it is weaponised against us, but soon you realise that all the people you are dealing with are cowards and hide behind their job titles and official liability shields. As one friend colourfully said, when pushed, these bullies “fold faster than a cocaine-fuelled worker in a Chinese laundry”.

A week ago I came home to find this in my mailbox:

Now, if you have been following my saga, you will know that over and over I have said I will pay up… if they can show me the liability order they claim a court has issued. They won’t even acknowledge the question, because they know there isn’t a lawful court or order. The court cannot give me one either, so it doesn’t exist. That makes this “debt enforcement” fraud and blackmail. Threatening me with an unlawful “enforcement agent” (who is not a certified bailiff) for a debt that is not owed (being in legitimate dispute) is a crime.

Here is my response. They never acknowledge my letters, but it’s going to be hard to claim in court that the dog ate their homework on every single occasion.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent
Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal
Notice to Cease and Desist

As part of your ongoing vendetta to unlawfully intimidate me into paying you money, I observe that you have left me a hand-written note from CDOS in my mailbox dated 21st February 2023 in an unsealed envelope with no name of a person responsible. We do not have a contract, and I decline to contract with you. There is no obligation for me to pay.

Given onus probandi [onus is on the person making the claim to prove it], I have already on at least three occasions requested that you evidence your claim that a liability order was issued, so I can pay. You have consistently ignored the question, let alone offered what was asked. I have contacted the court as well, and they have also failed to provide me with any evidence of a valid and lawful order when asked. Therefore, it is reasonable to presume one does not exist, and the matter is in permanent dispute, so cannot be enforced.

It is also at this point clear that you are running an unlawful private administrative court outwith the Civil Procedure Rules and Criminal Procedure Rules, in contravention of the Local Government Act 1888 section 78, paragraph 2. This prohibits councils from carrying out judicial actions. This is a crime. In doing so, Durham County Council is forging the authority of a court by issuing summonses itself with no court claim or hearing number. This is a crime under the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981 Section 3.

You are now engaged in multiple criminal acts against me and my property, and I will be reporting these to the police:

  • Under The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 c.40, Section 1, this latest communication is a course of conduct which amounts to harassment of myself. My notice dated 28th January 2023 warned that further communication to extort money would be treated as harassment. This is a crime.
  • Under the Malicious Communications Act 1988 c.27, Section 1(1) you have sent me a letter which conveys a threat, based on information which is known to be false. This is a crime.
  • Under The Communications Act 2003 c.21, Part 2, Chapter 1, Section 127(2) you have caused annoyance and needless anxiety to me from a message that you know to be false. This is a crime.
  • Under the Administration of Justice Act 1970 c.31, Part V, Section 40 you are coercing me to pay money claimed from the other as a debt due under a contract by falsely representing to have the authority of a court to enforce payment. This is a crime.
  • Under the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 section 66 (1)(b) you are enacting an enforcement power under a liability order that is known to be defective. This is a crime.

I have already withdrawn implied right of access to my home. By attempting to interfere in my private quiet enjoyment you are engaged in aggravated trespass. This is a crime. Any further attempt will, if I am present, be captured on video and I will seek damages from the persons responsible in their private capacity, since they are acting ultra vires.

Under the Forgery Act 1981 section 1, if a bailiff or enforcement agent attends my home and produces a fraudulent document then they are guilty of ‘uttering’ for gain. This is a crime. I put you on notice that this crime will be reported if it is committed against me.

As you have been notified of the specific criminal acts you are involved in, there is clear mens rea if they continue, and you will not be able to rely on a defence that there was a reasonable belief your actions are lawful. I request and urge you to cease and desist in your criminality, and stop any further “enforcement” given that this debt is rightly in dispute, as there are major questions over the legality of your collection process.

Per the contract we made on 5th September 2022 for ultra vires correspondence, I include a further invoice [for £1,100]. My time is valuable, and you are wasting it. I will be filing a claim for payment shortly, as well as compensation for your numerous breaches of my rights. You have already received final pre-action notification.

Finally, I am putting you under notice that if you, or anyone acting as your agent, attempts to immobilise my car, then it will be treated as attempted theft, and any device applied will be cut off. There is no criminal damage, since you have been given appropriate warning, and are demonstrably acting ultra vires and with malicious and criminal intent.

Yours faithfully,

Martin Geddes

This is a pretty disgusting act by my local council. When I have withdrawn the implied right of access to my home, that’s the end of it. Unless you turn up with an appropriate warrant from a court, you are not allowed to hassle me at my door. That they have been dumb enough to leave a paper trail like this shows how they are losing control over the narrative. It proves criminal intent, whether I owe money or not. Every move is leading to exposure of the systemic fraud.

Here is what I am learning from doing this. Peterlee Magistrates Court has gone totally silent on my latest information request, as I put the onus on them — if they don’t rebut my points, then they are taken to agree with them. If they rebut them, they are lying, and are in trouble. If they agree with them, they are admitting to crimes, so are in trouble. Oddly, I didn’t even get a response to this reminder… cannot imagine why!

Dear Ms Abraham,

Over two weeks have elapsed since I sent this correspondence, and I have had not response, which is out of character given how efficacious you have been previously. I am hopeful that these simple questions of due process are not complex to address, given that lawful justice is your reason for existing as an organisation.

I hereby request acknowledgement of receipt of my email of 8th February, and an indication of the timeframe in which to expect a response. If I do not have a response within the next 14 days then I will presume you are in agreement with all statements as being fact.

Given the seriousness of what is being discussed, I would appreciate a wet ink signature copy of any response (on official court stationery) be sent to my home address.

A courtesy copy via email for speed is also welcomed.

Martin Geddes

This is a war of attrition, and we are undermining the false sense of legitimacy that worker bees in these systems have, and opening their minds to the possibility that they are being abused as “useful idiots” in criminal schemes. The system collapses when people are no longer willing to act as its operatives and agents, because they fear accountability more than the loss of their salary, pension, and status. When they are committing crimes you have a duty to accuse them, so their conscience (or fear) is activated.

My local magistrates’ court is treasonous, and the more you look at its absolute lawlessness, the more outrageous it becomes. I started this newsletter talking about the future of (tele)communications, which widened to corruption in tech and media, which opened up the whole two-tier justice system with a class who feel above the law. Someday I would like to finish off the promotional work on the ∆Q algebra of telecoms network performance. Until we fix the legal, spiritual, and moral foundations of society, no technical intervention will save us, however useful or clever.