Workshops and training seminars

In collaboration with industry partners, we offer training courses and workshops in the state-of-the-art in telecommunications skills.

Available workshops

There are currently no public workshops scheduled. The following private workshops are available.

Fundamentals of Network Performance

This professional development event is designed for CTOs, capacity planning engineers, QoS engineers, operations managers and technical sales.

This workshop you will help you to become the most authoritative expert in your organisation on network performance engineering.

Sustainable Network-Enabled Service Delivery

This event is for users, managers and designers of vertically-integrated networks environments, where the network provider is responsible for delivering good application outcomes, as well as managing a shared cost for enabling them. Such outcome-driven users are either the owner of the network (e.g. military, telco internal use, large corporates) or have a collectively-managed infrastructure (e.g. public sector, community networks, small companies with multiple sites).

Fit-for-Business Broadband

The Fit-for-Business Broadband Workshop is a one-day event for executives and industry leaders responsible for buying, operating and developing business broadband services.

It is the culmination of our many years of experience and research as practitioners and consultants. We draw together the state-of-the-art in network performance science together with new insight into broadband economics and regulatory policy.

Who comes?

Below are examples of the roles and organisations who have attended past events.

Roles: Business Development Director, CEO, Chairman, Chief Analyst, CTO, Deputy Editor, Director, Founder, Head of Broadband QoS Solutions, Head of Strategy and Development, Managing Director, President, Principal, QoE Architect, Research Fellow, Senior Capacity Designer, Senior IP Solutions Architect.

Organisations: Acme Packet, Amsterdam Citynet, Barclays Capital, BBC, BT, Cable & Wireless Communications, CCS Insight, Cisco, Cumulus Analytics, eComm Media, Ellare, European Telecommunications Standards Institute, Everything Everywhere UK, First Mile Networks, Global Mobile Suppliers Association, ICIN Events Ltd, Internet Society, London School of Economics, Metaswitch, Objective Designers Ltd, Ofcom, OPLAN Foundation, Deutsche Telekom, Telecommunications Software & Systems Group, Telio Holdings, Three, TM Forum

Feedback from previous workshops:

 “Profound is not too strong a word for the quality attenuation concept.”
“The first time I have seen a flow approach applied properly to networking.”
“A fascinating day about a new way of looking at broadband.”
“Great day, good debates, lots to chew over. Kudos.”
“Thanks for showing limitations of incremental bandwidth.”
“A valuable use of my time. It was really eye-opening.”
“Very interesting, very useful and I would like to help you get your ideas through to more people.”
“A very thought-provoking, fun and interesting day.”
“Changed the way I perceive the network.”
“Many thanks for inviting me to this event. It was very useful.”
“Very high quality exchange of ideas.”
“A great event – great team and attendees.”
“Your focus on ‘hazards’ and ‘trades’  and the related opportunities were enlightening.”

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