Why we keep on going and won’t stop

The loving means lead to justice for all in the end

Flies are dropping like world class athletes

Life in the early 2020s can feel a bit like swimming in raw sewage. No amount of appeal to the final health benefits of the exercise can overcome the fact that it is stinky. It turns out that draining the swamp involves standing in a lot of putrid muck and cleaning the filthy decay out by hand. The military can take on pumping away the main bulk of corrupt effluent, but the public have to clean up all of the edges of the festering mess. At least we can see the growing piles of manure that will form the compost of a new and better society.

I sometimes wonder what it must be like for those under the black magic spell looking at the rest of us. We have refused to recant our personal beliefs or submit to the will of the collective, no matter what pressure has been applied. Our friends have withdrawn, our families fractured, our names were besmirched, our churches turned wicked, our employers enacted tyranny, our businesses were closed, our merchants refused us service, our doctors ignore ethics, our media lied to us nonstop, our homes became prisons, our culture has been poisoned. Yet we keep on going. Why are we so insistently inflexible?

There are many logical reasons that support the need for resolute action and refusal to compromise with wickedness: blackmail, corruption, fraud, human trafficking, genocide, mind control, transhumanist tyranny, debt slavery, and more. My compulsive information organising autist wants to grab Aristotle’s “elements of rhetoric” list — ethospathoslogoskairos, and topos — and enumerate them all. Just that is overkill, as I feel there are three things that dominate, and are sufficient to explain our “inexplicable” behaviour.

Our love for the divine

I am going to avoid using the “G word”, and instead focus on something that is more universal in appeal. What divides us is that which we hold in the highest esteem, and indeed are willing to die for. The individualists see the divine in each soul, which demands personal liberty. In contrast, the collectivists place their faith in the state and a “greater good” that can trump our freedoms. So on the one hand there is the infinite worth of each man or woman, with inviolable rights. On the other the hand is the expendable nature of people, since the finite personal means justify the functional societal ends.

Those who got “the jab” solely on the word of government authority have tautologically offered their body to the state. As genetically modified organisms they may have surrendered their rights, and become patented property of corporate entities. In other words, they are willing to sacrifice their humanity for the sake of the collective and its ideology. Furthermore, they are willing to coerce others into the same human sacrifice, and offer their own children up to their deity of institutional authority.

The rest of us don’t see things that way. We do not hold politicians, medics, judges, scientists, or pastors as being the final authority. However you express it, there is a higher level of authority that is beyond human power to modify. We do not worship the state or its agents. We do not worship religious institutions or its priests. We do not worship science or its academic acolytes. We are willing to sacrifice ourselves to protect the weak, but we are not willing to sacrifice others for the sake of ideology.

Our love for our imperfect self

The cosmic is the “big picture” reason we won’t ever compromise or collude, but the personal matters too. What I notice in many of my “unjabbed” and “awake” friends is that they have been through hard times and difficult struggles, yet came out the other side intact. In particular they have had nasty encounters with narcissists; endured those who refuse to integrate their own shadow; or are outright victims of physical abuse. We have been forced by circumstances to identify what is “out sh*t” versus the rest, so can see the self-delusions of others who refuse to own “their sh*t”.

The consequence of surviving these hardships is that we have been made to let go of (some of) our excess pride and inflated ego. It is hard to argue that you are the most worthy human when you’ve had a so-so career (at best), been broke and in debt, gone through addiction, got divorced and mucked up relationships, invested in stupid schemes and been scammed, made a fool of yourself in public with dumb pronouncements, or endless other ordinary failures. Meanwhile, my “jabbed” friends tend towards conventional success and more linear lives.

By being “fooked-up yet still fantastic” our self-worth isn’t contingent on approval from others. Yes, I am a mess, and so too are many of my patriot friends in their own special way. It doesn’t matter: somehow the mass psychosis bypasses us, since we don’t need the endorsement of those who haven’t faced down their demons. You might even have been a heroin abuser at one time — I know one, and she’s unfuxxinated. At least she got a few hours of numb pleasure from whatever was slammed in her veins. That’s more than the mRNA addicts can claim as the upside, and their downside is far worse… and never wears off.

Our love for others especially the innocent

It has been a hard lesson in detachment to observe other adults harming their own children in public with muzzles. I had one disturbing trip to a pet store with an old friend and his kids. Their own dog was unmuzzled going in, the rabbits we went to see were unmuzzled, but the children had masks on. It would have been funny if it wasn’t so freakish. I decided it wasn’t the time or place to challenge this child abuse, as the medical death cult has a total grip on its participants, and unsought interventions are often counter-productive.

One memorable interview I did a few years back sticks in my mind. I was asked what this Great Awakening was all about, and I started to ramble on about media corruption, the deep state, and financial crime. The interviewer stopped me, and stated the obvious: “it’s about the kids”. Children are being trafficked, organ harvested, raped, experimented upon, murdered, eaten (yup!), groomed, tortured, brainwashed, and enslaved. Once you understand that the Jeffrey Epsteins and Jimmy Saviles are not anomalies there is no going back to the naive trust you had in the “official narrative”.

Either you have the warrior spirit to protect the young, or you do not. I have been surprised in both directions. People I thought were aware of the criminality, and had even read all the Q drops plus grokked Trump, still jabbed their own infant when travel privileges were revoked. Others who seemed mild and soft in character became hardcore battlers for justice the moment children’s lives were at stake, and were willing to overcome all kinds of anxieties. Once children are being hurt, some of us won’t ever back down from a confrontation — whether they are our own or not.

We choose love so we perceive unloving acts

The energetic opposite of love is indifference; the empathetic reversal is hate; the inversion of effect is fear. Love is a force of attraction, and indifference says there is no force. Hate is wishing the worst for the other, rather than the best. Fear is when we feel threatened rather than cared for. The Covid pharma genocide weaponised the idea of love for one’s fellow man, perverting it into “face coverings” to hide smiles, all in the name of protecting others. Some of us could tell that it was really indifference to the divine, hatred of self, and fear of the other — and not love at all. So we have refused to comply with loveless laws.

If there is a lesson for future generations it is this: know what real love is, else you will have no love to give, and no life to live. When a society becomes apathetic, antagonistic, and alarmist it is vulnerable to campaigns of fear used to control people for nefarious ends. Those who choose love as their guiding path are empowered to withstand the denouncements and betrayals of those who fall in line with lies. A spiritual war is a battle against love, and the consciousness it represents. It sounds trite, but the only way to win peace is to end the cycle of fighting.

By living according to love and acting in loving ways we are better placed to spot unloving behaviours. Deceits fuel division and conflict, but these masquerade as love for people or nature. The differences can be subtle, and mistakes are common. It is one thing to recover from an unloving personal relationship, quite another to overcome a bioweapon cull as the ultimate in lovelessness. This tyranny experiment has been run, and the early results are now in. We can already conclude that those who learn to love — the divine, the true self, and all others — are best equipped for the long combat with evil.

Love is why we keep on going and won’t stop.