Why QAnon™ is a wicked falsehood

When you take up the role of false accuser, be careful of being held to account

Would your government harm you

The image above is from a recent protest march in London. We were passing a “party cycle tour” where men drink beer while pedalling a ten man cycle. Their host sits at the front and steers. The amusing (yet tragic) juxtaposition is of the question “would your government harm you?” with a man being harmed by his government by wearing fetid fear muzzle outdoors. It captures the zeitgeist in its own awful (if artful) way — it’s OK to play as long as you obey the official rules, morality be damned.

It isn’t just governments who betray those who trust them. Media companies lie to us to cover up crimes like sedition, fraud, theft, murder, and treason. Pharma companies inject us with poisons mis-sold as “vaccines” to gather lifelong profits from disease. Churches entangle their congregations into doctrines of submission to the state and abandonment of divine rights. And academics provide cover for crooks and conmen by offering a veneer of intellectual respectability for deceit. Yes, they all can and do harm you.

An academic paper has come to my attention titled “QAnon Propaganda on Twitter as Information Warfare: Influencers, Networks, and Narratives” from the Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders (!) of Michigan State University. It is worth me stating up front that I do not know the authors or their ultimate motive. For all I am aware, they could be “white hats” being used to set up academia for demolition. Conversely, they could be “black hat” operators attempting to tarnish some individuals by associating them with infiltrators into the truth movement.

Normally I have a policy of “don’t feed the trolls”, and I refuse to acknowledge their existence. I am making an exception in this case so I can help others see how corrupted scholarship is used to bolster future repressive acts against legitimate and lawful dissidents. I am (via my banned Twitter avatar @martingeddes) repeatedly mentioned in the paper, and indeed identified as one of the top-ranked influencers by “eigenvector centrality”. Behind virtual identities are real humans, and I am of flesh and blood. An attack on my avatar is an attack on me.

What obliges and entitles me to comment is that I have an actual lived experience of being part of the MAGA movement and a proponent of the Great Awakening. I know what I have written about, who I have interacted with, and what I think about the other characters involved. This is absolute truth: I am entitled to say what has happened in my own personal world, and it is not open to challenge. This includes being extensively censored, publicly smeared, and economically attacked. I have lived the consequences of liars being allowed to operate unchecked and without accountability.

To understand the Marxist methods being deployed, you need to examine the framing of this paper. There are four mentions of “Q drop”, zero of “anon[s]”, but 434 mentions of “QAnon”. It is not a paper about the information provided in the drops with allegations of serious high-level criminality. Nor is it a paper about those who perform open source research about institutionalised crime. It is instead pushing a synthetic narrative called “QAnon™”. This QAnon™ is a media brand conjured up by allies of the criminals, which semantically hijacks the hashtag “#QAnon”. It offers the superficial appearance of objectivity, but is a work of fiction — indeed, propaganda — for an evil purpose.

By focusing on QAnon™ the faked narrative, it denies the existence of objective reality: the Q drops and the truth or falsehood of the assertions made. The failure to be concerned about the identity of Q is the litmus test of whether this is honest inquiry or not. The QAnon™ construct obviates the need for critical thinking about these matters, since we are only concerned about competing narratives, not absolute truth. It also denies the free speech rights of the anons as citizens concerned about criminality, painting all involved as a movement adhering to a single prefabricated ideology.

There are zero mentions of “lawful”, “legal”, and “criminal”, and only a handful of passing references to “crime”. This is the classic method of totalitarianism: to substitute a false logic and false morality via the social normalisation of the tyrant’s preferred narrative. The elevation of narrative as the currency of power is essentially unholy. It puts the creator of the narrative into the place of decider of what is true and moral, and denies the role of the Creator as having the final say. Individuals are stripped of their participating in discernment at a personal level, and are invited to join in collectivist groupthink.

This constructed QAnon™ narrative positions the real criminals as the victims of abuse, and those holding them to account as the persecutors, using the academics as the rescuer. My best understanding is that a “satan” is a role, in the same way that a “podesta” is. A satan is an accuser or opponent, which in itself is neither good nor bad. Satanism is the process of accumulating power via the manufacture of false accusations, as with false flags.

The process of real justice is one of reconciliation to a single reality, and his holy as it aligned to the whole; that of injustice splits and fragments the world into competing narratives, some of which may be socially acceptable. The Satanic method uses the means of justice, but for perverted ends, but inverted roles and methods. It is unholy by design, and thus its end point is the despoliation of everything that is sacred. If you follow what we edify to its final conclusion, you either worship the Source of Life, or you end up heading towards a death cult. In this case Q and anons are life, QAnon™ ends in death.

To fully understand why QAnon™ is a wicked falsehood and Satanic in nature, we need to examine the (false) accusations being made against ordinary folk (like me) concerned about institutionalised crime. I am fully entitled to do so, since I am one of the accused by name! Thankfully I have sufficient residual free speech that I am able to do so here.

Again, we need to start with the framing: QAnon™ is positioned (by them) as propaganda, which means it is a knowing misrepresentation, which is the result of a hidden source of intent, only has agents of that source as outlets, and is a single monolithic concept. I am by suggestion a propagandist, liar, enemy agent, and have no independent views of my own.

So here goes… I am (by implication) accused of being:

  • far-right… which is the slur used against anyone who asserts individual rights that oppose communist goals.
  • conspiratorial… which suggests I am the false accuser, the classic role reversal of the Alinskyite method.
  • ideological… which removes any debate about the factuality of the criminal acts of those in power, or the holiness of the framing.
  • extremist… which is never defined, and is a codeword for “unacceptable” to those being held to account.
  • anti-Semitic… the go-to insult when all others fail, but never evidenced, and indeed I have stated the opposite, and rather unlikely to those who know my personal history.
  • coordinated… by whom and with whom?
  • insurrectionist… in what way against whom?
  • new age… which I don’t think I have written about once.
  • occult… a topic I write about, but do not participate in, my purpose being to de-occultise the world.
  • esoteric… a neutral label along with exoteric that simply states that something is hidden.
  • alternative reality… the reversal of what they themselves are doing.
  • Cicada 3301… never mentioned it once AFAICR, but the music video is a nice curiosity, and who cares anyway if this is all legal.
  • agent of Russian and corporate entities… wow, really?!?
  • undermining democratic processes… by exercising free speech.
  • promoting “magical” thinking… even if true, is this unlawful, and who decides?
  • ostracising Democrats and liberals… who somehow never get deplatformed or shunned by their families.
  • a propagandist… even though my interest in evil, psychopathy, mind control, media, and crime predates Q.
  • ethnonationalist and white supremacist… who had a Malaysian-Chinese boyfriend, so I must be homophobic too.
  • deceptive… if so, a contest of ideas in free speech will show me up!
  • cultist… who saw the Jehovah’s Witnesses from the inside, but never fell for any of it.
  • astroturfer… do let me know where to send the invoices.
  • violent neo-Nazi… 🤣.
  • fascist… 🤪.
  • inauthentic… 🥳.
  • unnatural… 😎.
  • represent a danger to society… 😛.
  • socially divisive… 😘.
  • damaging… 👍.
  • coercive… 😱.
  • ostracising… 😫.
  • Discordian… no, I hadn’t heard of it either, so at least I learned a new word.

Do you ever get the feeling that criminals don’t like being held accountable, and that name calling and character assassination is their preferred method of maintaining power?

If those adhering to QAnon™ are this bad, then where are the criminal convictions? Why is there no group of former QAnon™ victims helping those who fell under the sway to recover? How come QAnon™ doesn’t naturally wither away under the weight of “obvious” counter-evidence? Why isn’t there a law against promoting QAnon™ forms of thought and speech if it is this deadly? What is stopping this dreadful “Q” figure as instigator from being exposed and brought to justice? I think you know the answer! Open debate invites unwanted attention to unpleasant facts, so group denigration and borderline libel is the option they choose instead.

In the past week we had two FBI employees under oath (at the Danchenko trial) testify to the existence of treason, and two witnesses is all it takes for a conviction. This treason was never going to be prosecuted via the compromised civilian court system, so the fate of Danchenko himself as small fry is irrelevant. Treason is now on the official record, and demands intervention. The serious matter we are discussing can and does lead to war, as with Ukraine. This “academic” paper is part of the cover-up operation for the worst kind of criminality.

Given the total debunking of every part of the Russiagate narrative, even to the point of the New York Times having to apologise, I have to giggle at this part:

Notably, we demonstrate clear, rigorous quantitative evidence that a sophisticated digital “astroturfing” campaign aimed at promoting QAnon propaganda and influencers on Twitter was well underway by 2020. We further identify multiple lines of evidence suggestive of Russian involvement QAnon propaganda promotion on Twitter.

Surely this paper has to be purposefully constructed to show how easily the arrogant and foolish are suckered by the surface gloss of objectivity and the superficial legitimacy from being in a published journal? I have lived this story for five years, know many of the figures involved personally, and participated at the front lines of the information war. The gaslighting of the readers of this paper is so naked and shameless it almost has to be for the ultimate purpose of exposing the corrupt methods involved.

The QAnon™ brand concept is positioned as a narrative, because the paper wishes this to be a battle for the supremacy of stories over free thought, not one of empirical facts and rational logic. In this paradigm the collective ends (power for proponents of one narrative) justify the individually illiberal means (suppression of free speech and removal of criticism of corrupted power). It then misrepresents the actual Q drops and assertions of the anons, inverting the roles of criminal and victim.

Specifically it has the following malicious falsehoods and twisted language:

  • influencers analysing crimes in public are “persons of interest” who are “suspected of participation”, terms usually reserved for perpetrators of crime.
  • human trafficking as a whole (which includes identity fraud, legal hijacking, sex trafficking, organ harvesting, debt slavery, and classic labour slaves) is reduced to just the “pizzagate” label.
  • individuals in the former who hold the latter to account are grouped as one, and are guilty by association via obtuse metrics of connectivity; there are no individual opinions or distinct identities from the group.

At one level this inversion is all quite amusing and comical, but it also invites further horror and atrocities. A Pfizer executive recently testified under oath in public that there was no testing of the effectiveness of their product for prevention of Covid transmission, which invalidates the whole basis for vaccine passports and loss of essential liberty. People are dying (tens of millions) and getting injured (hundreds of millions) as a result of taking the poison injection. The truth movement has been proven correct on these matters, making those who attack us accessories to murder, genocide, and crimes against humanity.

The purpose of this published paper is to smear those who tell such difficult truths, and to provide justification for future repression and removal of free speech. This article on DARPA mind control hints at the communist methods in play:

Lest one believe it will be contained to overseas extremists, we should keep in mind that the word extremist is increasingly used domestically. The dissenters of yesterday could easily become the terrorist sympathizers and supporters of political violence tomorrow.

Today’s “QAnon dissenter” is tomorrow’s gulag inmate, or guillotine victim. I am under no illusions about the Bolshevik playbook being used, and am not standing down as long as I am alive. Yet those who have participated in pushing this corrupt QAnon™ synthetic narrative had better be careful. You are inviting divine retribution for your wrongdoing, and it is far worse than anything that can be meted out by myself.

If you live by the Satanic method, then you may perish by the Satanic method. When you wrongly accuse the righteous, then you invite extreme retribution from above. There are powers greater than government that can harm the wicked, so watch out for Biblical style justice. As every lie is being revealed, every liar will be held to account, for accountability season is near.

You yourselves said I am one of the key influencers, so I am just painting the target for the Almighty to come after you in return. I hereby justly accuse you of being wicked perpetrators of falsehood, and practitioners of Satanic methods of mind control.

Consider this to be a metaphorical red laser dot on the QAnon™ lie from one of Q’s reliably truthful anons.