Why is it wrong to maim children?

Sometimes explaining the obvious takes some effort!

It took the philosopher Bertrand Russell over 300 pages to prove that 1+1=2. Thankfully this short essay demonstrates a self-evident thing in rather less space! Why is it wrong to put a muzzle on a child in a classroom and tell them to take an experimental gene therapy with no long term safety case offered by known criminals? That such a thing even needs discussion is extraordinary and disturbing, but here we are…

There are some people who think that perverse medical procedures are normal, natural, and needed — like the gentleman pictured above. He was quite aggressive in confronting a protest march against medical tyranny held in Carlisle, England. I have family members who are similarly willing to endorse the irrational and unethical abuse of children. I wrote the following as part of a private correspondence, and have edited it for public consumption.

UK Government data from the Office of National Statistics now proves that children are dying in significant numbers as the result of completely unnecessary experimental injections offered without proper informed consent. There is considerable other data to corroborate this, and it is the greatest scandal of our lifetime.

Schools have endorsed these deadly injections for all pupils, refused to respond to reasonable concerns, and denied any accountability for giving blanket medical advice. Many families have continued to put children into such unprofessional and unlawful institutions, overriding all grounded objections. This raises grave concerns about the spiritual and ethical values that participation in school imparts.

Schools have violated the human rights of all pupils via face masks, which are medical devices being imposed also without informed consent. These are serious crimes — and masks bring proven physical and psychological risks to children. Meanwhile, some have attempted to justify the harm to muzzled kids — and deaths of injected children — on the basis one’s own child can opt out of the muzzle or injection.

This a shocking and morally repugnant stance, lacking in basic conscience. It is the job of all adults to protect the innocent, whether they are our children or not. After all, “It is better for him if a millstone is hung around his neck and he is thrown into the sea, than that he should cause one of these little ones to stumble”. And for the record, it is not the job of the young to sacrifice themselves to protect the old.

When we tolerate harmful muzzles and risky gene therapy injections we are teaching spiritual and moral values. The implicit curriculum is as follows:

  • Human rights can be violated with impunity.
  • Valid science is defined only by selected experts (funded by partisan parties), while the scientific method (including questioning data) can be disregarded at will.
  • Morality is dictated by consensus or the state, and is not God-given.
  • Medical informed consent is optional.
  • It is acceptable to justify harm to individuals based on collectivist ideology.
  • Nobody should be held to account for criminal wrongdoing as long as everyone does the same crime.
  • Parents who object should not be respected or obeyed.
  • Collusion is the appropriate response to tyranny, compromising yourself in the process.
  • Law breaking should be tolerated as long as it is socially acceptable.
  • It is reasonable to selfishly meet your own (educational) needs at the cost of physical harm to others.
  • Authority should be trusted without question and never challenged.
  • You have no need to act upon conscience, even if you are alone in your rejection of injustice; cowardice is preferred over courage.

Every single teacher at school is complicit in this medical and moral catastrophe, and has shown values that question their fitness to exercise a duty of care. The peers of children who remain in school all have parents who feel this is acceptable behaviour, which normalises the highly immoral and abnormal. Those who quit school (as teachers or pupils) become “invisible”, creating a false impression of moral consensus.

The concerns about such pandemic policies are justified: these are safety of life and moral conscience issues that cannot be dismissed. In the opinion of many, children are being indoctrinated into a Marxist (and unholy) worldview. We also see young children being inappropriate sexualised at school, a Marxist technique used to undermine society.

Many of us feel a sense of betrayal, having been wrongly dismissed as crazy, and falsely accused of being in a conspiracy cult with no evidence. The state has assumed parental authority in the place of actual mothers and fathers, who are treated as an unfit to make decisions about their own offspring, and with no due process. Yet the official data vindicates our concerns!

It is inappropriate for children to associate with people who are treacherous since that teaches them disloyalty and dishonour. The state and schools have broken our trust, and now we have to fight back. It is in particular incumbent on the older generation to use all their resources to support parents in protecting children from those who would corrupt or harm them.

Too many have failed to assist those who stand between children and harm, and have endorsed the spread of ungodly spiritual values. Many family relationships are already broken due to misaligned values, or are at a “last chance saloon” to halt and reverse the relationship damage. The wrongness of what has been done to our children must be recognised for society to heal.

Many children are now psychologically injured by masks, or dead from injections, and more are likely to succumb to cancer and other horrors. For these victims their education has been interrupted permanently; respect for their lost life denies using them as a basis on which to justify any other child’s attendance. It is quite possible that every child will have to confront classmates suffering from vaccine-induced illness, infertility, and even death.

This is trauma that could easily have been avoided, and deserves discussion, as it is an extremely serious matter. That said, it is no longer possible for righteous people to tolerate unethical and irrational behaviour that results in harm to the innocent, whether our own or not. Normal social relations and contingent upon us all having normal moral standards of behaviour.

The old normal of informed consent and individual human rights was the right normal, and now must be restored.