We don’t need no… court paperwork

It’s another brick in the wall around Durham County Council

He who dares not offend cannot be honest

As part of National Violate Martin’s Constitutional Rights Week, I have some correspondence to share. It is part of my ongoing tussle with Durham County Council and their corrupt and fraudulent process for collection of council tax. I am in the middle of the estoppel process, which forces them to either show the paperwork to prove their authority to enforce a debt, or shut up forever as it become a “legal fact” that they have no authority. They won’t ever show a court signature, as it’s all fraud, and we the public now can see it.

Below are the images of the letter. Remember, all I have done is ask them to prove their claim they have a valid court order. The recent High Court case of Leighton vs Bristow & Sutor made it abundantly clear that court paperwork is needed. You can’t just go around saying someone owes you money, as anyone can do that. We have courts for a reason, and corrupt courts won’t want to give you paperwork, so we demand paperwork for a reason, too. Our councils have degenerated into crime syndicates with a road sweeping division.

Durham County Council letter to Martin Geddes

“Stop this silly nonsense of asking for due process and just pay us money!” 🤣

This may not look like it, but it is winning! The estoppel process has forced them to blink. They have failed to provide the required documents, and just restated their claim. The distraction and smear about social media doesn’t absolve them of the need to provide due process. They won’t do that because the whole of council tax is based on a lie (about the classification of residential homes as a form of business property) in order to make us cough up to a corporation for the “privilege” of living on the land you were born in.

I will do a longer dissection later and share my response. Just thought you would appreciate seeing authority squirm a bit as they are held accountable. We do have power to push back! They are now the ones in reactive mode, and are worried about a letter coming in the post. I have all I need to get damages out of them, and make them pay me for unlawful harassment for debt that they cannot prove exists (because it doesn’t, it is all a scam in collusion with the corrupt magistrates’ courts that are in commerce for the dead, not constitutional justice for the living).