War on free speech: I have been deplatformed by Patreon

The war on free speech and expression continues. Today I have been deplatformed by Patreon, which is no surprise as they showed their Marxist colours through their support for Black Lives Matter.

Here is the email notification I received from Patreon:

Patreon has been my main source of income, and this puts me in a very difficult position financially. Note how they haven’t even given me the courtesy of access to my patron contact data. Thankfully I have a data backup, although not as recent as I maybe ought to have had in retrospect.

We are at the point where there are huge revelations about the corruption of the Biden crime family emerging, and the mass media is refusing to report them. Those who have been tracking the Q drops, and the vast trove of open source research that results from them, are well aware of where this leads to. The whole crime empire of the “Deep State” is being exposed — including the Clinton Foundation’s human trafficking — along with the crooked media that has been covering for their crimes.

For the simple act of journalism — looking at source data, doing my own research, coming to my own conclusions, and writing my thoughts in public — I have been booted off Medium, Mailchimp, YouTube, and Patreon and censored by Dropbox too. Nothing I write is disinformation; everything is grounded in objective data. You don’t get this reaction for writing about Bigfoot or alien abductions: only one “conspiracy theory” gets this level of attention and pushback. I wonder why?

Note how ANY expression of creative opinion ANYWHERE that is disapproved of by Patreon is being used to deplatform its users. How outrageous does this censorship by Big Tech have to get before people on the traditional liberal left begin to question its legtimacy? For if you do not protect speech you disapprove of, you are no friend of free speech at all. This is the moment when your principles are being put to the test.

My only solace is that the future lawsuits against these corrupt tech companies will solve any worries I have about having a fully funded pension. These retroactive policy changes are manifestly unjust, and the coordinated takedown of those writing about corruption in the tech industry smacks of criminal racketeering. There won’t be any Section 230 protection from civil liability, and criminal cases cannot be far behind.

BTW — while you can, download my essays on QAnon at onq.martingeddes.com for free, and share liberally!