Voice innovation

  • What are the unmet user needs and innovative new services for voice?
  • Who are the key players and partners that I should work with?
  • What are the network and service delivery capabilities that I will need?
  • How can I best deliver voice services over commodity broadband?
  • The voice service innovation challenge

    The telecoms voice industry is under commoditisation and competition pressure. To combat falling margins and the cost of managing churn, operators are looking to exploit differentiating new service capabilities, and prepare for new services driven by technologies like WebRTC.

    The challenge for operators is to both find ways to extend the life of their current telephony business, as well as to build platforms that service the real-time communication demands of the future. As old ways of supplying the voice market reach their end of life, fresh approaches are required.

    Many operators are thus facing a quandary: should they continue to invest in voice and the service platforms it requires? Is there future growth that needs anticipating and managed in-house, or should the service platform be outsourced? Who are the right people to partner with, either for capability or low cost?

    New products and platforms for growth

    We work as a thinking partner and bridge into a community of voice innovation technology and service providers. Through our role as recognised experts and thought leaders in this space, we can help to guide you through the complexity and confusion surrounding voice service innovation.

      • We can help you to ideate, design and create new services for your existing telephony customer base. There is a wealth of possibility to service unmet user needs for efficient, effective and secure communications.
      • Through our industry network we can help you to locate suppliers and to evaluate products and technologies. We can create a strategic roadmap for the capabilities necessary to service the future voice market.
      • We can help you to measure and manage voice quality over commodity broadband, delivering a differentiated experience compared to your competition. We can also help you to created quality-assured voice broadband services at low cost to enable new revenue streams.

    There is hope for voice!

    Having been one of the first to identify the full effects of the ‘over the top’ challenge, and with over a decade of experience in consulting on the topic, we offer unrivalled insight and experience. What we uniquely offer is a depth of understanding of network performance, combined with breadth of understanding of the user needs and applications that fulfil them.

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