Update on censorship by Medium

Medium has offered no explanation or detail to those who have been censored off its blogging platform. Are they hiding something? You decide!

I wrote a previous newsletter on how I had been “deplatformed” by Medium with no notice or negotiation. I am not the only one: Dr Danielle Bumenthal and journalist Zach Haller also suffered summary digital assassination for writing about QAnon.

The way the original notification on 9th March was presented was an insulting communication for such a serious matter. I have over 100 articles on Medium, on subjects like medical ethics and network engineering. It signed off “Barbara”, with no surname or job title or department. I therefore wrote back on 13th March:

Dear Barbara with no official title or office,

Thank you for letting me know my Medium account has been suspended.

I have been writing about high-level crime and corruption, including that in Silicon Valley. There also appears to be an imminent process of unsealing of indictments against very prominent political, industrial and media figures relating to these crimes. The timing of this suspension (and that of other people writing on the same topics), together with its blanket nature and unspecified cause, could therefore be possibly be interpreted as being politically motivated, so as to cover for these wrongdoings.

I am sure you would like to take the opportunity to reassure my many readers that this is not the case. Could you therefore please let me know the specific article(s) that contravene your policies, and which specific policies I have been deemed to have broken, so that we may know that is indeed so?

Given the serious nature of the censorship and free speech issues involved around such criminal allegations, a refusal to do so would cause many honest and honourable people to question your integrity as an organisation.

I look forward to a swift and salient response.

Kind regards,

Martin Geddes

This has received no response to date. Inquiries by others censored by Medium have had the same stonewalling. Therefore I forwarded this request to their legal department on 26th March:


I have not had a response from your support staff in two weeks.

The issuance of the Mueller report effectively confirms the existence of a seditious plot involving the mainstream media. I have extensively written about this matter, including on how the corrupt media is being bypassed by the Trump administration.

Can you please provide me with answers to my questions below, since this is a matter of considerable public interest, as well as clearly being a private concern. You have removed all of the 100+ articles I have written, many on topics of absolutely no controversy whatsoever.

Martin Geddes

This too has received no response.

I’ve only had one member of the public write to me saying (in precis) “I don’t like Trump and I think QAnon is nuts, but this is wrong.” The continued silence of my liberal friends makes an anechoic chamber sound like a rock concert.

The Russiagate scandal has outed the media as being a propaganda arm of the corrupt Democratic party, itself hijacked by the criminal Deep State. Q has given us specific and accurate insight into what is happening, and the sedition and treason of previous administrations. Silicon Valley is no better than the mass media, and their attempts to cover up these crimes implicate them.

However, I plan to have the last laugh. My upcoming book on QAnon and related topics can now run the compelling sales tagline  “As censored by Medium!”. I think it’s a badge of honour to be singled out by crooks for doing proper journalism. Don’t you?