The Slave Psychosis

Naming the core problem we are dealing with has a lot of power

You will probably be reading this on a phone or laptop, so you can see your hands. Take a look at them. Are they your hands? Do they belong to you? Are you sure? Would you give them to someone else if they demanded them from you? Can your hands be bought and sold? It almost seems like a list of silly questions. Of course they are my hands! They are part of my body, so I own them. No, you can’t take my hands off, and no, they cannot be traded.

The society we live in holds two contradictory ideas to be true simultaneously: that we are free people who innately have rights over our bodies, and yet we also owe some obligation to others who have an ownership stake in our body (which generates our labour and possessions). This “splitting” means that the average person is unknowingly psychotic. They inhabit two incompatible psychological and spiritual realities, whether they know it or not. The challenge we face collectively is to confront this “slave psychosis”, so that we may be emancipated from it.

The obvious case in the present moment is the “quaxxine”. A significant proportion of the population have been willing to inject unknown substances that may cause genetic modification and/or install transhumanist technology. They have effectively given over ownership of their body to the state with no questions asked. There is unbounded wickedness that can be implemented via such a scheme, rendering its victim effectively a zombified automaton under the control of cyborg systems of enslavement.

The World Economic Forum must be destroyed

The average “jabbed” person would not recognise themselves as having lost their freedom (and possibly the essence of their humanity too) from a supposed “vaccine”. As far as they were concerned it was a “free” choice and done for the welfare of the collective. They do not realise that they may now be a patented GMO entity subject to corporate control, and no longer have human rights. This is the genius of the “slave psychosis”: those who are subjugated are done so at their own initiative, and believe it was their free choice, even when under conditions of deception and coercion.

While our bodies can be subverted into slavery, the core mechanism for erasing our freedom is legal in nature, since slavery requires the law to (falsely) assert ownership rights over us. Under natural or common law we have innate rights simply from existing. For example, we have a freedom to travel on the public highway in our personal conveyance. Legislative or commercial law inverts the model: everything is a permission, not a right. In this case we supplicate to the state for a license to “drive” (like a drover of a flock of sheep) a commercial “vehicle”. We pay taxes on our horseless carriages to keep them on the road, when we already had that right.

The construction of a legal doppelgänger — the “straw man” fiction — securitises our existence as tax slaves. Our innate freedoms are subverted and then fractionally sold back to us, one at a time. We understand that it is ridiculous to tax birds, insects, and even babies. How can a child be born into (national) debt, yet never have consented or contracted to it? Yet somehow we transition into “taxable animals” as we grow up, believing that we have a collective debt to central bankers. We accept the nonsense that this is how things are meant to be, simply because it has become standard operating procedure.

I do not consent to be governed

The psychotic slave believes themselves to be free, yet complies with the expropriation of their wealth by the gangster state, under the delusion that “democracy” legitimises such theft. The “fight, flight, freeze, fawn” response to being held captive often drifts to the last one — and those subjected to control over their lives, and removal of their assets by force, will literally venerate those who enslave them. It takes a special kind of evil genius to have the slaves honour their human traffickers as being nobility and even royalty, yet that is seen as ordinary.

For me it has been a gradual process of realising that authorities we trusted have no regard for the law or the rights of the public. There is a maze of self-referential legalisms that attempt to normalise the removal of the freedoms we were born with. When you challenge the true lawfulness of their rules and regulations you get sent into a labyrinth of falsehoods designed to wear you out before justice is ever served. An alliance of corrupt courts, controlled media, and bought politicians ensures that the overall system’s legitimacy is not questioned by the masses — at least not at any scale.

Perhaps the worst betrayal is by the spiritual authorities and religious institutions. We are meant to render to Caesar only what Caesar is due: namely, that to which we have consented and contracted. To offer more to the emperor is to be a slave, and it is wrong for a free man to do so. If we were in physical chains then we would understand that we had been put into captivity by the state. Should we turn up at church in shackles then we would seek to have them removed with bolt cutters and angle grinders. We don’t just want the “spirit of bondage or oppression” to be exorcised!

Big Brother loves card-only venues. Keep cash alive.

Yet the reality of our spiritual institutions is that their congregations are enslaved via legalised identity fraud, and the institutions are complicit by becoming (tax exempt) corporations. Rather than a separation of church and state, we have a business partnership that sustains the human tax farm. A few churches resisted the muzzle and counselled against the jab, but try finding one which supports the congregation in asserting their God-given rights. They are all enablers for this system of tacit enslavement, if only through silence and inaction.

As a society we are at the point where either we have to fight back, or totally succumb to tyranny. Biometrics plus programmable digital currencies form the perfect digital prison. “Smart cities” are the new gulags, where behaviour is monitored and controlled via algorithms over which you have no power or influence. The superficial attraction of convenience lets us ignore the ever-deepening loss of freedom, right up to the moment when we displease the slave masters. The tyranny of the past few years is only a fraction of the horror we could be subjected to, and Chinese style social credit scoring shows how this could play out.

The very first time I was deplatformed was by Mailchimp, and it was a chilling moment in my life. I had done nothing wrong, and it was the shattering of the illusion of a fair society with free speech. I was not told which content had broken which rule. I had no access to justice. All I had done was to go against the “official narrative” and tell truths that were not popular with those in power. This pattern has replicated itself over and over, as I was censored and my livelihood taken off me. Now we are standing at the point when every aspect of our lives can be deplatformed: all digital identities, all communications products, and all financial services. This level of exclusion for wrongthink ought to be a terrifying prospect.

No biometric for food

As someone pioneering the process of “exiting the slave matrix” I have had to face a form of internal exile — professional, social, economic, cultural, and reputational. While initially painful, it has given me distance and separation from those still completely under the sway of the slave psychosis. I have had to recognise that I am only partially free, as I have continued to comply with slave processes when I had no real need to do so. While it is easy to ignore (unlawful) harassment from, say, TV Licensing, it takes more effort to face down (equally) unlawful intimidation from my local council or the taxman.

You cannot be a free (wo)man if you simultaneously act like a slave, yet nearly everyone has done so. We are all psychotic to some extent! Rigged elections imply taxation without representation, and it is wrong to pay taxes under such circumstances, yet few dissent. When those in power harm us and genocide our children, then we are obligated to cease cooperation, and engage in peaceful and lawful rebellion. The clever trick that has been pulled on us is to normalise these abnormal things, and to make an example of any individual who tries to hold those in power to account.

The Covid scamdemic made it plain to many of us how easily mass psychosis can be engineered, and how hard it can be to resist and stand firm for your bodily integrity. Most of the population will put on a slave muzzle as a ritual to remove fear of social disapproval, and claim it was the righteous thing to do. Now we need to look at how this process of normalisation of enslavement goes far, far beyond “face masks” and “poison pokes”. It took something this extreme for the slave psychosis to be made physically unmissable. Now we need to identify and resolve every way in which we are living double standards — of believing we are free, when acting the opposite.

Global Fascists want us terrified oppressed enslaved