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As long as we have entities that are above the law, we are in trouble

Geddes correspondence

A good friend of mine recently said, with a benign intent, that I am naive. That wasn’t a criticism, it was just an observation that I am pure of heart and (in most matters) of an innocent nature. There are limits to my own innocence, but whether I am a born-again virgin isn’t our focus here today. My encounters with corrupt officialdom are educating me in the power-centric mindset and heartless ways of those who take a salary while leaving their conscience at home. They are guilty of enabling crooked institutions to thieve from us and abuse us when we resist.

Above is the text of the bland fob-off from the Professional Standards department of Durham Constabulary. It is in response to my complaint at being turned away at the door for attempting to report fraud and blackmail by Durham County Council. That the law is bring broken is obvious to see to anyone who actually looks at the facts, since the Council has abandoned any pretence at due process in collecting debts. That is because they are using treasonous administrative courts, and know they have been caught out.

As many of you are reading this on a mobile device, the text is quoted below:

I refer to your correspondence which was received into our department on 23rd December 2022 whereby you expressed your dissatisfaction with the attitude of the Front Counter Clerk (FFC) when you visited Newton Aycliffe Front Office on 21st December 2022 to make a report. You state in your email that you feel the FCC should not have made a decision regarding whether a crime had been committed or not.

I have spoken to the Front Counter Clerk regarding this matter, and he has advised that he had taken details of the matter you wished to report and advised you that from the information you had provided him, it did not appear to be a criminal matter. Whilst I appreciate your frustrations, the FCC has police experience and was therefore able to offer you advice. The FCC attempted to resolve the matter in the first instance by offering you advice however as you did not agree with the advice you were given by the FCC, he advised that he would ask a police officer to speak with you, which is the correct thing to do.

This matter has been dealt with reasonably and proportionately and all policing policies and procedures have been adhered to. 

I apologise on behalf of Durham Constabulary that the service you have received has not met your expectations and for the way you have perceived the attitude of the FCC.

I will now close your enquiry with this department and record on the complaints system.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the positive feedback regarding PC Craggs. I have passed your feedback onto both PC Craggs and her supervisor.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Please be assured we take all reports seriously.  We appreciate all feedback negative or positive so that lessons may be learned and also, as a learning organisation, we continue to improve service delivery to our communities.

I am discovering that the only way to proceed is to make it personal… these bullies believe they are protected by their “liability shield” as employees, but it is perfectly possible to pursue them in civil courts for damages for acting outside of their role. Furthermore, it is always the cover-up that gets them, not the original crime. The clerk at my local police station didn’t take any interest in the material facts of my complaint. By failing to examine them, the Professional Standards department now have in writing committed to aiding and abetting a crime.

Here is my response:

Dear Ms Walton,

This response is factually untrue. No details were taken whatsoever of my complaint, and I was told to go away with no investigation at all. Merely stating the nature of the complaint (fraud and blackmail) and who it was against (Durham County Council) was sufficient to be turned back. I strenuously objected, and was eventually allowed to speak to PC Craggs. This is a breach of oath — a failure to uphold the rule of law, and to treat all equally. It doesn’t matter if I am the first person in history to turn up and complain about this particular crime.

You are asking me to believe that Durham County Council can lie about having a court order in order to demand money, and then repeatedly threaten me when I call them on the lie, and no crime has been committed in this process. That is absurd; the most basic elements of due process are clearly absent in this matter. This is before we even touch on the unconstitutional nature of such an administrative court (making it perjury), and breaches of other statues (like the Bills of Exchange Act 1882). Sgt North also broke his oath by stating that anything connected to Council Tax is a civil matter, which is untrue when the rule of law is being ignored.

Can you please let me know:

  • The name and number of the FCC officer involved, since he is acting ultra vires to aid and abet a crime, and hence liable in a personal capacity.
  • Whether you yourself are a constable acting under oath, or a civilian.
  • Whether breaches of the oath of service are within the remit of Professional Standards.
  • Why the substance of my complaint (breach of oath by failure to investigate a crime) has not been considered, only the superficial manner in which it happened.
  • Why you have not examined any evidence I have of a serious crime (fraud and blackmail) being committed, which would corroborate or contradict the presumption that no crime has occurred.
  • Why the advice of PC Craggs (take this up with Professional Standards so it can if necessary be referred to CID) was immediately contradicted by you (refusal to examine the substance of the complaint).
  • The escalation path defined for complaints such as this.

How can you claim to have evaluated this complaint without examining the evidence I have of a crime having taken place? You self-evidently cannot. This response suggests that Durham Constabulary, as a matter of policy, is acting to conspire with Durham County Council to cover up systemic wrongdoing.

The Council lying about court proceedings and failing to offer any evidence of a court order (that they claim exists) is a serious matter. It will have to be brought to the attention of my MP if this is not resolved via your complaints process.

Martin Geddes

I am guessing that “game over” is coming for the entire corrupt legal and policing system in the next few months, so this process will be overtaken by events. The immediate tactical goal is to learn by doing. Until we push back, nothing changes. At some point the front counter clerk in my local police station may discover he is poisoned by the jab recommended by his employer, and who knows may become active in this community for truth and justice. I have nothing against him personally, and if he ever repents his mistake it will be forgiven and absolved.

Until then, I will doggedly pursue justice. It is the job of the police to prevent and investigate crime, not to commit it and cover it up.