The refounding of the church

To sustain our ability to stand apart from the world we must rediscover the covenant

I go to church daily… but only with close friends, and mostly in the virtual world. These church conversations are a continuing reflection on moral matters, located in the explicit context of an information and spiritual war. I have learned a lot by deeply reflecting on the behaviour of myself and others from a divine viewpoint.

I never attend ceremonies at any formal building, I don’t associate with any named congregation, and I don’t have a label for my beliefs. For that matter, I refuse to participate in organised religion or official ritual in any way or form. What follows are personal observations on spiritual life that I have solely distilled from these explorations with wise colleagues.

Based on my experience of fighting in this war, I am making the case for a refounding of the church around its singular existential principle: a holy covenant, not a worldly contract. My assertion is that we must do this, especially in America, if the dysfunctional patterns of the past are to be terminated. Otherwise, our fighting efforts will be wasted, and peace will not last.

This (lengthy) essay is meant to appeal to a wide audience of varied belief and faith, but may be challenging for some who are deeply attached to the current format. Take from this what works for you; I don’t pretend to have final answers, only a synthesis that draws on my observational talents. It is a starting point for debate, and a provocation to up our collective game, especially with respect to children.

The West is split spiritually

A rough dividing up of our “advanced” technocratic society would possibly list the following competing factions:

  • Scientific materialists/atheists
  • Orthodox Christian churches
  • Catholicism
  • Other established “respectable” churches
  • New agers
  • Hedonists
  • Satanists and Luciferians
  • Cults
  • Imports (Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism)
  • Outcasts (Gypsies, Jews)

Reasonable people could disagree with this list, and we could debate the exact makeup. The purpose is just to highlight how we are fractured, so lack a unity of spirit. What is notable is that most of these have recently aligned to a radical leftist agenda, at least to some degree. There has been widespread Marxist infiltration of churches, and proven rampant paedophilia.

Priests have placed muzzles on children forcing them into slave-like depersonalisation, which physically and psychologically harms them. Evangelists have encouraged their flocks to take dangerous DNA-altering injections, due to fear of an invisible threat, and submit to state tyranny. The flags being flown on churchgoer property widely indicate support for literal Nazis in Ukraine, Green eco-fascism, as well the sexual grooming (and transgender mutilation) of children.

A failure to deliver on the core mission

The core “business processes” of any church involve births, deaths, and marriages. Yet these are also subject to warping into the agenda of the secular state.

With births, we have christenings (“baby wettings”) that make the child property of the church-state power axis, while pretending to be baptisms (which are for adults only). This participates in the human trafficking scheme of the newborn as numbered and collateralised tax serfs. Many children attend superficially Christian churches and schools, but are sensitive to hypocrisy, and can tell lifeless indoctrination from loving guidance.

With deaths, we have rituals that fail to address the reassignment of roles within the family and community. Funerals dispose of dead bodies like human garbage, but the wider issue of transfer of responsibility and spiritual leadership down the generations is given little to no attention. In particular, the personal demons of the deceased often seem to pass themselves onwards, as generational trauma replicates.

With marriages, we have state-sanctioned breeding partnership contracts that erode the innate rights of any pair to make living and inheritance agreements (e.g. elderly sisters living together). Marriage has been extended beyond what nature intended with gay “marriage”. You can still support the right of homosexual civil partnerships while reserving marriage for heterosexual couples — based on a biological fact of how society reproduces itself.

The dysfunction is obvious: delinquent youth are repulsed by spiritual deceit; a genocidal state is murdering congregants with not a whisper of objection; and there is widespread divorce, as couples seek greener fields while disconnecting from the sacred. Our families are as spiritually scattered as our society, and the negative consequences for our children are severe.

Unholy behaviour leads people astray spiritually

Modern churches are more like businesses, and take the form of corporations, often literally. They have complex hierarchies and business models. These are easily turned into captured operations through targeting of leaders via greed, notoriety, or blackmail. Most churches are allied to the military, industrial, academic, banking, entertainment complex — and push the same agendas, or offer only token resistance.

Most concerning is how churches support the cultural drift to spiritually messed up male/female relations. This is achieved either through inversion of roles (elevating weak men and domineering women), or suppression of innate behaviour (e.g. celibacy driving deviancy, male protector desire repressed, female promiscuity encouraged via abortion). Women have been encouraged to abandon hands-on mothering, and get a “work husband” with a corporate boss who gets far more of her energy and attention than her actual spouse. The main beneficiary is the taxman.

Maybe I am some kind of bigot, but as a warrior male I find it difficult to take women priests seriously. I listen attentively to the spiritual advice of my female confidantes, and respect them profoundly, but I am just not going to be told what to do by a woman; it is unnatural for me. If that offends you, well, feelings are facts. If a woman wants me to protect her and her brood, then I get to decide who needs a metaphorical punch in the face and when.

In the corporatised church, priests and pastors have salaries, save for pensions, and hanker after promotions. It is a full-time career — marketing “Spirituality as a Service”. Those who enter into this path are rendered unwilling or unable to sacrifice or rock the boat. This makes them prone to moral compromise, and the end state is a church filled with leaders who are “wise as doves, gentle as snakes”.

Printed for the British and Foreign Bible Society

Failed attempts to get back to basics

These criticisms are hardly novel, and there have been many efforts to discard the accumulated doctrinal detritus and return the church to its roots. The Reformation took a corrupt church selling indulgences and, as the name suggests, reformed it. However, it still carried forward many of the same structural modifications from the early church, notably its formal hierarchy and fixed edifices.

More recently there have been restoration and charismatic movements. These have proven able to resist some of the dysfunctional doctrines and dogmas of our morally shaky society. They focus on the essentials of worship, love, peace, hope, and forgiveness — without the cassocks and cathedrals. Yet they still have religious spirits at their heart, albeit unconscious and unexamined: “if I do all the “right” things then I will get the “right” reward”, just without having to fight or sacrifice in the world.

Even in the most radical church there are staff who form a privileged “in group” with a hierarchy. They take their funding from those who “work in Babylon”, while pretending to be better for their lack of personal contamination with the world of commerce. There is little to no support for those “in the world” to help them “not to be of the world”, and minimise their moral compromises. Being “out of the world” doesn’t make you better, especially when done on the backs of those who labour in it.

As such, the church staff lords it over their congregation, endlessly urging them to do better, while not actually facing the same struggles themselves. The temptation is to forego the challenges of entering the worldly workplace, avoid the responsibilities of actual pastoring, and instead to run a modern media ministry — that raises substantial funds from a virtual audience. This then feeds into a faux generosity with the monies taken from the physical and online congregation.

Not a good sight, whether looking up, across, or down

A handy checklist is to look upwards (towards the sacred), across (to peer relationships), and down (to the terrain of the world).

Looking “up”, we can observe holiness as stage act, not the “real deal”. A holy man is one who only fears judgement in the eternal realm, not that of temporal authorities. It means you must be able to stand up against “the man”, even if you are alone. How many preachers and pastors are willing to endure real persecution for their work? You can tell by how many have (or haven’t) been censored off their online platforms, or put in prison.

Looking “across”, the foundation of society is the man-woman couple relationship. Marriage has been turned into a long-term cohabitation contract, where both parties prostitute themselves in different ways. Everything is measured in terms of what you get for what you give, as if it were a profit-driven enterprise. People change partners looking for something better as they “grow apart”. But if they “looked up” then they would naturally stay together because they are fixated on the same (highest) holy spirit, and thus have aligned journeys.

Looking “down”, especially to knee height, we observe that children are afterthought in the church, often outsourced to a babysitting function. For all those attending the main service know or care, those who look after the children could be busy sacrificing goats, and teaching the children how to sing “Hail Satan” in tune. We actively put children in the path of enemy propaganda via books, video games, TV, social media, and movies. The ministry to the young is completely disconnected from the practical experience of family and work life of the adults.

“Out of covenant” — just a better form of contract

The biggest “aha!” for me was the understanding that the Old Testament and New Testament are really the Old Covenant (legalistic) and the New Covenant (loving). Previously, the definition of righteousness was to follow legalisms; now, it is to love the holy as well as to love one another. Satanism is that which (falsely) accuses the righteous via legalisms (to dominate them), and thus opposes the holy and loving.

The bottom line is this: the purpose of Christianity is the freedom of the covenant, and freedom from accusations of broken tyrannical rules! You don’t have to wear “the muzzle” in any form; the law of man does not define righteous behaviour. The whole purpose of the church is to sustain those who refuse to participate in mandates, impositions, and unjust taxes — or any collectivist false morality. This is why America must be a Christian society, and not a multicultural one, if it is to be an example to anyone.

Yet even the best churches fail to help people to stand apart from “the system”, fail to support the persecuted, and fail to address the endemic “slave psychosis” of those “muzzled” in all aspects of life. Instead, they offer a “contract with God” — a fake covenant. This encourages empty participation in routines and rituals, which has no potency or effect in holding back evil. Any such institutionalised church will eventually find an alliance with the state for mutual accommodation.

A repeating cycle that has to be broken

When this happens, we always see relapse and recapture of those with a spiritual outlook into de facto outposts of the secular (commercial and legalistic) state. Churches recreate the same hierarchy and two-class society of those “on staff” versus the “customers”. Even the staff are sub-classed into “executives” and “operatives”. It inevitably recapitulates the same pattern: the appearance of righteousness via compliance to institutional doctrines and dogmas. Politeness becomes a substitute for the real purpose, which is de-institutionalisation.

Acting as if you are a holy warrior (when you are not) makes you a hypocrite. Hypocrisy makes churches ineffective, and puts the young off, especially boys. It seeks to put faith in the institution and its flaccid leaders, and not in the operation of the vigorous holy spirit. You are urged to change the world by only changing yourself (through impossible levels of virtue), and not your relationship to the world, which denies us real hope. Charity is turned into public relations, as a salve to the subjugated conscience.

The best possible outcome of today’s churches is a “better kind of slave with superior manners”. They are just accomplices to the virtue signalling of the tyrant, and operate as controlled opposition. This is true no matter how loudly they bray about their anti-establishment credo. If your priest or pastor is still paying the corrupt IRS after Covid, and putting pension savings into pharmaceutical corporations, then that tells you all you need to know.

“In covenant” — a self-sustaining body of the righteous

If “WWG1WGA” means anything it is the restatement of the Golden Rule: treat others as you yourself would be treated. A harm to one is a harm to all; a joy for one is a joy for all. This empathetic ethos is how we are able to stand against religious spirits and legalistic minds, by having a solidarity in the covenant of the righteous.

Being “in covenant” requires us to apply doctrines with the correct framing. The purpose of forgiveness of sin is not to allow guilt to draw us back in to the legalistic world: “You broke the rules, now submit to our authority!” Rather, the point of living in love is so that one cannot be controlled via fear. We all should be willing to stand alone, so that wrongdoing is not normalised.

Being sober, chaste, modest, etc. — while being an accomplice to evil — is worse than useless. You have forgone at least getting some pleasure from the gift of your body, and for what? The empty appearance of virtue, desecrating its real nature and value. Personal morality is important, but if you are unwilling to say “no!” to “going along to get along” then it is a wasted effort.

The essential outcome of any church is to sustain (over many generations) a collective of people who worship holiness, are willing to sacrifice to defend the sacred, and who will endlessly reject the acceptance of wickedness as “just how things are done around here”. The covenant is the reason for the church existing at all; everything else is in a support role.

The question, therefore, is how do we avoid the “out of covenant” nightmare, and instead organise to get “back in covenant”?

A society with a “based” faith, not a “woke” religion

Christianity was born in opposition to Pharisees, money changers, Roman Law, slaves, and human sacrifice. It is a “based” view of life; uncompromising in its emancipatory spirit. Individuals really are absolutely endowed with unalienable rights, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Couples are meant to “farm, fight, and have fun” together with vigour. (I was told the original third “f” had to change, for the sake of propriety.)

In the American founding spirit, the Christian faith is very much meant for the man who is rancher (feeds the family), rebel (opposes the wicked), and Romeo (in one bedroom only). It is meant for holy warrior alphas, not limp and people pleasing betas. It objects to legalistic morality, denies the legitimacy of collectivism, and rejects Satanic doctrines. If you aren’t up for the fight, you are taking the name in vain.

Being imperfect, there will be failures at all levels. That means we have to accept the covenant as the way out of our inevitable shortfall, so we do not relapse. Without the covenant, we are too exposed, and easily picked off one by one. Jesus paid off all broken contracts in order to form covenant, so you don’t have to pay twice. That means you don’t need to sacrifice a child to Ba’al just because you didn’t file your taxes on time.

The Holy Bible translated out of The Original Tongues

There is only one way — The Way

A refounding of the church on original principles and purpose relies on men and women who follow “The Way” to escape from enslavement into “contract land”. They must serve only one master (the most almighty), so they have the same ultimate spiritual aim. The church is how they practically support each other to stay in covenant — as the “Body of Christ”. Only this spiritual solidarity can resist the lures and threats of the worldly; we don’t have enough power on our own.

If this Second American Revolution is to succeed, it must recognise the sacred covenant as its founding reason to exist; a better kind of contract leads to future disaster. Liberty can only sustain itself with a population who support each other to stand apart from all “lawful but unholy” behaviour. The problem wasn’t a corrupt Congress, it was you, by following their legal but unrighteous edicts.

Being “in covenant” starts with each of us personally; it is an “up first” attitude. If your home, workplace, marriage, etc isn’t right, then stop blaming others. Be the model of what you want to see, hold yourself to account, then you have the standing to seek accountability elsewhere. We prevent a recurrence of a two-tier society, with one class above the law, by starting with personal accountability.

Because it all flows from the individual, the structure of the church has to be bottom-up in nature. It takes small meetings of the like-minded, as local and frequent as possible. Charity and tithing should only be done with clear and personal accountability. Pastors are people who tend to their flocks, not just evangelise; they must know people before they preach to them. Deacons and elders who ensure accountability should live within driving distance.

We scale with “pastors to the pastors”; there should be no vast and impersonal congregations needing expansive parking lots. This is a perpetual guerrilla war against the permanent power of the state, commerce, and authoritarianism. Structures that are large, slow, and fixed are likely to become enemy assets.

Children come first, everywhere and always

To worship life is to want to nurture children, not abuse them. Paedophilia is the inevitable moral sink hole of those who defile the young. The enemy always degenerates into a sex and death cult; one class of the exploiters, and one of exploited. To reverse this cultural descent, the single most important change needed in the church is to make children come first.

The ministry to them is the most important in the church. It needs the strongest to participate as role models — being both spiritually sound, as well as having enacted their beliefs in life. The enemy wants our children to be indoctrinated via the most spiritually corrupt (like Marxists) in industrialised schools. We have to do the exact opposite, and all capable adults take personal interest in (and responsibility for) how children are being spiritually developed in our society.

Children also need stable families. Marriage not about making your wild sex life respectable; it has to be based on a shared spiritual journey — that only then joins two into one. The blessing of the community has to be meaningful, because it can be denied where it is not appropriate. Those who publicly consent to the marriage are accountable for that blessing, and the final outcome. Marriage is not just a nice day out to play prince and princess role play games. Covenant marriages should be the norm, not the exception. Such a marriage is not only spiritually aligned, but should be bodily abundant. Everyone should want one!

When preaching faith, it should always be as the antidote to fear. Those doing what is righteous, even in opposition to temporal authorities, should know they will be supported by their spiritual community. The meeting of the church should be a constant renewal of commitment to The Way, minimising of compromise of those “in Babylon”; there should not be the recreation of Babylonian systems outside. Church is done in homes, so nobody has the right to prevent it or to close down the venue, and children feel involved.

It is all about the covenant

Bible reading, hymns, prayer, deliverance, healing… these are all means, not ends. Their purpose is to support the sustenance of a body of people in The Way, and who are willing and able to stand apart from the world of commerce, law, government in order to do the righteous thing. “Deep church” is done in small groups facing each other and actively engaged with one another, not in rows passively listening. We are all accountability partners to each other in the pursuit of the holy covenant.

Every single activity of the church should trace back to the covenant, or be discarded as out of scope of the mission. Birth brings us the unconditional love of the covenant. Baptism is immersion into the covenant and acceptance of the grace we need to let go of our past. Marriage is the joining of two into a singular pursuit of the same covenant, and should naturally stay together like two ping pong balls dropped into a stream at the same point in time. Communion is the ongoing renewal of dedication to the covenant in daily life, lest we relapse into the contract morality. Death is the dissolution of the lived covenant, but also should be seen as a time to end multi-generational curses.

If it is not talking about the covenant, then it is not really a Christian church; it is just “Christianette theatre” — entertaining puppetry, but ultimately a dangerous distraction. The sole purpose of church is the fulfilment of the holy covenant, via the raising of children who, in turn, will sustain the body.

Covenant. Children. Church.

In that order.